ArtOfZoo - Red Sputnik - animal sex with women

“In Mother Russia, Pet Pussy knot you…”

Producer: Dachat
Models: Nana with Kuryakin
Running Time: 28 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo - Red Sputnik - animal sex with women


Introducing Nana, a very delicious Pet Newbie from Russia. This Lady has a helluva shape to her; perky breasts, those curvaceous waist and hips, perfect for a dog to hang onto. That succulent ass, ample enough to deal with those powerful doggy strokes. And those striking lupine eyes, very Ms. Wolf. It may be chilly in Russia sometimes, but one look at this Lady will warm things up. Kuryakin is sweating to get into her groove.


ArtOfZoo - Red Sputnik - animal sex with women


Young Nana is keen to get into this new style of love. First time making love with a dog. First time, showing the world how She do. It’s a bright, sunshiney Russian morning. First things first, the Lady prepares herself for the day ahead. After a secret message to us Petfans, She slips some erotic undies over her body markings. Pulling an alluring red dress over all of it, Nana hits the streets. To passers by, She is just another lovely Lady. What they don’t know is, just below the surface, under those clothes – that’s dog territory.


ArtOfZoo - Red Sputnik - animal sex with women


The people might not know what’s going on beneath, but someone does. Our little green friends seem to have taken an interest in this Lady 😉 No, that is not camera trickery. We know those guys are into the old interspecies. We can’t really blame them for crashing our party, as a lovemaking machine, Nana is certainly worthy of investigation (“Ok today we are snooping round Area 51, and some Pet Porn – who wants the Pet Porn?”). The Lady presents her secrets to the Sun – and a few passers by – the Sun responds warmly, heating up those curves. Warmth, passion, instinct and an audience. Conditions are perfect for Nana to show us all what she can do. You’ll have to excuse me I’m having a hard time focusing when looking at all that powerful flesh…


ArtOfZoo - Red Sputnik - animal sex with women


Nana returns home and it’s time to get to it. She’s recording herself, watching herself marked up for the dog. There, to get bred by a dog. And clearly quite excited about that. While She is busy watching, our Hero takes the opportunity to taste that pussy. He appreciates the artistry but man, he really wishes Nana would hurry up and get on all fours. The Lady doesn’t want to wait either, and present herself to him. It’s Her first time, but Nana quickly gets the hang of things.


ArtOfZoo - Red Sputnik - animal sex with women


In a heartbeat, Kuryakin is thighs deep In that vagina, knot and all. This guy is gagging for it, and locks Nana up sharpish. The Lady moans as she feels him swelling inside her body, pumping all that dog cum into her. Her virile young flesh grips that knot like a vice. That is the way to do it. Nana is a natural.


ArtOfZoo - Red Sputnik - animal sex with women


Nana thanks Her comrade with some lip service. Kuriyakins red cock feels good squirting into her mouth. It’s Her first time so we can excuse the Lady for not drinking the doggy dew. Next time. It’s still a pretty damned good blow job 🙂 Instead, the Lady catches his creamy dog cum in a glass, then slowly and seductively pours it over those mindblowing boobs.


ArtOfZoo - Red Sputnik - animal sex with women


A great first production from Dachat with plenty of interesting things going on. There’s a bit of filler, but it’s good filler. Nana is now a Pet Lady, that pussy, pure Pet dynamite. Great work and looking forward to seeing more great things to come. Enjoy Nanas initiation into our world, and Her first encounter with that big, hard wet Red Sputnik 😉


ArtOfZoo - Red Sputnik - animal sex with women





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  1. slavey 2 months ago

    Nana sure knows how to make her four legged friend’s cock look tasty. A rising superstar from mother Russia 🙂

  2. 3 months ago

    Крутейший фильм!
    Крутейшая актриса!

  3. lovedock 4 months ago

    She is so beautiful

  4. Crouton 6 months ago

    What an amazing movie! Seeing that artwork on Nana’s delicious body is almost worth the price alone. I also love the outdoors scenes! I wish there had been more actual humping, but this is still a very delicious clip with the delectable Nana, bless her soul.

  5. Metaleiro 9 months ago

    Please Dachat do more scenes with Nana, she is spectacular.

  6. yuyahideki 11 months ago

    Girl boobed should get stucked

  7. etta12345 1 year ago

    Extremely good looking woman Nana is amazing love her stuff keep up the good work

  8. Tom86 1 year ago

    Since I bought this movie, I enjoyed every minute of it. It is an Artwork, so much passion in it Bravo!
    A Big compliment to Nana ,Dachat and the team of Artofzoo!

  9. bernd2155 1 year ago

    Schön, Kann ich der Hund sein?

  10. elanaantipova 2 years ago

    Cute girl!:)

  11. bontas 2 years ago

    Please Adam. Do you have any plans to use Nana in any of your next movies?. Ive watched petlove for a longtime but she is possibly the hottest girl Ive ever seen in this genre.

  12. tauge20 2 years ago


  13. Chiquitin13 2 years ago

    Wow!!!! Nana it’s incredible!!!! … splendid work!!! … She’s a genuine petgirl!!!!

  14. Marcosliu 2 years ago

    Very beautiful this woman. She could make videos with Labrador or rottweiler. She is too woman for this pup.

  15. Xenophile 2 years ago

    Hvala, spacibo.

  16. Grover7383 2 years ago

    As with Poison by Sonya, this is one of the best recent videos we’ve seen. Top 2-3 at least. I’m partial to slavic women, but this is equally amazing regardless of the woman’s heritage. amazing!! Keep up the amazing work. Very impressed with this girl and this video! Hope to see many more with Nana soon and often!! She’s a gem!

  17. 2 years ago

    loved her bit of exhibitionism in the beginning nana is very hot

  18. Purifuego 2 years ago

    chica perfecta…pero la carita con ese orgaso tan fuerte…mmm debe se preciosa, su carita, sus expresiones, mmmm, bella…deberia haberlo recogido en cámara….y me pregunto: porque en vez de recoger el orgasmo en la cara de la chica bella, se recoge un enfoque del nudo? no es mas interesante ver a la Dama como se viene?….mmmmm….grandioso

  19. DrHard 2 years ago

    Next exploit would be a Chinese movie, that would impressed me 🙂

  20. bigbaldy300 2 years ago

    Another Nude Actress, with a body that would kick start a 747. The nylons, & garter belt, just accentuate it. This a high quality video keep up the good work.

  21. temer4523 2 years ago

    The movie was nice!

  22. jmaxthebest 2 years ago

    Simply Amazing 🙂 Need more 🙂

  23. zetafun 2 years ago

    what a beautyful girl. an the petaction ist awesome. I enjoyed every second of the clip

  24. bsbeast 2 years ago

    just beautiful, and that gal, come on, no words to describe how hot she is, fabulous!!

  25. art30 2 years ago

    Please more movies and beautiful gales from Russia more more I beg you nana more movies from you asvel 😉🤩

  26. stresspuppy 2 years ago

    Beautiful model and nicely filmed. Pretty much all you could hope for with a new model. Personally dont think the marker and writing is necessary, just full bare skin would be lovely as well but happy to have any movie with Nana. Thanks.

  27. Gustinfx 2 years ago

    Que barbaridad cuando parece que ya nada puede ser mejor viene nana y rompe con todo lo antes visto. Su belleza es impresionante la forma en que le chupa la polla al perro es alucinante. Felicidades a todo el equipo.
    Pd. No dejeis en el olvido al buen chester.

  28. 27size1980 2 years ago

    WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!! I wanna move to mother Russia! absolutely stunning movie! perfect lust and passion! can’t wait to see more of her! I will simply buy all the the Russian movies at this rate! insane quality as well! KEEP IT UP!

  29. icewrz 2 years ago

    Nice women. Pls more in equal dress. Nice movie. Thank you

  30. Fisteri 2 years ago

    Lovely model and great work, kisses!

  31. art30 2 years ago

    Dachat really is a great producer and nana really is a beautiful woman I loved the public strip absolutely brilliant and the girl really now how to suck a big fat dog cock and the scene where she squirts the cum out of hear pussy and in to the glass is really nice just send your money this movie really is something special please more of this Russian girls they really now how to fuck and suck dogs in a passionate and sexy way best regards to you from art30 😉

  32. art30 2 years ago

    Hopefully she’s willing to try a boar pig that would be amazing 😉

  33. Author
    Adam 2 years ago

    If I didn’t say enough already – can I just say – Van Damme did ‘the most epic of splits’. Well Van DAYUM, Nana has a most epic Pet Pussy, that preview gif never fails to get my jeans twitching 🙂

  34. Quicksilver 2 years ago

    I love this movie – Nana is simply beautiful, and Kuryakin seems to be quite experienced. As Adam stated, this might be Nana’s first time, but the quality is quite good. Both are performing incredibly well, and seem to enjoy it. Taking the knot the first time is surely not an easy thing, and it is nice to see how the doggy is filling her with his sperm 😉 It is so good that Adam found the right contact in Russia – these girls are stunning! The only small thing I would personally prefer in future movies is some more camera angles when the dog takes the girl. I love shots from the side and also the face. Just like in DogWoman. But that is just my personal preference. I definitely like the movie very much. Great work!

  35. ConradVeidt 2 years ago

    Great Movie and a great model, I hope that we will see more movies from Dachat. And also with other pets, i would prefer boarmovies.

    • art30 2 years ago

      That’s a good statement we need more boar movies and if we could get models like nana and Sonya it would be amazing let’s al hope that this happens 😉

  36. 2 years ago

    çok güzel kız çok begendim

  37. mittomen 2 years ago

    This is what we need Adam. What an amazing release. Wonderful girl, please keep them coming.

  38. Lovek9girls 2 years ago

    Oohhh yes!!! She looks amazing. I love those k9 girls. This for me looks like a must see. I can’t navigate the bitcoin process fast enough to place my order. I am sure this is going to be money well spent. The only problem is i still have to wait on the download buffer…..a wait well worth it, i am sure of that.

  39. harryharry6969 2 years ago

    sexy sexy lady macht mich geillll

  40. bacozoo 2 years ago

    Another amazing artofzoo movie. I will buy this and the previous ones.

  41. Aesirr 2 years ago

    looks great, will definitely watch this one

  42. Darkwolf25 2 years ago

    What a woman! The things coming out of Russia are incredible, Sonya and Nana are next level babys! From Russia with love 😍

  43. art30 2 years ago

    That’s a real beauty from Russia please more movies of hears I am stunned

    Best regards to Adam and the Russian girls


  44. strom6 2 years ago

    WOW…just WOW What a sexy girl!!!!!!!
    I will buy this movie now…..hope you do the same folks!!!!!!!

  45. TomHase 2 years ago

    she is so fuckin hot!! 🙂 I can hardly wait!

  46. HornyToad420 2 years ago

    Again, another great looking movie! Keep them coming 🙂

  47. NDS1980 2 years ago

    What a damn hot girl!
    Very good preview!

  48. Chiquitin13 2 years ago


  49. DevoteHuendin 2 years ago


    what a really stunning woman, she definitely has that certain something !!

    chapeau, greetings DV


  50. 2 years ago

    короцо нана!

  51. Alek777 2 years ago

    From Russia with love)

  52. Quicksilver 2 years ago

    Hi Adam
    Looks like a very good movie. Looking forward to watching it. Is the paw just above her pussy a real tattoo? That would demonstrate true dedication 😉
    Best regards

  53. dppkk0294 2 years ago

    perfect girl

  54. Iloveanalsex123 2 years ago

    She’s so hot anymore I really wanna join and have fun any females ? Hmu

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