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It is important to remember that we are all adults here and that our animals are not prostitutes that should be pimped out for your convenience and self-pleasure.  While the encounters that occur with the owners and their lovely pets is pleasurable remember; If an owner only wants a specific style person and you do not meet that criteria please do not just ask them to let you have your way with their dog!

I believe you should review the profile of the person you are thinking about reaching out too.  They have a lot of useful information such as who they are what, what they like, what they are into and whom they are looking for.  It’s more of a courtesy honestly.  You are asking for a moment with the owners and the animals, and it’s a very vulnerable moment at that.  So show a little class and respect, review the profile and then if you feel you meet the criteria that they are looking for, start the process of trying to set up a meetup.

Every owner is different some want a fast meet and greet and some want to only experience this lifestyle with a friend that they can appreciate and spend time with. The true key to success if figuring out what it is you want and meeting the right people they want the same thing.

Thank you for reading my Post everyone.

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  1. Firefey 4 months ago


  2. bacozoo 6 months ago

    I really liked your words. I’m sure that the owners have real feelings for their animals, and they want their animals to be happy.

  3. CuriousCD 6 months ago

    I agree 100%. It always amazes me the attitudes some people get. As if someone’s beloved furchild is simply a sex toy for them to use.

    I also agree with reading someone’s profile first to see what they are into or looking for. Though that goes both ways, for owners and for want to be bitches. I have lost count of how many people reach out to me, and then demand that I get verified. Usually with profiles saying they are looking for females only, or that are completely blank. Like dude, you reached out to me. You don’t get to act all smug and conceited and order me around.

    I mean, I am a transwild. It is very clearly stated in my profile. If you want to help your boy get laid, and enjoy a mindblowing orgasm or two, I can gladly help with that. But you do not get to lay your expectations on me!

    So read those profiles!!!

    And great post by the way!

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