TigerLily dog sex video

“TigerLily takes her petlove to a new level”

Producer: ILZ
Models: TigerLily with Animal
Running Time: 35 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


TigerLily dog sex woman

TigerLily’s tight little button is perfect for bringing dogs to hard climax…

Greetings Petfans, presenting the second installment in the training of TigerLily.

TigerLily is such a sweet and kind-hearted soul. A little crazy yes, but aren’t we all. The Lady really puts her heart and soul into her training – she was very happy with all your kind words and positive feedback, so thanks for all your support and appreciation. I know it means a lot to the Lady.

TigerLily has a sweet little ass, and nice shapely legs that go all that way up to that cute Asian button. And what a nice little button it is too, tight and smooth, Animal loves it. I’m quite fond of it myself. Lily is one of the Models currently staying with me, they have a tendency to walk around the apartment naked all day. Generally, I can’t resist grabbing these Ladies as they wander past my desk, and planting a little kiss on their respective flowers. Perks of the job you know. Any of y’all want to send in button kisses, I will be sure to pass them on for you 🙂

TigerLily dog sex woman

You know TigerLily can take those hard mounts and ties…

So then, the training continues. Having gotten the hang of the tie, and the turned tie, the next thing on the syllabus is of course missionary. This is a difficult position to get the hang of, even for experienced Pet Ladies. But, as I say, TigerLily is no slouch. Once the mission is explained, she will drive ILZ and I quite mad until she has achieved what is required. And, so far, she has succeeded admirably. The advantage of having experienced Teachers.

TigerLily dog sex woman

…now it’s time to spread those thighs, and let doggy cum inside…

As usual, this movie was shot over 5 sessions, with 3 to 5 cameras rolling at any given moment. As such, it is quite action packed. ILZ is editing as I am writing this, but from the raw material I counted at least 3 mounts, maybe 4. 2 mounts in doggystyle, and 1 mount in missionary. There may be a second missionary mount, but don’t hold me to it.

Not just missionary mounting though, I would hope you have the measure of this Lady’s commitment by now. No, a missionary mount, with TURNED tie. Yep that’s right. Some of our previous Models were into 5 or more movies, before even taking a basic tie. It’s not a criticism, taking the knot is something to build up to because it can be quite scary.

TigerLily dog sex woman

Lily lost in the passion of a big dog between her legs…

But I would hope you can see why this Lady deserves our admiration. If petlove were a swimming pool, Lily has jumped in at the deep end from the high board. Nothing I like more than a Lady who is serious about her petlove. It’s not just a job either – it’s all I can do to stop Lily from getting it on with Animal during her free time. I have to stop her, because Animal needs all his power for movie making.

TigerLily dog sex woman

Taking that fat knot in advanced missionary turned tie…

If that were not sufficient, TigerLily has her first try with doggy sucking. Asian Ladies are often a bit squeamish when it comes to jizz. So, doggy sucking, with it’s copious amount of doggy jizz, took a bit of explaining. It’s TigerLily’s first time taking a big dog cock into her mouth, so it’s a tentative suck session. The Lady does a good job though, even going as far as starting to swallow.

TigerLily dog sex woman

TigerLily takes her first taste of that sweet doggy nectar…

TigerLily is actually quite amazing at giving head, she can do things with a cock that I didn’t even know were possible. The Lady already did a few custom movies with heavy sucking, and since her first suck scene in this movie, she is really cooking. Doggy cum gargling and swallowing, doggy deep-throat and all. Something to look forward to in future movies. She also did a great job of teaching Kana how to suck a dog nicely.

TigerLily dog sex woman

Lily learns to pleasure a nice dog cock with her mouth…

In summary, a great action packed movie, with plenty of hard advanced action with a big dog, and a petite Asian Pet Girl. Animal thinks riding the Tiger is the most fun, and I hope you do too. Enjoy 🙂

TigerLily dog sex woman

Animal dutifully cleans up any sperm leaking from his lover…


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  1. locksnap 1 month ago

    I have to admit I’m in love with this girl. More of her please, especially her anal scenes.

  2. pinkcatdong 3 months ago


  3. xiaoyaogudao 3 months ago


  4. robertak47 4 months ago


  5. p33good 5 months ago


  6. liaoweihao 6 months ago


  7. yihui 6 months ago


  8. damanchea 7 months ago

    Great video!! The set, Costumes, And action were spot on.
    You can see lilly is a small women in comparason to the dog. Quite bewildering for her!! I loved the oral segment in this video,great action when the dog is laying down. Reminds me of lises artofzoo videos. Please make more oral movies like this and il keep purchasing!! Perfect action

  9. heroe1206 8 months ago

    is the second movie I bought, a sensational movie, but missed the part where it turns and makes the tie. you can not see the penis buried because its cover covers it and its fur.
    In general, it’s fine. I hope you take into account these points in the next productions. I love the artofzoo movies.

    • Author
      adam 8 months ago

      Hi Heroe… yes, Missionary turned tie is very advanced and a Lady usually needs some help. I am sure you do not want our hairy asses spoiling the view, but I promise we will work out a bit more then next time you can see the whole process. Thanks for your support 🙂

      • heroe1206 8 months ago

        Hello @adam
        Perfect, the anal with Tigerlily looks great, I’m going to buy it and I hope it gets even better.
        team artofzoo I do not know what it ends, keep it up … 🙂

  10. big7575 8 months ago

    i like is so
    beautiful woman

  11. san96 8 months ago


    • Author
      adam 8 months ago

      那位女士也是我在功夫的学生。 所以她明白正确职位的重要性 🙂

  12. icetiger29 10 months ago

    Very sexy asian girl. Nice and passionate. Hope to see more of this nice lady !!!

  13. gdane15 10 months ago

    i agree totally with wildgirl23 please more Tigerlily.

  14. wildgirl23 10 months ago

    I can’t waiting more TigerLily movie 🙂

  15. leonardo1322 11 months ago

    adam the possibility of aoz making new films with bigger dogs like a great dane?. .

  16. marcot6 12 months ago

    Nice video but without much passion of the actress. Unfortunately the passion of a Strayx, a Vixen, a Cupcake, a Knotty, a Lise etc. is missing.
    Too bad.

  17. gdane15 12 months ago

    its mating time again, nice Tigerlily ia available to Animal. When i saw the first time the movie i was close to an heartattac. To see Tigerlily on her knees and
    sucking this fat red dog cock makes me crazy. Please Tigerlily suck all dogs in the world.
    No i make jokes serious this is really art.How she handle his cock with
    her mouth is awesome and its her first time. Well done Tigerlily , but also the Turned tie is so hot to see i like very mutch when Animal is sitting on her. This
    drives me also crazy what a good idea. So folks if you want to see petlove wth an pretty and dedicated girl you have to buy this movie. Pure fun.

  18. glok9 12 months ago

    Another perfect video from Tigerlily!

  19. colette88 12 months ago

    Her exotic features are certainly a big plus !

  20. destenyb59 12 months ago

    Great !!! Lily have a dream body, The decor is neat and fits the movie’s theme. At first see her beutiful ass open, offered to the impatience of the dog is super exciting. Her pussy hard very long knotting is fantastic and so desiderable !!! she the dog lick it to make it cum is an unbearable spectacle. But see her lick ans suck the dog with her lips make to suck leads me to paroxysm !!! We are asking for films of such a quality. Really Lily in one of the GREAT, a sexy Goddess :*

  21. birdsong 1 year ago

    That look on her face in screenshot 4….

  22. alexgallardobayer 1 year ago


  23. caseyhancock 1 year ago

    She seems to be the top new beast star at the moment. I love her confidence! So glad there’s an actress out there so confident and proud of her intercourse with animals. Amazing woman! x

  24. leonardo1322 1 year ago

    incredible without words tigerLily is too much

  25. xiaoyinxia 1 year ago

    It’s even better to wear underwear when you’re shooting.Like girls to be fuck, in underpants.

    • kamper 1 year ago

      I couldn’t agree more xiaoyinxia……it gives it a really genuine and real look when some underwear is left on like socks, bras and most importantly Panties,Sometimes the panties capture a lot of the cum that leaks down and it shows a huge messy wet spot on the panties….Now that’s incredibly Hot

      • Author
        adam 1 year ago

        I’ve always been a fan of panties in the shot, either to one side, or pulled down a bit. I’ve encouraged a lot of our models and producers to rock that style 😉

        • kamper 1 year ago

          That’s good to know Adam keep it up. I hope one of these days a vid gets released with a focus on the cum that runs down the body and wets the fabric of panties and shirts, and the puddle left on the sheets after the dismount. Why there isn’t more focus and attention on this is beyond me 🙁

          • Author
            adam 1 year ago

            Agreed Kamper, and that is certainly something that we can organize without too much trouble. Leave that one with us 😉

  26. xdfqdl800429 1 year ago

    very good!

  27. dongni 1 year ago

    She is so beautiful

  28. birdsong 1 year ago

    TigerLily will be the one that delivers a horse movie to surpass Horsecore, I just know it !

  29. gdane15 1 year ago

    wow nice Tigerlily sucks Animals cock, another Dream , Wish come true. Its an
    pleasure to see an big red Dog Cock in Tigerlilys mouth. And also to see her in
    missionary with her lover perfect.This one is a must have. Tigerlily you are unique .Thanks from a big Fan.

  30. yellow262 1 year ago

    Love it!

    First, a full turned tie knot, now a missionary turned tie.. what would be next? Full anal knot scene? deepthroat knot scene?

    Love this girl.

  31. artofzoobiggestfan 1 year ago

    I can’t believe that the impossible has been done… And to a sexy little tight Asian girl none the less. A full turn tie in Missionary!!!? I’m literally amazed by what you guys have done! But I have to say I’m even more impressed by this little Asian. I would like to be the first to say… Thank you TigerLily for literally making dreams come true for all of us pet fans here! I seriously can’t wait to see the amount of cum this Giant Schnauzer has pumped inside of your tight little pussy! And what a sexy little pussy it is that that HORNY dog is going to breed??

  32. beastboy4444 1 year ago

    Such a beautiful woman ??

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