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The concept of a human female having sexual interactions with any animal, usually gets a bad rep. Many, many people gasp at the near thought of a women having sex with anything other then a human male, but we are the rule breakers of the world. Why should we follow the rules of others when our true desires go towards animals? Some days I despise the touch of another human and only want to cuddle with my dog…is that so bad? To crave the kiss and touch of a dog over a human can be a dangerous feeling to have as others do not feel the same.

 Some look at animals as tools or things. I understand the concept of some animals (like cattle) are used for a purpose other then companionship, but that does not mean we can not give them as much love as they deserve! Our companion animals need as much love as possible from us humans as many are not used for a working propose other then to enjoy the humans company. So, in turn, we as their care taker, have a job to make them as happy as we possibly can. So enjoy their love!! If you have any amount of love from an animal coming your way, return the favor!

Dogs love their humans and only aim to please. Please remember that the majority of pet lovers truly LOVE their animal and do not want any harm to happen to them. I have talked with numerous owners over the years, who are actually protective of their dogs and take steps to make sure everyone is happy and safe. As a pet lover myself, I know when he does not want my love, or is truly enjoying himself when we have fun. Dogs, truly ANY animal, will tell you no if they do not want to play. Listen to them and be respectful. For the most part, they will welcome it.

If you are someone interested in zoo, please educate yourself! We do not hurt our animals, or force them. I am 100% force free with the dogs I meet and have had no bad reactions when I offer myself to them. Everything is based on love and respect for the animal in front of me and I think society has ignored that concept. So, if I am labeled as a rule breaker by society, so be it. I have the honor of becoming one with a powerful animal and enjoy every second of it. It sings to my soul and nothing can stop that song.

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  1. sxabeast 1 week ago

    Newgoer there is a blog guide published here and thefluffiest also has one on his wall.

    Good luck!

  2. bacozoo 4 months ago

    Very nice, Wulf, I love your text. 🙂

  3. gummifrei 6 months ago

    Für mich als Mann sind tierliebende Damen besonders begehrenswert. Achtung, Respekt, Bewunderung!

  4. newgoer 6 months ago

    i find it very difficult finding any information to educate myself on the proper ways of training my k9 love.
    step by step. the do’s and don’ts. anything.
    any thoughts and information would be greatly appreciated.

  5. chicagocowboy13 6 months ago

    Wow so cool i love i need a female friend who can get on my deep dark level

  6. animalloverz 7 months ago

    Hi Wulfgirl, all so true.
    We love animals and would never hurt any at all simply for a moments pleasure.
    My lovely lady had the pleasure, when she was younger, of playing some sexy licking games with her dog but didn’t take it further at the time.
    We look forward to taking things much further now for both her pleasure and the pet.
    Hopefully we can chat with someone on here who may be able to help us out.

  7. jpn1996 8 months ago

    I have been a zoo for a while. But despite that fact I have spent many years fighting with myself over whether I should commit myself to being one. At this age, I can say that I have finally made that decision as I have grown tired of people. Animals love their partners unconditional. People… most people are full of shit and alterior motives.

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