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First, you should know that a breeding boar (one that is used all the time for mating with sows) is NOT FOR EVERYONE. They can be aggressive and can injure you if you are not experienced with boars.

If you are starting out, you might consider one of the smaller breeds, e.g. below 250 pounds, or so. Many local pigs fall into this category – for example, Hurra (mature male just 45kg). These are not good looking pigs, and the penis size is not that long (around 6 inches). But they are good for beginners.

The downside to standard local boars – these pigs are NOT EXOTIC. They have a relatively small penis size and ejaculate much less sperm compared to EXOTIC breeds of boars.

EXOTIC breeds – Yorkshire, Landrace, Chester White etc. If you truly want to enjoy sex with a boar, you should look into these breeds. Why? Because boars of these breeds have long penises, around 9inch – 14inch (18 inch is the maximum size found in nature, but 18 inches is usually more than most Playmates need).

Moreover these breeds can cum a lot, 200-500 ml in a single ejaculation (a really huge quantity, just imagine how that will feel in your vagina and womb!)


Understand your own body and follow it accordingly. I will write specifically on this topic soon, as boar sex can be dangerous. Perforations and vaginal tears have been reported. Sex with a boar is not for every girl or woman. You mind and body MUST be in a specific state to achieve this milestone, especially your cervix.

This is because boars have the famous corkscrew penis which will forcefully penetrate your cervix. So you need to be ready for that. Cervix training is good, I will write about it soon. You should never attempt to take a boar in your ass, it can cause serious damage.


Buy an exotic breed of piglet when he is just two/three days-old , i.e. when he has taken his mother’s first milk. Colostrum protects the piglets from several diseases.

Rear your new piglet in your own yard. Search – ‘rearing motherless piglet’ on the net and keep your new friend healthy and safe. There are many articles about rearing these kinds of pigs.

Piglets and humans can develop a deep bond. Puppies are also quick to create a bond with humans, and love and trust is easily established. Once that bond is formed, it can be incredibly strong.

Piglets are calm, clean (pigs are a lot cleaner than their popular reputation indicates), very sociable. You will need to spend time with your piglet, or buy two piglets at a time, otherwise they can become bored, and destructive (same with puppies). Piglets make the best cuddlers – show loving affection, cuddle them and make bond with them from the very first day.

To be continued in Chapter 2

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    Good article. I worked as a repair tech for boar studs machinery and this is spot on with rearing piglets. They do trust but take effort.

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    Ich habe mich schon immer für Tier Sex interessiert, aber man findet keinen Kontakt, mit dem man sich austauschen kann. Vor 40 Jahren war ich mal Zeuge einer Hundenummer, das hat mich geprägt. Leider kann ich meiner Frau nicht mit dem Ansinnen kommen, weil sie schon immer keinerlei Interesse am Sex hat. Mag sich jemand mit mir austauschen, Frauen sind besonderes willkommen. Es muss ja für eine Frau ein geiles Erlebnis sein, wenn ein Tier auf ihre Pussi scharf ist.

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      Hallo heiakawo,
      bin auch sehr vom Sex mit Tieren angetan. Würde mich gern mit dir austauschen wollen.

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      是。 观看免费视频的方式,只是睁开眼睛,看看。

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    All this is true as have experienced it some time ago now and one does have to be careful so as the writer says its better if you can get your own piglet and bring him up your self as they are most intelligent and can be most friendly so making it easier to get them to want to have sex with you but always be careful

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    Well im a 68 yr old male been having anal sex with boars for 40 years no problems very enjoyable ,lots to learn along the way and they can be dangerous if you dont know what you doing.Anybody wanting info from a male perspective just ask away and I try and answer to best my knowledge and experience.

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    @bromor – Yeah , Cervix is sensitive . Read about ‘ Cervical orgasms ‘

    • roah 1 year ago

      I agree, only the entrance of the vagina is innervated by the pudendal nerve as the clitoris, the rest of the vagina cervix and uterurs has the same innervation (sensory and parasympathetic nerve fibers)

      In other words… If women can feel pleasure inside and depth bottom of their vagina, they can feel it to in the cervix and uterus, not only clitoris, even if their are innervated by different nerve roots or plexus

      • Author
        pooja89 1 year ago

        @roah – Thats true ! FYI , women in early 30s start to experience their cervical orgasms & in their early 40s ( or late 30s ) start to experience their uterine orgasms .
        I enjoy cervical orgasms sometimes and its happen to be very pleasurable & deeply satisfying for me and they are so intense ( that after it , i feel pain in my lower abdomen for 2-3 days , first day being very painful ) . And my cervical orgasms are at least 100 times more pleasurable than only vaginal orgasms and they take my time and stimulation for it .

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          @pooja89 Hi Puja! How are you able to achieve cervical orgasms? Do you use some special dildo to reach the cervix and stimulate it?? If it is so, don’t you experience pain…..or is it like pain and pleasure??

          Can the penis give you cervical orgasms if a person has 6 inch penis? Can you give some advice to enable a couple to help the female partner to achieve cervical orgasm?

          Can you give advice how girls can stimulate cervix in their home itself by using common house-hold materials?? It will be of great help to girls who can’t afford dildo??

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    Сognitive and curious, everything is described in such detail. Yes, with the cervix, need to be more careful. But is there any feeling in this? After all, all the nerve endings in the clitor.
    Hmm, pants are tight wow…

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      but it’s an extremely rare thing, I’ve never seen. It would be nice to see for both the unusual shape of the penis and the action.

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      I never seen oral sex with boar, I would love to see it.

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  40. A good idea that no woman has taken into account is that it is not necessary to use any apparatus to have sex with a pig, You just have to put organic polyurethane foam on his hooves and the pig can not hurt you with them.
    And if you are concerned about the safety of your pet, you can be calm since this foam is ecological and it’s not toxic to he or his skin, also will not cause any bruising or scratching on he but if you want to test the safety of foam you can test it in some vegetable.
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    Good research work. It is not always easy to have valid information for the sexuality of pigs.

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    Make sure u feed ur lobable piglet good food as well as bath him regularly vacinate him for rabies(compulsory) and do not make his feet contacts with his own stools. And also make sure u clean his genital areas very well. Do not let accumulate wetness there. .

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