Before getting my first dog, I was living with family and wasn’t going to be able to move for quite a while. I got a lovely Black Labrador at 7 weeks old, we did the usual training, we went to puppy classes to get him accustomed to other dogs, different breeds, sizes and temperaments.  A very important step to have a well round dog!!

We did our usual things until he started showing maturity and showing his red rocket. As I was living with family, it’s not like I could have a dog humping everything in sight.  So, I had a think, I didn’t want him going off an object, smell or position so we went with a code word.

Before we would do anything sexually, (we started off with hand jobs to get him used to someone touching his genitals), we said two words before playing, two words used together before playing.

He got used to this, if he tried anything sexually without those two words he was pushed away and told no.  After half an hour or so, I would then ask and we would play.

Doing this routine, he learned that he wouldn’t do anything sexual with anyone without knowing those two words. I could stand naked in front of him without a flinch of anything!

This also meant giving my puppy relief, he never humped anything in the home, he has attempted to hump a male dog and a bitch in heat twice in public, but that’s it.

My puppy is now 3 years old, it took a lot of encouragement to get him to mount someone else as he only played with me, but he’s now got a friend that enjoys being knotted by him as much as me.

(This was just my method of ensuring I kept our relationship secret. Not the only method. But the one that worked for me.)

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  1. thewolfbrother 8 months ago

    Very informative the two word phrase was a nice touch. How many syllables was it?

  2. k9cocklover 9 months ago

    Very wisely put and a valuable training tip. Dogs learn by association, whether it is tricks, manners, or sexual intimacy. They are intelligent creatures and positive rewards make for a happy dog 😀

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