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To be or not to be … jailed? That is the question that keeps many of us on our toes.

So how do you go about putting yourself out there?

In chat? On your profile? At a first meet-up?

At your first actual mating?


Art Of Zoo Animal Porn Movies - Taming Tink - Tink is hot and ready for the taking

This community has lowered a few of the first hurdles, by allowing us to talk about our passions. Tennis-balls. Or … ahem … those other passions. You know. The kind where dogs are involved in vigorous activity? Like agility. Lots of jumping and incoherent noises involved. Getting and touching your marks properly? Getting full points?

It’s always easier to speak from one’s own experience and to allow people to look in, discretely, over my shoulder and pretend I don’t know you’re reading my newspaper 😛

So how is the Fluffiest going about it?

I started by lurking.

On a different account even.

Once I’d passed what seemed to me the right amount of time, without seeing any activity that looked like this community wasn’t being run by the authorities, like they did with the Silk Road and Silk Road 2.0, I made a brand new account, on a brand new anonymized e-mail address, obviously through the Tor browser proxy network and started over.

I filled out my profile, leaving some select details ambiguous or plain wrong.

If we want to swap (doggy-) spit or other (doggy-) juices, it doesn’t really matter what my age is. I’m old enough to drive. I might not be old enough to live in a retirement home. I’m somewhere in the sweet spot in the middle.

The same goes for my location. Again: we can drive. I’m willing to drive to meet up. Anyone willing to meet up, better be willing to drive around a bit, cause I’m not inviting you pervs straight to our kennel. There are fluffies there. Their identities need protection. They have a right to privacy :p

But I did fill out my gender (look it up, it might surprise a few readers 😛 ).

And my sexual preferences. (again: go have a look-see and then decide 😛 )

And my continent is at least accurate 😛 It’s no use trying to get laid by people who’d have to climb mountains and swim oceans before they could get to you. I know the idea might sound and feels romantic, but it makes Saturday evening outings a bit impractical, especially if your parents (you live in their garage right? 🙂 ) still enforce a curfew 😛

So that was step one.

Basically I’d made a Tinderprofile for doggy love.

And I didn’t immediately start drowning in pet-pussy …

That is so weird though. I would have expected it to be different … I always see those ads saying horny singles in your area 😀 Why weren’t they immediately storming the door?

Now came the next part …

Telling something about yourself and what keeps you up at night – in a positive way I mean. You know, the things you do BEFORE you go to sleep, slightly out of breath, heart racing, big grin on your face, hugging your teddy-bear, whilst the fluffies cuddle in.

So what should I tell?

What could I tell?

Will they judge me for being a perv?

Will it possibly lead back to me?

The answers in order:

Whatever you feel comfortable telling, the more other members can read, the larger the chance they’ll interact

Whatever you feel comfortable telling, the more other members can read, the larger the chance they’ll interact <<<

They’re on this site. That’d be a pot-kettle situation. And if you want a perv-measuring contest … well, if that gets you going .. go for it :p

Yes, if you note down too many details that are accurate. You might want to fiddle numbers/dates/times/etc. Don’t say on the day that Freddy Mercury sang at Live Aid and everyone was watching TV, whilst I was secretly screwing the pooch, in my bedroom under the stairs on 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England, Great Britain.

Do say: my first time, with my doggy was in my bedroom, whilst I was still living with my parents. It was the time of Queen’s greatest hits and when they’d sing: It’s a kind of Magic, I’d feel the magic happening inside of me … cause ahem … Rex knotted me and I didn’t know where to look.


Art Of Zoo Animal Porn Movies - Taming Tink - Tink relaxes with Bullseye after a hard dog fucking session

The second version is slightly more evocative, still conveys the era and the feelings from the first sentence and doesn’t lead our favorite sexy police dog girl to your details as public records of who lived where and when are kept available for ages and continuously updated.

If I want to know who lives on 10 Downing street on March 3rd, 1732, I can actually find out. The answer is Mr. Chicken, which seemed quite apt for a post in this community 😛

So muddle it up slightly.

Don’t feel the need to aggrandize things, you don’t have to tell us how you became the next Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Just muddle it up enough so dates/times/locations/persons/names (including dog/horse/pet names!!) don’t match up exactly.

If you’re feeling extra courageous and fall in those categories, try to get verified as a Verified Owner or Verified Female.

So that was step 2 done.

Bring in the pet pussy!

OK you and about 300 – ish others, make profiles on this site. On a daily basis.

Many of them are abandoned. (Ed: Not for long we are working on a dead-account weeding system – snooze/looze 🙂 Many of them are left filled out only half or not even that much. So if someone runs into your account, they’d have to gather ALL their courage and send you a furtive Hi. They might follow you, cause you seem interesting. Or if your profile pic looks really sexy like The Fluffiest profile pic, they might send you a friend request.

But usually, a lot of people lose heart. What if on the other side it’s a police officer?

Or my neighbor, you know the nosy one. That one always looked a bit too chummy with the dogs they keep ….

Or worse: what if it’s … well insert whatever nightmarish person you can imagine in there and you get the drift.

So opening up to a total stranger (in this time of Tinder/OKCupid/PoF/etc. etc., where we do exactly the same though) is slightly harder.

So the next step is: Pet chat!

The community has set up an integrated chat client, that allows us to chat here, right on this site, without needing to install additional software or anything.

In the chat you’ll see a couple of hi’s, hello’s, how are you’s, and other astoundingly polite conversations for a chat on a site like this. It sometimes feels like Sunday school 😛

There are also some oddballs, like The Fluffiest, who might ask you to throw a tennis ball, if you’re not that talkative yet.


If you let other community members know in the pet chat that your profile is actually active and online at that time, you might speak – real-time – with other like-minded people. Connections might form. And soon you’ll be drowning in pet pussy 😛

So that’s step 3 done, I’ve thrown myself into the swimming pool of pet lovers, have taken my birth control, cause you know … public pools … lots of boys … semen travels …

And somewhere in that chat someone is hiding who picks up on your scent. They love what you’re putting out there. They love the corny jokes you make. And the way you can flutter your eyes so totally innocently (yeah right 😛 )

So now you go to private chats and/or messages to those persons.

And you get to know each other a bit better.

And afterward, when you end the chat, you think of that one thing that you forgot to ask them about. The size of their .. gas-stove. Or fire-extinguisher? Cause you know. These things interest everyone. Right? So you send them a private message, just before you go to bed … AFTER you had your own dirty way with yourself and your fluffies of course 😛 So again slightly out of breath, you type up the message and next time when they log on they’ll get a notification, saying: You’ve got a message from InsertNameHere or TheFluffiest. If the Fluffiest has sent you a private message it won’t be an image of a tennis ball. It’ll be The Soggy Tennis-ball of Love 😛 It’s an honor to receive that one 😛 Many members were born, lived, and died and they never even knew about that special honor.

If you’re feeling really courageous you can also do video chat in private chat.

Preparing yourself for that might be smart, so get your fluffy Venetian theater-masks out. Prepare the backdrop that your webcam will pick up. You don’t want potential authorities to be able to recognize your house, because they can see the street-sign out of the window. Or the bus driving by.

So now that you’ve made the connection, the next step comes:

Organizing the first meeting

Which I’ll talk about soon, in a follow-up post

Once The Fluffiest finally gets the Tennis-ball back. I gave it to you about 15 paragraphs ago. Throw it back, please. Just once … now again … and again … don’t stop … keep going … I’m nearly there …


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  1. Maxing 3 weeks ago

    Ciao qualcuno in Italia x giochi del genere?

  2. LonewolfTx 1 month ago

    Thank you 🙏🏼

  3. 1 month ago

    Thank you for good reading material 🥰

  4. TheMentor 2 months ago

    Very good post!
    Many people here don’t value their privacy as much as they should.
    Not only to prevent legal complications but also to protect oneself from shitheads and psychos. The community here is one of the best I have ever found on the net but there are always a few rotten apples. This is a pretty niche sex community after all and you don’t want to attract 20 stalkers for every time you manage to find a nice person to meet for sweet sweet dog sex.

  5. l4z2020 2 months ago

    Thank you, it is excellent information for those of us who are new here or for those who want to register or are hesitant to do so.

  6. Helen57 3 months ago

    Bardzo dobre informacje wprowadzenie…

  7. Suckittrebek88 3 months ago

    Very good read exactly how I feel first starting out regarding a lot of things . Help make me feel more “normal” about the situation

  8. speedof 3 months ago

    Nicht überall ist das dumm – aber es tut nie weh, vorsichtig zu sein.

    ” DANKE ADAM “

  9. Goodboy1 3 months ago

    Good blog Fluffiest, very informative with good tips! Thanks.

  10. Steevhamoy 3 months ago

    ❤️😍 That’s very nice.

  11. honeypot1 3 months ago

    Another awesome blog, Fluffy!

  12. LadyX 3 months ago

    Love it. 💋💋💋💋💋

    Great advice and tips with fluffy cheeky style.

    A lot of great points and how easily we can forget in about basic security in sharing advice and meeting up.

    Can’t wait for the second part.

    Love it Fluffy 💋

    Lady X💋

  13. Garnamel 3 months ago

    Very interesting read, I’m looking forward to part 2.
    Although I feel like it’s worth pointing out that having an account on a website and chatting to people is not something you can be imprisoned for.
    You cannot be arrested for the desires you have, this isn’t 1984. Thoughtcrime is not a thing, at least not yet.
    As long as you don’t actually engage in any illegal activity (will vary depending on where you live) nothing can happen. At least not from a law enforcement point of view.
    Sure, if you’re not careful enough someone may figure out who you are, which could lead to you becoming an outcast in your community. But you will be safe from the law at least.

    • Adam 3 months ago

      Good points. Which is why we are quite careful to hold no personal information other than email address. There’s also no law against being outraged at all this filth and signing up so you could find out exactly what was going on, such that you don’t need to be outcast in your community either 🙂

      • Adam 3 months ago

        Then again – in some places (e.g. UK) if they catch you with even some pet pics on your phone or PC, you can get 6 months – usually suspended sentence depending on your history – but will have to do a state-mandated brainwashing course to turn all these crazy sex perverts into righteous upstanding retards. So I hear. Not everywhere is that dumb – but it never hurts to be cautious.

  14. Beastyman069 3 months ago

    Great blog. Looking forward to reading part 2 once it has been posted.

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