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This was the beginning of a friendship, which lasted two summers with four young girls, that is as I remember it. We were working as grooms and work riders for a rather wealthy Boss and his brother. There were 4 of us, all young girls and full of life, ages ranged between 18 and 20. We didn’t really know each other, just thrown together through fate so to say.

It was June time and for a change the weather was great, we had ridden out all morning since about 7am. Stables started at 6am, but that was mucking out, feeding and grooming, anyway by this time it was about 10.30 and everyone was preparing for the day ahead.

I knew a couple of the girls were traveling with horses, and Ramona, who lived about an hour away, was going to go and spend the afternoon at her parents. She hadn’t seen them for a while. Helen and Claudia were getting their horses ready to travel. I was feeding, all was great.

By 12 oclock, Ramona and I were in a local bar having what was meant to be a glass of wine, and she was going home. 2 glasses later she went. I had another couple, and feeling tipsy went back to the stables. Our living quarters were at the other end of the stable and they were comfortable, 2 girls to a room, lovely. From our quarters we could reach the stable for different reasons, such as if a horse was sick, someone could sleep there. It was a nice little room made comfy by young ladies, nice.

Now this is where it all begins really, we had a stable dog called Peter. And because I had done this before with my own dog – and any dog I could get my naughty little paws on – tipsy, thinking no one was around, decided him and I would mate.

He was a good dog, uncut, and although at the time I wasn’t aware, he was getting more pussy than I guessed. I myself had not only been tending to the horses, but to Peter too. A quick blow job here and there, because I knew he liked it. He was always trying to mount one of us, humping our young legs. All the girls kept telling him he was naughty, while I secretly thought about him planting his cock in my pussy.

Anyway, the stable was empty, me on my own, tipsy, and with Peter looking frisky. I slipped my jodhpurs off, knickers off – he started licking me and I started getting wetter. He started mounting, but he was very excited and I had a little bit of trouble keeping him inside me. There was dog come dripping from my pussy, all over the blanket on the floor.

Finally he got a good mount. I could feel him thrusting hard, then start to knot in me. Soon we were tied together, I could feel the warmth of his cock inside me. His cock twitched as he pumped his come into me.

He had been locked in me for a few minutes, when unbeknownst to me, Ramona – who had missed the bus home to her parents – had returned early to the stables. Probably hearing the noise of Peter and me together, she wanders in and finds me naked from the waist down. And Peter with his cock locked in my pussy.

She cried ‘oh my god’, and ran out, very embarrassed. By now, Peter’s knot is shrinking, and I’m so ashamed of being caught red handed, I don’t know what to do. With dog cum running down my legs, in a panic I yank my knickers and jodhpurs back on. I wondered what I was going to say to Ramona, oh I just fell and he jumped on me? I hadn’t a clue how to handle this most delicate situation. So I decided to keep my mouth shut and say nothing. Just wait and see how she reacted.

I saw Ramona later during the evening stables. My panties were still damp with Peter’s come. I must have looked like I was about to burst into tears, I felt so red in the face about getting found out like that. Anyway, Ramona came in, and what happened next was a shock, something I really never expected. She casually says ‘I always wanted to try that, but was scared I might get caught’. Ironically, she had ended up catching me in the act!

So the end of that little story, was the beginning of a friendship that continued between Ramona, Peter and myself, throughout that summer. The other 2 girls were just as bad. Hope everyone enjoys my little story. It’s a true story, and I enjoy looking back at those days with a smile on my face. Peter was a great dog and I miss him very much.



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  1. vodoo3300 6 months ago

    Hey, love to hear more about boar and females.
    Any latest video on boar and females.

  2. laura31 12 months ago

    It was raunchy darling. Thanks for sharing

  3. charles1935 1 year ago

    Loved this story and the strait forward way it is told. Lucky girls!

  4. mrknotts102917 1 year ago

    So hot! Love the story.

  5. jirasek 1 year ago

    Very beautiful story about Ramona, Peter and you… was a pretty nice time you spent during the summer. Love to hear more of your stories like this. 🙂

  6. sport8225 1 year ago

    Love to see your work

  7. teendoglover 1 year ago

    Fantastic… would love to hear more! xxx

  8. robin123000 1 year ago

    Great story….

  9. Author
    houndboundrach 1 year ago

    There are a few more naughty stories to come and trust me we where very naughty lol. HBR xx

  10. 1 year ago

    I liked this a lot. I would like to know what other two girls got up to lol

  11. curiouscd 1 year ago

    What a lovely story! I do hope you tell us more. It seems there is more to tell, especially about the other two girls.

  12. ilz 1 year ago

    A happy end for Ramona as well thanks for your nice story Houndboundrach and hope we will read more in the future 😉

  13. puppyluvr 1 year ago

    Two wonderful fun filled summers with four knotty bad girls and Peter
    Thank you for sharing Rachel…Loved it.

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