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Hi Gang,

yes yes, you’ve noticed no movie this week. I do admire your dedication 🙂

So yes, as you may recall I said we would start putting out a new movie each Friday. However, turns out that a movie each week is maybe too much. We noticed some slowing in the download buffers, because of course available support is spread out across more movies (pandemics probably don’t help). We saw a similar phenomena on Gaia Gold and Karma. So, we have decided to do a new movie each TWO weeks instead. That should give everyone a chance to catch up.

If I’m honest, a movie each week also adds a bit too much pressure to our workload here. At least for now. For that same reason we’ve decided to do a Site News update each 2 months too, instead of each month.

Sorry I did not announce this yesterday. I know some of you are chasing Support over this, so yes the next new movie will be next Friday. Thanks for your understanding.

Folks waiting on Blogs (as usual) – the Blog Team are literally inches away from perfecting our Blog Publishing conveyor belt, when it’s ready you can expect us to catch up, and start publishing MUCH faster.

I hope everyone is ok during all this crap with viruses. Don’t know why poor Italy is getting it in the ass. No reports of dangerously ill petlovers so far. Keep taking your Vitamin C Gang, don’t go kissing any homeless dudes and I think you will be ok.

That’s all for now Gang, take care and speak soon 🙂



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  1. Randolph08 2 months ago

    Thank you Adam
    In Panamá we have a hard situation, we hope everything will be betther in 3 months…so much time for this Pandemia……Best regards from our country to all people…StayHome FuckyourDoggys and MakeLOve not WaR….

  2. hollisterwoodrow 2 months ago

    Thanks for Bree update. As usual whether is one movie every two weeks, a movie every week, or whatever schedule works for the team I am here to support and keep the download buffer moving.


  3. 27size1980 2 months ago

    Hey Adam, Thanks fo the update none the less.. We appreciate your and the team’s hard work during these testing times that affect all of us but I believe in keep a health and positive mind and we will all get through this. its just time.

    keep doing what you can and even a movie every two weeks is great.

    stay safe and keep it up!

    and look after our pets as well coz last I heard a tiger in the Bronx zoo was infected by COVID-19 by its believed to be an asymptomatic employee.

  4. katejim 2 months ago

    I will take them anytime I can get them. The movies are great and the Ladies even better!

  5. art30 2 months ago

    I agree with you Adam a movie each week is to much and people stay safe

  6. TheFluffiest 2 months ago

    We still <3 you Adam.

    Keep up the good work

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