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I have always been fascinated by the concept of human-animal sexual interaction. Sadly, I haven’t had a lot of experience with it myself. When I was about 14-15, I was staying at a friends place and had a brief encounter with a black poodle; it was always sniffing my crotch. So, one evening, I decided to let it into my room, just to see what would happen. I stripped off my underwear and sat on the edge of the bed. The little fella went right to town on my cock and balls; it was intoxicating. I would’ve loved to have seen if he could make me cum, but I was too scared someone might barge in, so I stopped and let him back out.

A few years later, I was staying at another friends who happened to have a huge Leonberger. He was a magnificent beast, with beautiful, caramel coloured fur. He also had a tendency to try and hump legs whenever he could. But, because of his size and weight, that usually meant getting knocked over.

One day, I saw his cock starting to emerge from its sheath. Curiosity got the better of me; I decided to rub it, seeing if he liked it as much as I liked having my cock rubbed. And, sure enough, he did! It grew and grew, emerging fully, all the while making little squirts of precum. Somewhere along the way I started to panic, thinking, what would I do/say when the owner came back? They could come in the door at any time. So, I stopped. Much to my dismay, however, his cock didn’t retreat and he kept on squirting precum, making the floor quite wet. I was scared witless that someone might find out, or worse, I thought I might have ‘broken’ the dog… Fortunately, the owners were gone for a while and, thankfully, he had calmed down by the time they came back.

It wasn’t until many years later that I learned about the mechanics of it all. I still wonder to this day, what it would be like to have a dog lick you to the point of orgasm, being able to squirt all that cum into his mouth, watching him lick and catch every drop? And, of course, milking him in turn.

I’ve always had this fantasy about what it would be like if you could transplant a dog cock and balls to a human, or, better still, a horse cock and balls, giving you a huge package to tote. I wondered if it were technically possible, to do it in such a way that everything works as it should? The idea of dropping your trousers to expose a big, angry, red rocket, that just keeps swelling and getting bigger, complete with knot, squirting loads of pre-cum… Unf! I keep imagining the face of the girl, as I slide that weapon into her pussy, watching as she feels the heat of it entering her, the feeling of the tip touching the entrance of her cervix, ravaging her until my knot swells and I start filling her with seed until overflowing!

Sigh. The next best thing would be if they could genetically enhance a man’s cock and balls to be able to take on the shape and girth of a dog cock, having the balls produce copious amounts of sperm that takes minutes to unload. Or, somehow, genetically combine a pig’s ability to climax for 30 minutes or more and not just the couple of seconds a normal male orgasm lasts. Unf! I think I’d become deliriously addicted! The pleasurable part would be when the muscles contract, giving the man the ability to produce copious amounts of seed, requiring prolonged orgasms in order to ease the pressure… Unf!

I watch the dogs pumping their stuff into women and I’m really envious, wishing that could be me, cheerfully filling her womb; being able to bring such pleasure to the woman and, of course, enjoying it if only a little myself. Alas, dreams are free…

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  1. BiPapa 5 months ago

    A novel way of thinking and one that I completely enjoyed! Imagine if the day comes when medical science can replace our human cocks with one in the shape of any animal cock we desire…and the cum capacity to match!!!

  2. Lickingwolf 6 months ago

    I want to see and feel a k9 cock your blog made me incredibly wet makes me want to go for a drive and find an uncut make to mount me I want to stroke him and have him front fuck me I want to hold him as he bangs Mmmm I’m sorry too much. I get carried away at times

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