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We have written about security for petlovers in a previous post. This one is for Pet Ladies, by a Pet Lady. Some Ladies have been working with Gaia for over a decade, without any security issues. Other Gaia Ladies (ahem) have had to deal with very real security problems, so speak from experience.

The online world of petlove is particularly dangerous. Between possible legal / ethical issues and unpleasant individuals, it is very important for all members to protect themselves.

When you are sharing personal Petlove media, whether pictures or video, it is even more important for you to be cautious.

Someone recently pointed out that there aren’t any good references for a Lady looking to learn about protecting herself in the online world of petlove so I thought it would be a good idea to compile some tips that would be of use to a new Pet Lady emerging upon the scene:

  • Set up a different email address to use on ‘naughty’ websites. Don’t use your work address, the address on your Facebook account, etc.
  • Do not use your real name. Use a fake name. Use many fake names.
  • Do not publicly reveal your location. Don’t say where you are, don’t talk about the weather, don’t talk about local natural disasters. Don’t talk about public holidays. Don’t share pictures with business signs, street names, flags, anything that could reveal your location. Every piece of information you let out, makes you increasingly more vulnerable.
  • Remember that not everyone online is genuine. There are people pretending to be others and a simple picture proves nothing. Webcam verification is the only way to know for sure if someone is really who they claim to be, and even that doesn’t guarantee their intentions.
  • Be aware that there are people or organizations working online specifically to target pet lovers. Couples and ladies have had all kinds of legal problems for scheduling meets with people they thought were friends, but were something very different. If there is ANY doubt in your mind as to the intentions or identity etc of the person you are planning to meet – cancel the meet. A maybe, is always a NO. There will be other meets. But once your secret is out, it is out forever.
  • Use a Proxy/VPN when visiting petlove websites or sending media. Especially if you are in a country where petlove may have legal issues.
  • Always keep in mind that everything you share on the internet, stays there. If you always keep this in mind, you will do just fine. Do not share anything that you don’t mind your friends / boss / Grandma stumbling across.
  • Protect yourself. Wear a mask, hide distinguishable features, change your hair, add/hide tattoos. It’s worth it.
  • Look out for Verified Profiles. Dealing with Verified Females and Verified Owners give you a much better chance of meeting someone serious and real. It is always a good idea to get some references from other people they have played with. Being part of a trusted network of friends, is the best safety measure of all. If the shit hits the fan, it pays to have someone to turn to for help and assistance.

I hope these tips will help new Ladies on the scene avoid the mistakes that I’ve made, and the troubles that have arisen from them. Even more caution is needed when it comes to meeting up with owners for some fun.

Safe and happy pet fun to all the lovely Pet Girls out there 🙂

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    Totally good advice! Be safe!

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    Thanks 🙂

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