ArtOfZoo - "Screaming Art!" by Arion - dog sex video

“Some beautiful Russian Petlove Art to spark up your Heart…”

Producer: Dachat
Models: Arion with Troop
Running Time: 26 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo - "Screaming Art!" by Arion - dog sex video


I’m sure most of you know already. For those that do not, a quick history lesson. Once upon a time, Art was Art. Art is not fashion or fad – Art is simply expression. Birds express themselves in dance, colour and sound, plants, with flowers of colour and scent. Humans express themselves in an infinite variety of ways, and this expression, is Art. Whether it be the technical mastery of the Mona Lisa, a steamy Tango, or a spray can tag on a tenement wall. It’s all Art.


ArtOfZoo - "Screaming Art!" by Arion - dog sex video


In Victorian times they dug up Pompeii, and discovered how people lived back then. Sex, was as much part of everyday life as eating and sleeping. It was celebrated, as it should be, since it’s the 1 thing that makes us all One People. But Victorians were a bit weird, and religious. So when they dug up the infamous sculpture of Pan fucking a goat (note: making animal porn THE original porn!) – this did not really sit well with their nonsense Victorian Christian ethical values.

This Art, would not sit well with the Vicar back home. So what they did, was to place Art depicting erotic themes into a specific category of its own – the invention of Pornography. ‘Porno Graphi’ basically means “the Writings of Whores”. Charming. Where once, Michelangelo, Da Vinci and all the rest, were happily painting naked men, women and children – now, this was considered obscene. Paint a naked child these days you’ll end up in prison. Way to go, world.


ArtOfZoo - "Screaming Art!" by Arion - dog sex video


Art falling into the category of Pornography, was not to be shown to the general public. Victorian do-gooders believed it would get us Peasants all hot under the collar, and we wouldn’t want people enjoying themselves now, would we. So, pornographic Art was locked away, in cabinets, belonging to “Civilized” people; scholars and such. To “Study” at their leisure. And of course, by “Study”, we mean fap, like it was going out of fashion. Because scholars get boners too. Us Peasants, were not allowed to see it. Those sneaky no-good scholars kept the fapping all to themselves. And the made-up term “Pornography”, remains with us until this day. With all it’s ridiculous negative connotations…


ArtOfZoo - "Screaming Art!" by Arion - dog sex video


Well You can stick that up your arse. With ArtOfZoo we took a firm stance re. returning erotic Art to it’s rightful place in the spectrum of artful expression. Other Artists, may not like this – well, if our Art is more interesting to people than yours, that’s your problem. I studied Fine Art at Uni, I can paint and sculpt as well as the next skilled Artists. But, yawn, eh – we’ve taken the Road Not Taken. Picasso himself, said that real Art is never chaste. Maybe try not passing off 3 stripes of paint on a canvas for $300k, and just perhaps folks won’t look at you like you are a fucking greedy pretentious moron. Our Art, kicks a serious amount of ass – deal with it. Join the party, for fucks sake. Or fuck off, we don’t care either way.

Also bearing in mind – Art being short for Arthur – without Art, there would be no Artful Dodger, no Arthur C. Clarke; no Knights of the Round Table, and no Joker.


ArtOfZoo - "Screaming Art!" by Arion - dog sex video


So, then, to the Lady du Jour, Arion. A beautiful young Russian Pet Lady, bursting with expression and ready to show the world her dance. And dance, she does. Arion is hypnotically cute – not in a patronizing way, the Ladys baby face is just super cute and would wrap most us chaps around Her finger in a heartbeat. Like a petite, perfect China Russian Doll. With Her shapely body as canvas – dog cock as paintbrush, dog nectar as paint, and rebellion as Her message – Arions dance is Screaming Art, literally. If you can’t see it, I’m pretty sure there’s something a bit wrong with you. Might want to get that looked at.


ArtOfZoo - "Screaming Art!" by Arion - dog sex video


Now folks, this Little Lady is dancing, and She is putting her heart and soul into it. There is acting, then there is feeling. Arion, much like her namesake Orion, is set in stone. Sparkling for us, and fuck me does the Lady Sparkle. I really, really love a Lady who takes Her Art seriously. She knows why She is there. She knows what She has to do. And my goodness, heart and soul in this performance. Arion will dance this dance beautifully, and the Lady nails it. You can almost feel Her energy squeezing through your screen, you’ll see what I mean. Pupils dilated, everything engorged that should be engorged. This Lady Garden is lush verdant, and fucking ripe for Her Hero. And sweet love is made. Sucking, fucking, man if I could bottle that energy I could power a small town no troubles.


ArtOfZoo - "Screaming Art!" by Arion - dog sex video


The Lady, being a new Lady and all, does not quite manage to get a full knot. It’s a first date, I don’t think it’s necessary. Lady, you dance with Wolves like that, a knot is a sliver away. Next time 😉

In conclusion Gang. Hot Russian Babe totally hot for doggy and giving it her all. Wow, really. Like a Boss. That, is how you play that Pet Music. I will leave you good people to be entranced by the Lady as I am. Spellbound. You Pet Ladies gonna be the death of me I’m sure… but who fucking wants to live forever? 🙂 Great work you groovy Russian people. Please never stop… by the looks of things you are speeding up? Tomorrow here we come. Enjoy the very delightful Arion in Her first dance. Doggy surely did 🙂


ArtOfZoo - "Screaming Art!" by Arion - dog sex video




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  1. GavelBanging 4 months ago

    Really like the description for this movie and the take on art and porn, well written. The stills from the movie look hot as hell too!

  2. xjay01 12 months ago

    Amazing video! And very cute talent, thanks for this :D.

  3. purespirit 1 year ago

    Beautiful girl.
    This movie is wonderful.
    Continue this way.

  4. zetafun 1 year ago

    what da hell, what for a awesome girl and dog-action

  5. astonboy 1 year ago

    Absolutely beautiful, loved Arion! Can’t wait to see more Dachat’s movies!

  6. 1 year ago

    What an absolutely amazing body

  7. purespirit 1 year ago

    Wonderfull girl !!!

  8. mzer11 1 year ago

    Love watching this gorgeous beauty with her pet! Amazing!!

  9. temer4523 1 year ago

    Oh Arion, she is gorgeous, a lot of nice kissing, very tender fucking and believe me a lot of nice blowjobs you don’t see in the previews.

    Thank you AOZ and Dachat

  10. Tom86 1 year ago

    Yet another great movie from Dachat! Movies are getting only better and better. Great model, great action and super camera action. I really recommend this movie. I look forward to the next masterpieces!

  11. Chekkonen 1 year ago

    Oh my! It says “Some beautiful Russian Petlove Art to spark up your Heart…” in the description, and at least my heart it certainly did spark up! First, I’m blown away for the fact that you guys have this kind of magic touch when you find these lovely and stunning petladys! Second, I can’t even praise this ravishing Russian petlady enough. She is like a succubus and an angel in the same form, and I just can’t help it but fell in love with her. She truly is a powerful sexual woman. And those brown eyes, they are just so captivatingly beautiful. She just bewitched me, my heavens. If this really was her first dance, then I’m definitely most interested to see what she can do in the future, because you could’ve fooled me if you would’ve told me that she is experienced. What a pro, natural talent! The best thing though was, that she was really so into this. You could just see from her eyes and body language that she just couldn’t wait to let that beast make sweet love to her tight flower. And we certainly can’t blame her lover for being a little impatient and even wild with her. I bet we all would feel the same way. He was still giving our girl the time of her life, and she was barely able to keep her coolness when her lover was doing his magic. These two lovebirds both got what they wanted, the shivering orgasm was the perfect ending. The soft moans that escaped from her vocal cords, the little smirks and smiles of pleasure that she was unable to control… Ahh, simply perfection. Totally ravishing.

  12. juggygales 1 year ago

    Wow! She seems like a sexy blonde super model. Super super sexy and killer legs. The shots and scenes are breathtaking. She takes quite well to the this big boy which is all to anxious. He’s a little inexperienced it seems but quick learning. Stunning mounting shots and close up ones. Aaron is a shining star for sure. I hope we get many more from her.

  13. mzer11 1 year ago

    Excellent video with a beautiful girl!! Can’t wait for more!!

  14. Quicksilver 1 year ago

    Another beauty joined the flock! Yes, she is not quite managing to knot (yet), but doggy seems to be very happy, judging from the amount of cum dripping out of her pussy, and so is Arion – very nice, soft moaning, and probably even a real orgasm. So let’s see what other tricks she might have in mind for lovers to come. Looking forward to seeing more of her!

  15. juggygales 1 year ago

    Arion is just stunning and very very sexy. Like a runway model, with a great set of legs and all the rest. What a gorgeous face behind that mask. She seems to be learning the ropes quickly but forges through with passion. Her stud seems to be calming down and learning as well. There are just some incredible scenes and shots throughout this movie. Many times i found myself freeze framing the scene and just taking it in. Really hope we get more from her soon.

  16. art30 1 year ago

    Why aren’t you guys ripping this movie of the schelfs it’s really good 😁

  17. dnedry 1 year ago

    Another great model from Dachat: young, beautiful, blonde, petite – amazing. As mentioned before she is obviously new to the business and does not manage a tie but a good mount. She is definitely a great talent.
    This dog likes to lick like there is no tomorrow. She also kisses him with tongue – which is great but probably can be improved with experience.
    During the mount she is almost naked but keeps the bra on for some reason – though she shows her really nice tits once or twice.
    She stays mounted for quite a while and it seems that she really gets her rocks off during the second mount; unfortunately, the camera just stays on the close-up and does not show her face – a real pity.
    She is a complete pet lady and finishes with some sucking.

  18. art30 1 year ago

    Ok it’s time to write some comments on the movie for the first this girl’s pussy is fantastic it’s super hot to see that fat cock stretching that pussy of hears and the cock is so thick that she barely can suck on it and the lingerie she’s wearing is also giving a extra touch to the atmosphere so hot please make more movies with this beauty absolutely love her 😉

  19. art30 1 year ago

    This girl is a promising new talent you can clearly see that she is fresh in the game but it’s a dam good movie anyway,hope to see more from her 😊 best wishes to arion from art30

  20. 1 year ago

    Awesome rant there!

    And hot Lady!

    Dosfedania! Simon

  21. harryharry6969 1 year ago

    sexy Lady hoot

  22. Felipegostoso 1 year ago


  23. Gustinfx 1 year ago

    La modelo se ve muy pero muy atractiva ¿pero no hay chupada en esta pelicula?

  24. Nikxnxx 1 year ago

    Wow ! Very nice Movie

  25. Chiquitin13 1 year ago

    Arion 😍😍

  26. HornyToad420 1 year ago

    Another Russian beauty!! Keep it coming! 🙂

  27. art30 1 year ago

    Yet another masterpiece from dachat production 🤤 really looking forward to this movie

  28. 1 year ago

    çok yiy sürtük

  29. mittomen 1 year ago

    OMG !! Yesss. Finally she is here. One more model from Dachat. This is amazing. A must have for everyone. 🔥❤️😍

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