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The internet has brought all kinds of different people together for the first time in history. This is a wonderful thing, but it has its less wonderful aspects.

Although bestiality / petlove is legal in many countries around the world, there are still many countries where it is extremely illegal. It’s nonsense of course – in many of these countries, you can slaughter an animal with a baseball bat and get a slap on the wrist. Try fucking said animal, however, and you may end up in real big trouble. I really don’t know where a little soft tender pussy equates with the epitome of horror; I guess whoever decided that really needs to get laid a little more often, and presumably with a few less horrific partners. But that is a topic for another time.


Every day, I am seeing videos online of Ladies doing shows on webcam for whoever – and subsequently their joyful activities get recorded, then plastered all over the internet. Next stop, the police knock on the door, said petlover is arrested, dragged through the media as an outrageous sex fiend, complete with the dejected mugshots. Life ruined. Some of you may want to Google “Amanda Todd”, a young girl who ended up committing suicide because of the pressure placed upon her by stalkers. People, PLEASE THINK before doing these things. Evidently, many Ladies develop a false sense of trust for people who then betray them by recording and posting their most intimate moments. If you think this can’t happen to you, you should think again.

Now, either you need to stop doing those kinds of things altogether (well, that’s not much fun is it?), or approach it in a different way. Luckily there is an alternative. With a few fairly straightforward things to do, you can have as much fun as you like, and remain anonymous.

Firstly, it goes without saying – if you are going to do anything that puts you at legal risk, you need to protect your identity as fiercely as possible. The person at the end of the camera may be your soulmate – or they may be just another stalker who has gained your trust. People don’t need to know where you are, what your name is etc, to have a good time with you on cam. Don’t give ANYTHING away – have a fake name, a fake location, fake everything. Make it your policy and stick to it, no exceptions; your safety is your responsibility.

Some of these stalker types are very adept at lulling you into a false sense of security. They might ask you how the weather is, what time is it where you are, and other such innocent questions. All this information goes toward revealing where you are, and ultimately who you are. At that point, you can expect big problems. If you are a working person, consider a doggysex clip being mailed to everyone at your work. If you are at school or college, imagine a doggysex clip going round to every one of your co students. Sound like fun? Would it be worth it? We suspect not.


Next, MASK UP! Sure, everyone would prefer to see all your face. Stalkers certainly would. But, as an experienced connoisseur of  playful Ladies, I can’t honestly say that a mask makes a huge amount of difference to the fun and games. A mask may not seem like much, but I can tell you, it is the difference between “definitely you” and “reasonable doubt”. You can pick up nice masks cheap on most high streets for a few bucks. Or you can make your own quite easily. Consider Batman, Catwoman, Spider Man et cetera – your sexy online presence is your alter ego. And a superhero never reveals their identity. Identity theft is rife nowadays, and that includes your face. We always strongly recommend that all our Gaia models wear masks – because a Lady NOT in prison and making lots of lovely movies, is far more valuable (and a lot more fun) than 1 unmasked movie and said Lady winding up in an unpleasant situation.

Masking up also refers to recognizable tattoos – if you have them, hide them. Never underestimate a stalkers dedication to having fun at your expense. These are folks with nothing but time on their hands – if they weren’t, they’d get a job, earn a crust, get laid and wouldn’t need to go to all that amount of trouble. If they can find photos of your tattoo on any of the more popular social networking sites, you can expect all your personal information to be posted along with your sexy clips or photos. Any potential employer, friend, colleague or enemy will be able to Google you, and see exactly what you have been up to.

Masking up finally refers to your home or location of where you are performing your sexyness. Remember, any and every detail all go to developing a profile of you that can be used to track you down and harass you. If you show wall sockets in your photos or videos, it is easy to know what country you are in. If you leave a take-away menu from your city lying on the table while you are bonking rover, folks will know what city you are in. It’s not rocket science, don’t do those things. Clear your venue – put sheets up on the walls so there is nothing giving the game away. Get everything out that might leave clues – books, cereal boxes in your given language, anything – get it away and out of sight. There are only so many clues needed to guess your location and your identity.

There’s no crying after the fact – once the cat is out of the bag, it’s out of the bag forever and there is no going back. And, although we can occasionally do what we can to help, dropping everything and jetting around the planet will not be a suitable course of action for many. Some of you have jobs, families, mortgages etc. One sexy slip up later, and the whole house of cards comes crashing down around your ears. Think folks, please please think before acting. This shit is as real as it gets.

And actually, it doesn’t even matter so much if animalsex is legal in your location. Do you really want your neighbours, bartender, local shopkeeper, your mother knowing what you get up to in private?

Finally for now, a word about emails from us. We have a lot of pet Ladies contacting us every week, from all over the world. This is an attractive proposition to many, and so posing as us is something that has happened pretty much from the very beginning. I’ve heard of at least 4 faux Adams knocking around, and I am also aware that on the strength of people SAYING they are me, people have given said posers all manner of personal information. People for God’s sake. Our policy is that we don’t (or, very very rarely) go out and actively attempt to recruit models. There is simply no need to. We are one email away, if you are contacted by anyone purporting to be us, the easiest thing to do is contact us directly and immediately, and double check that it is us. If the email address is a freemail account such as yahoo or hotmail – that isn’t us. Use your head huh.


If you plan to explore your zoophile side, you should know the lay of the land. Security is a substantial topic covering many areas, and we will add more posts about this in future.  In the meantime, please play safe. Every time a lovely innocent pet Lady gets dragged into court in shame, the world becomes a slightly less wonderful place.

And, to all Gaia members – if you should get friendly with a Lady, and she offers to jump on cam for you – do the right thing eh. Point her in the direction of this article, and let her be safe. The feeling of helping someone is a great one and, I assure you, will far outweigh any amount of erotic arousal at seeing a Lady at risk and doing nothing about it. Most everyone in the world assumes us petlovers are in the gutter – let’s do what we can to demonstrate that we can take the high road. Be safe people.

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  1. floridaguy 9 months ago

    Thank you so much for your concern about your members here. Half hour on this site and I’m more impressed with this product than anything similar I’ve seen out there.

  2. mesa66 1 year ago

    many tkanks for it. we definitely have to protect the ladies

  3. 1peterpan 1 year ago

    Thanks for a great article, with some good advice.

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