Woman sex with boar

Understanding The Boar Penis

1. The boar penis contains the penile urethra and is a common passageway for both semen and urine. The boar’s penis is composed of limited erectile tissue and when sexual stimulation occurs, shows limited increase in length and width. However, the boar penis when extended is quite long ( Minimum – 9 inch , Average -12 inch , Maximum 18 inch )

2. When the boar is not sexually stimulated, the muscle is contracted and forms an S-shaped bend in the penis. This S-bend keeps the long boar penis inside the boar’s body and prevents extension of the penis out of the prepuce. Once the boar is excited, neural stimulation causes the retractor muscle to relax and the S-bend unfolds, and the penis extends.

The boar penis exits the male’s body through the preputial opening. One unique feature of the boar is the presence of a preputial pouch. This pouch is located just above the prepuce and accumulates urine and sloughed cells. This can become quite ODOROUS. This must be cleaned before boar sex for good hygiene of the woman. Also , the pouch fluid is important and must be thoroughly cleaned because it could potentially contaminate the ejaculate and this fluid may remain in the uterus for up to a week.

Pig sex with woman

3. The extension of the penis causes tension in the fibroelastic tissues of the boar penis and causes twisting of the free end of the penis to form a CORKSCREW SHAPE. The CORKSCREW SHAPE is perfectly formed to match the patterns of pads inside the FEMALE’S CERVIX , viz. the SOW CERVIX , which has several RIDGES to LOCK the BOAR PENIS .

Remember – The human female does not have such kind of ridges ( A SOW’S kind) to lock the boar corkscrew penis , still anatomically , it provides one such ridge and the opening ( Os of cervix ) that allows a boar penis to actually penetrate it , and lock it with his corkscrew penis, and thereby allow the corkscrew penis to directly ejaculate its hot sperm into the human female uterus and fill it up to the brim , and can lock his 150-500 ml of hot sperm ( by his very thick jelly like ejaculate which a boar ejaculates at the final stage of ejaculation ) in the human female uterus.

This 500ml of boar semen stay in the human female uterus for up to a week, if the waxy plug is left in place. You can feel it on the area just above the mountain of venus and the navel by pressing that area with your hands. That area will be bloated by the boar’s cum inside the uterus . This huge amount of boar sperm will be LEAKING out from the vagina via Cervix Os and it will take 5-7 days to drain out this quantity of sperm from the uterus and vagina , so that you will be needing a lots of sanitary pads that week.

4. UPON ERECTION and INTROMISSION of the PENIS INTO THE CERVIX , viz. THE LOCKING OF THE PENIS INTO TO CERVICAL PADS IS ASSOCIATED WITH PRESSURE. This pressure stimulus is needed to induce the ejaculation reflex in the boar.


A- Remember, this PRESSURE ( above mentioned ) could be LETHAL by the very pointed tip of the corkscrew type penis of the boar . This PRESSURE can actually PERFORATE the Vaginal walls and Cervix ( So , PROCEED WITH CAUTION) .

B- If you are actually going to have sex with the boar, and actually want to have your cervix penetrated and locked by the corkscrew boar penis, and directly feel his very hot cum ( 150 ml – 500ml ) in your uterus, it is useful to do some training to prepare your cervix ( I will illustrate the methods to do it in Chapter 3)

C- If you are considering to take the long ( 9 inch , smallest – 12 inch , average – 18 inch . largest ) in your ass , you are potentially at risk from perforated bowels. Anal walls are not as strong or resilient as vaginal walls and are easily damaged.

5-BOAR SEX IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS. You can’t do it daily. Forget whatever they show in porn movies or whatever you have read in adult fiction stories or whatever your fantasy is. Just think about it for a minute – Can you take 500 ml cum DAILY and lock it in your uterus for a week and so? How would you feel , say just after a week or two weeks ? The plain logical answer is – NO ! No human female ( normal lady ) can take a boar’s cum directly in her uterus on daily basis . ONCE A WEEK OF A BOAR’S CUM IN UTERUS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH ( for a normal human female) , and may be you will be staying at home for 3 days because you will be leaking a lot of boar’s cum from your vagina as discharge.

CONCLUSION – BOAR SEX IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS. It needs lots of training, patience and preparations , e.g. training and preparing the boar for actual human sex because the boars fuck aggressively by their big corkscrew penis ( which can actually do irreversible damage to vaginal walls and cervix ) , rearing and maintaining the general health and hygiene conditions of the boar .

Moreover , it also involves , THE WOMAN. She must be physically prepared, and must have courage and must be 100% mentally prepared for actual boar sex . She must prepare herself, both physically and mentally , for her cervix locking by the boar’s penis.

( … To be continued in Chapter 3)

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  1. pitbulove 4 days ago

    Very usefull info for women. I’ll be waiting 3rd part. And will there be an some info for men?

  2. Author
    pooja89 1 week ago

    @spermhorseinpussy – Yeah , it may happen . If the woman is over 40 yo , then its easy for her to do it .

  3. xiaoliangge 3 weeks ago


  4. spermhorseinpussy 3 weeks ago

    hello every one i m new on the site (i m male from europe) and in animal sex … i discovered this site only 2 day ago …and …. i fell in love of boar’s sex ! …. actually i have a big question 😉 and it is :

    does boar penetrate HUMAN FEMALE CERVIX ? and ejaculates in it ? 500 ml of sperm ?

    another question …. there is on site woman in 8 month pregnant that takes penetration and sperm of boar ?

    tank you

  5. coolman32 4 weeks ago

    My older cousin has been have sex with boar hogs for years , she is trying to get my sister in to it . My sister confides in me about every thing. She says our cousin does it a couple times a week no problems

  6. benchod17 4 weeks ago

    Thanks, Pooja really nice piece of information. Please post the next chapter soon.

  7. zhang198 4 weeks ago

  8. esparanza 4 weeks ago

    This is quit interesting. U mensioned the problem my sister was faceng and it is dangerous to poke cervix with such intence pressure. But if u survive. The feeling u get will be fascinating

  9. doggonehawaii 1 month ago

    Thanks again, Pooja. Great info.

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