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OK Gang. It’s a heavy one. One for the serious. Speculative of course, but you don’t ask you don’t get.

We spoke previously about the Eden Project. A few things got in the way with that, but as far as I can see, that is developing on it’s own regardless. So it has legs. And we will revisit the Eden Project directly. This goes a bit deeper.

You know us by now, if you don’t, ask somebody 😉 We’ve been at this together for 20 years, and caused untold mischief on a Global scale. When it comes to spanking ‘Da Man’, I like to think that, collectively, we fought the law, and thus far we won. So much so, that I see a time ahead when we are the fucking law. Robin Hood and his Merry Men (and Ladies naturally), meets Braveheart, meets Morpheus, meets Wyatt Earp, meets Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s us.

In those 20 years, I’ve asked a lot of some of you. You haven’t let me down thus far. Few times here and there, sure you could have done more for your Tribe. But hey, life happens, priorities etc. We’ve learned to factor all that in.

I don’t go on other sites, but I get reports. I’m amused by some of the conversations over hither, and thither, about ‘oh we need $X to support our stuff‘. Is that so, Champ? $2k a month for servers, for hosting a basic forum? Yeah, you’re not full of shit, are you…

Well. As you can read here, for example – there are places where your hard-earned dollar actually does some good. And there are places where that money goes to fund lousy no good cunts who really have no place on our scene. Us Wilds have enough problems with people thinking we are all degenerates, without actual degenerates coming in and giving the Straights more ammo. I did not work 20 years to rid our magnificent Pet Lady of her shackles, to show Her in Her true light, to then have cunts coming in and doing the absolute opposite.

If you want to gravitate around crack whores, low-lives, and no good nobodies, you are better off strolling down to your local red-light district. You will find far more candy that way, and probably, far fewer shitbags to boot.

Here’s a little taste of our track record thus far:


  • You wanted more, better lessons. I did them
  • You wanted a way to meet others like us, we organized that, with BeastMatch first, then ZooSkool
  • You had problems meeting real people – so we came up with our verification system
  • You wanted better movies with genuine Pet Ladies doing things the right way – I found a way
  • Pet Ladies wanted to do movies but not for $2 – I found a way
  • When billing killed the industry, I nearly killed myself coming up with our Orion plan to take payments – resurrecting the entire scene
  • When we experimented with a private club Gaia Gold, you folks chucked about $30k in the pot. We could have fucked off with it. We didn’t. We delivered
  • When GG wasn’t working well, and we needed a better social side, I pulled that shit up. It ain’t perfect. But that’s the point of the thing so please read on
  • You wanted beautiful mainstream Ladies to get into Pet, to show we could do it as well as they can, and better. Any questions there
  • Some of you wanted to be there in person, we organized that for you. Those kinda experiences, you can’t buy in Walmart. Who you gonna call?


That’s the broad strokes, there are plenty other targets hit. But it paints the general picture.

In all these years, we have never fucked anyone. We don’t need to, fair is always fair. Everybody happy is the way forward ask any mega sales guru. We owe money to no-one. Well, we owe a couple dollars to a certain Patron but hey, that Chap been feeling the benefits of being on side with us, present at all the DogWoman shoots, and more. You lucky Devil 😉 I haven’t forgotten you don’t worry.

That particular Patron did the manly thing, contacted me and said, hey, I am a Gent with some net worth, who enjoys what we are doing, and would like to help, in return for perhaps some being there and enjoying the fun? Saved our ass actually. You lot are always saving our ass. Like I said in Team, we are each other’s safety net. We can’t do fuck all without you. We make the magic happen, together.

Now, point is, for me, Word. Is. Bond. Those that know me, know this to be the case. I dream yes, some dreams may seem outlandish, but throughout my life, I have learned that you can’t have a dream come true, without a dream. And, my dreams usually come true. I’ve achieved things most haven’t because I have the will to make things happen. It’s just who I am. I have plans, for us all, and I would very much like to see those plans bear fruit. I will get there if it kills me one way or the other. If I say I will do a thing rest assured it will get done. Not always immediately. But it will get done.

I’m looking around our planet, seeing what’s going on. It ain’t pretty. Lots of people, in lots of trouble. If Da Man don’t start pulling up solutions double quick, I do believe it will be the start of the end of days. You cannot indefinitely imprison people in their homes with no work and money. This is not a prison planet thanks. Fingers crossed they can band-aid that shit long enough to get us all through, before the whole shit show comes tumbling down. If it does, I’m ready. If you are standing next to me, you are ready too. I been ready for this, for years. It does not take a genius to look at history, look at where we are now, look at what’s happening, and figure out the likely next moves from up top. History repeats, it’s useful that way. The 1 thing all great Empires have in common, is that they end. Usually, not prettily. You Wild Bunch are Wild as Fuck, hardcore to the core, if anyone gonna be able to take care of themselves in any upcoming Zombie apocalypse, it’s gonna be us lot. Our furry friends got our back, for starters. So, it seems, does Mother Nature. So, I would not panic too much about all this. Yes, there may be some transitions. Change is a pain usually, but you learn to roll with it. Change is, after all, the only constant in the Universe.

I don’t like asking for help. Call it pride, I just need to feel in control of shit. Start bringing on investors, partners, advertisers, etc – then we are no longer free. You saw what happened with Fetlife. They made a lot of money off a lot of people for years. And, the moment their sponsors decided they didn’t quite like this or that kink, those people got kicked to the curb and fuck em. Dumped. Cheers for that. Way to stick with your people. I did actually contact Fetlife re. all that. They didn’t bother to respond. Who cares. Whatever they are doing we can do it better anyway. And we will.

Typically in business, you have your idea, you have your investment, and you set off and see what happens. Again, I would prefer to be a bit tight on funds sometimes, then have somebody wielding power over me because they chucked a bunch of $ on the table. As it stands – Corona aside – we have proven clearly, that it’s possible for a group of motivated individuals to step up and create a world. Self-funded, self-managing. No ‘your call is important to us‘ shit round here. You know where to find us. If you got problems, you tell us. And you do. And we do something about it. Bar the ability to part seas (yet) we are all but Bruce fucken Almighty. We are there for you, as we have always been. We are there for each other. I pray that can continue. We have the capability to put so much good shit into your life, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you. So I won’t, yet 😉

Adam will you get to the fucking point already? Alright, alright. Whatsamatter with you people. Rome wasn’t built in a day either. Took a few.

As you (should) know, Gaia, ArtOfZoo – our community, and stuff we do in the background – all of that is currently funded by movies. Movies have always been our go-to for generating support. I don’t believe in handouts, not unless someone really needs it. I am no Trump, or Edong Musk, I am no capitalist, I have very little interest in money. The options that money affords, yes. But love of money is the root of all evil. So, ask anyone who’s worked with me, about how I tend to veer away from things financial as much as possible. I’m the Artist, I don’t need that shit distracting me. I am grown-ass enough, however, to be aware of the importance of cashflow. It’s the only reason we are still here after all this time. Yes, I do know how to ‘pitch’ properly. But this ain’t a pitch. It’s long and tedious, designed to ward off those with less stamina. Reasons for everything.

Movies are really not the best way to generate support. Most our Members probably can’t afford the current (necessary) movie prices. Cunts steal our shit and put food on their tables, undermining our ability to continue our work, and providing you with the network we all need.

We are currently working on a bunch of orbiting projects, that should inject a good regular cashflow and take the pressure off the movie side. As that pans out, I could easily see a point where we are releasing movies for free, for the world to enjoy. As it should be. Those projects are underway. But my stubbornness in taking investors, is kinda limiting us. We could do with a little something, in the interim.

A couple dollars a month from you lot would make a huge difference. I’m not going to ask you for that just now. I will, shortly. The option to, at least. I know you won’t let me down there, when the time comes.

Instead, right now, here is what we are looking for. I’m calling it our GoldLine Moguls. We, as you might be aware, are generally knee-deep in petlove, day to day. We have more Ladies lining up to love doggies etc, than we can generally support. We do our best. In future we will do better. For now, Corona – folks short on funds. Some of you wealthier folks may not be feeling the Corona issue so hard. Many of our Members are. As such, I have a proposal for you.

I’m very, very particular about who I have around me. Security. However, as I’ve said in other posts, walls keep out wolves AND the Sun. We’ve relaxed a little on some of our more hardcore security policies more recently, allowing some of you into our world. And the pleasures therein. And, so far, you haven’t let me down. And, I gather you are enjoying yourselves (and, you are just dipping your toes in so far). So, maybe we might want to open our petals, just a bit more, and see what happens.

If you are a high net worth individual, who likes to play – I’m thinking of some kinda exclusive Club, where you get to hang out with us, and live the dream. Trust me, you want it, we got it. A space within which you can explore your outer and innermost kinkiest desires. All good, healthy consensual adult fun. You have 1 life, this time. Believe me, when I say, money comes and goes. Experiences are forever. You could drop dead tomorrow, having experienced none of it. It’s widely accepted, that on the old death bed, folks tend to regret things they didn’t do, rather than the things they did. Don’t let that be you. Do something about it, because trust me, there is no better life than sailing down that River of Love, and the abundance of happiness, joy and treasures therein. I’m tinkering with it as a possible Project Xanadu. Seems to fit.

Some of you older Gents – if you are considering the winter of your years and how you would like to go out – we can have you living like a Pet Sultan. Nursing homes and elderly communities my ass. Fuck that. This kind of service, you won’t find in the Yellow Pages. The Western World has eschewed it’s elderly, spat them out. Well, older civilizations understand the value of seniority. And who knows, we may breathe new life into you yet. If that’s you, you know where we are.

But Xanadu. If you are a chap with bucks, who would like to party with us. Would like to enjoy the myriad delights we enjoy on a daily basis, we might like to hear from you. We won’t break your balls. You will be well looked after. Vote for Pedro, and all your wildest dreams may just come true.

While I am there – a lot of our lovely Ladies are struggling a bit, with the plague bollox. They could do with a bit of support. Some of you have already contacted me about this, sorry if I can’t find your emails right now, you know who you are. If are you are a Gent, who might be willing to help a Lady out a little in these trying times, in return for a little something something – our SugarDaddies, yet to be properly organized but hey, plague schedule and all. If you’d like to help support a lovely Pet Lady, help her blossom and become magnificent, and onto other wilder things, please give me a shout. Let’s try and help each other through this.

I want to get going. I have plans out the ass and I am my own worst enemy. I let a few of you Champs into the camp, we are rocking. Then, we WILL change the world. I 100% guarantee it.

If you are feeling life is a bit meh. If you would like to step up to the plate, as others already have (thank God), if you would like your back scratched in ways you didn’t even imagine – then do please contact me. I’m looking for I guess around 5 guys. 5 Lucky Devils, who get to ride the Tiger and sail home with sweet stories to tell galore. If that’s you, you know where I am. You can’t take it with you. Drop me a line, and speak soon 😉 x


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  1. scoobydoogooder 3 months ago

    My idea… for SHORTS…

    …Inspired by the very public BANGBUS/STREETCASH vanilla porn… and by that i mean the HIRED porn-star ‘consenting’, ’18+’ models (already on their books)… who pretend to be STRANGERS… which gets over most legality issues…

    …so …lets do the same… the beast-girls (models) on your books can… POSE as strangers… and for a FLASH OF CASH… they let DOGs cum over their tits while acting discusted and MORE CASH is FLASHED.

    Titty-fucks… a TEASE. Simple. SHORT. [A NEW genre]

    [Spellings corrected. I typed too fast. Post his one :-)]

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Hey Scoob. This post is about Xanadu not movie ideas. Dig your enthusiasm. Bus idea, already been done. And, does not sound particularly empowering or romantic. Then I guess, neither does our cheeky idea of doggy-porn-horror movies 🙂 Titty-fucks – done that.

  2. Mangue 3 months ago

    vous avez tout mon soutien .

  3. ostfront 3 months ago

    Wenn ich die Möglichkeit dazu hätte würde ich mich sofiäort als model zur Verfügung stellen auch ganz ohne finanziellen interesse. Aber leider bin ich männlich.

  4. xd40caliber 3 months ago

    Adam this sounds great. As you know i contributed to being a Mogul. Is there anything new coming from that? Also because of my life obligations its sound like i might not be able to take advantage of the goldline mogul program. I will drop a line to get more info. Keep fighting the good fight. Looking forward to more movies.

  5. look4you 3 months ago

    Mich würde interessieren, was ein Modell für einen Film nimmt. Sicherlich völlig unterschiedlich, schon klar. Einige machen es für die Lust und andere für das Geld. Gibt es Zahlen?

  6. asukagirl 3 months ago

    Ohh Adam … it seems to me that the further, the worse it gets … golden times were at the beginning of Zooskool, a lot of material, bright personalities, girls for every taste, color and age .. Now you won’t even find thematic forums, but those that remained – overgrown with cobwebs .. “movement” is minimal, even banal there is no one to talk to “about”. What can we say about the “business” to maintain the AOZ. The world has become too merciful and greedy .. and you can’t blame them for that … it’s such a time … Patrons have died out, and producers choose girls with maximum benefit and minimum cost .. I no longer hope to get any kind of support, unfortunately 2020 is too financially difficult, and I will postpone my INTRO to the summer of 2021. .. If 2020 does not finish us all )))

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      It’s a harsh view Asuka, I wouldn’t say all that. Things are not that bad 🙂 The world was always that way, but there are still plenty of good people out there. We can continue like this if we want. I just don’t want. When I say ‘end of days’, I don’t mean the end of the world. I mean, the end of these days. Any end is also a new beginning. We have more good Patrons now, than we ever had before. And by the looks of things, that is set to improve also. So. Cheer up eh. Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully a brighter one 🙂

      • leakyguy 3 months ago

        does adam ever reference anything thats not from the interent? aside from underage dance classes which have only been open for three or four years and have absolutley no affiliation to anyone of age? deer hunter only referenced things around the community that people knew about and involved sex and/ or bestiality….deerhunter had enough common sence to actually post only things he knew what he was talking about. and he didnt have to rely on the interent or facebook todo so. deperately? lol. and yes i mispellled faggot on purpose. its funny comes through and destroys everything all the ppl the beastforum came together to build. but its not suprising. his poorly written monologues throughout the years. a=made men think twice about buying anything. kinda like jerking them off withthe wrong hand. it just didnt feel write to them adam. maybe if youd start spitting on it it could work. buuuut i doyubt it lol

        • Author
          Adam 3 months ago

          My Friend. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know anybody by the name of deerhunter. Unless they have spoken to me as somebody else? I am, as you point out, likely not all there. Not in the typical sense. Now. I’m happy, and interested to enter into a dialogue with someone, about something. Because honestly, I do not go other places. Facebook, here and there yes. That is because I take major risks, and push boundaries, around people, authority situations, and I am quite friendly to all. Because at one point I decided I would be who I am, rather than be what anyone else expected me to be. The fact is, regardless of what you put your dick in, if I found a situation where you were being abused, mugged, beaten up or such, that I would take you out of that situation. Because I am Lycanthropic, as are most of our Members. And the pack protects it’s own. I believe the symbiosis between human and canine to be the natural order of things, as did the Egyptians with Anubis. The Khmer Sun God with a Divine Snake Wife. The Sumerian Legends of humanity being created in an interspecies coupling, meaning we essentially are bestiality. I don’t know what you folks are into. I hope that what you do is done with love. And not for gratification, such as certain individuals found with greased mice, having their tails painfully removed, and strung, such that one might insert them into their anus. You folks out there often preach about ‘zoophilia’. Love of animals. As an animal, I believe I would not enjoy having my tail cut off, being greased, and inserted into some apes arse hole. If this is love, for you, then yes, we find ourselves at odds. If however, your relationships are groovy, then groovy. So, there appears to be an amount of politics externally, that I am unaware of. Apologies if anything we do here has upset anybody out there. I’m here doing my thing. People are interested now. It’s good. You’re welcome. Now, I never went on PoliceForum, so if by some random chance, you had some kind of community actually running there, then great. Props for bringing those people together. But my problem was not with any community. It was with the operators. Now let’s have some facts. When I started in this biz, Caledonian were, I was told, grossing $12,000 per day. When they jumped on the domain, when it all began. They were owned by an ‘unknown’ individual, the chap that worked there said nobody really knew who the boss was. He wanted to stay out of the picture. Then you had a couple of Danish Guys, running a set of websites, earning $12,000 each and every day. They got quite fat on this, I have the 6 friends present at the meeting we had with them in Portugal, to attest to the fatness. They ran those sites, for years. It’s over $4million dollars a year, each year. What were they selling? A site update, maybe each 3 months. A few cartoons. A few not very interesting photo sets. A few movies they had purchased for bottom dollar. And, a load of material stolen from Hans Burger @ BFI. Hans, like us, pays for movies to be made. And, like us, hopes to be repaid for the monies put in, plus a little for effort, risk and all the rest. It’s nice. Everyone seems to enjoy the movies. They share them enough so they must do. Hans at the time was doing very well. Despite what anyone thinks, Hans is a great person. He is currently about 97 years old. He has survived 3 heart attacks, and a bypass. He has recently had a stroke, and fallen and broken his hip in the shower. I hope they are taking care of the poor old bastard. But despite whatever of Hans remains, he still calls and mails me regularly, because he is still in the fight. Now, that is a fighter. He knew Bodil, and is really the Grandfather of animal erotica. Animal erotica is important, because it’s media. You have some groups feeding you media with one story. Others, with others. Faunography is our media. It’s our flickering light, giving us the same power as those who might oppress us. It inspires people, to be who they are, as opposed to being who other people think they should be. As, by the sounds of things, you’d like me to be someone else? Sorry Friend, if you have valid criticism I’ll take it on board but I don’t know you, or any of the people you are talking about. I am a religious person, in Hindu scripture, it’s stated that a person should always be who they were born to be, be that good, or bad, because the Divine made you that way for a reason, and that reason is your purpose. And clearly nobody up to this point has had the balls to actually come and talk to me straight. So good. Here we are. Now. BeastForum, a la Caledonian, was running a basic invision server, serving out plenty of our stolen material. And Hans. Hence the Portugal meeting. I knew the guy doing the billing for them at that time, they were not getting much support, and their movies were not selling well. It’s not surprising. They let poor Shawn get herself busted easier than faceplanting the keyboard. They sat there, taking money off us, watching as poor old Shawn puts her neck on the line and ultimately gets arrested, along with all her friends. Their dogs, being USA, no doubt killed. They did all of this, took all the money for it, and did nothing to help her or anyone. It was basically Bum Fights for zoosexuals. I lost track of how many people were busted on Policeforum, it was basically the place to go, for police who needed to get up their arrest statistics for the month, to get the bonus. We were the low hanging fruit, Policeforum provided all the tools necessary for them to simply go on there, organize a meet, and bust people. $4million dollars a year. Did they get anyone out of trouble? Did they pay for anyone’s lawyers? Or slip them through? Not that I know of. No. You went on there, you got exploited to fuck at your own risk, while the operators got fat and rich and sat there laughing at us all. This is the bedrock of your beloved forum. It’s dead, because the $4million a year they made for however long, was not enough to pay for the $500 top notch hosting for a nice basic forum community that wasn’t stealing/serving content. They could have just paid for you all to have a server for 80 years and left you to it, it would have been a drip in the ocean, to them. But no. When they decided it wasn’t making them fat any more, they packed up their bags and fucked off. Precisely like the proverbial Sylvester McMonkey McBean. So basically, they paid the bills by sharing our collective material, like a parasite. Now, if a dog scratches off a tick, do we weep for the tick? Probably not. So how the fuck did I destroy anything? If it wasn’t interesting enough over there that’s a you problem right? What the fuck did I do? Made you look bad? Well then don’t fucking look bad eh. I reached out to loads of that lot in solidarity but ‘eww no’ because pissing contests. I am not interested in pissing contests. I offered to pay for the replacement to Beastforum, for free – you could’ve had it all back in an instant if it was all that precious to you – despite all the stealing and sharing and backstabbing you’d done @ me over the years. You didn’t want it. Instead, you all rallied behind some other people who appear to be doing exactly what Caledonian were. Getting fat off our material. It didn’t work last time. And for damn sure it won’t work this time because it’s time to pay the Piper sorry. More on that soon. You wanna snowflake out and be special over there, paying your bills off our sweat like before? And what? You’re imagining you are the good guy in this scenario? And I still have absolutely no idea who you are. Now son. In a minute our lawyers and etc get to work, and those bills will start getting unpaid. At which point, what will you do? Check, and mate, mate. I have some cunts emailing me, informing me they have the biggest chat in the world that’s 15% the size of ours. The biggest community, that’s 20% of ours. All paying it’s bills, off us. So tell me again about destroying you? So, I’ll assume the faggotry was aimed at me then. I’ll assume I have rained on some parade or other. Well. Man up, pull up the fucking $ and run the forum yourself how you want it then. Let’s see you do that. You’re like the fucking Emo kids in South Park. All so special. Passing off older gentlemen as dogs? Ice much? We have lots of lovely zoosexual guys here getting old and wanting to experience some freedom before they go. You gotta problem with that? You gotta problem that I will take this to any court in any land and stand up for us and say fuck it I don’t care what you say we are not wrong. We appear to be on the same team, but you don’t wanna play. That’s up to you Friend. The offer is still there. We ain’t gonna change the world with less people on side. But that does not seem to be an issue, for us. So, if you have a grudge, if I have done something to upset, then tell me, we can discuss and we’ll see if I’m wrong or right. You can PM me or do it public I don’t mind. Make your case clear though mate, coz frankly it’s all sounding a bit mixed up. So tell me, I’m listening.

          • leakyguy 3 months ago

            Yeah crystal meth will do that

          • Author
            Adam 3 months ago

            Yes don’t do that stuff man. Everyone I know touches that, ends up losing their mind and twitching in the street. If you’re taking that, why? Drugs usually an escape. From what? If you got troubles man, talk to me private. I’ll do what I can for ya. You can fart at me, while I’m trying if you must you cheeky bastard 😉 But yeah. Don’t not ask for help if you need it please. So yes, what else come on.

        • Author
          Adam 3 months ago

          ps – you don’t like Sia? Everyone fucking likes Sia mate. Jesus.

  7. kamadevan 3 months ago

    Adam I have a few ideas, please ignore if you don’t like. Start a premium membership option, so you can absorb 20$ monthly from those members. If the site gets 10000 members, it’s possible to make 20,0000$ easily. And you can make 40 movies per month.

    And another option is live webcam girls (since it’s different you will get more subscribers), every girls in this site can make money by being a model, you can absorb 10% of what they make, Only premium members with enough tickets can participate in this chat rooms.

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Thanks for the ideas KD 🙂 Ideas, we have plenty of. And talk, we have plenty of talk. This post is for the Chaps who do more than talk. As explained, other projects are in the pipeline. Also, you want 40 movies a month, for $20? Yes mate. Time to wake up I’m afraid. This is the fucking real world. 40 movies a month would cost us minimum $80,000. So you need to work on your maths, your ideas, and I suggest your life generally if you reckon you’re getting any of this level of fun for $20. Enthusiasm appreciated. Do go have a think eh, you’re welcome 🙂

      • Author
        Adam 3 months ago

        Re your further talk. I have some physics for you. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Which states there is a level so small, that it is no longer possible to accurately quantify a thing. Much like your Payment History mate. As I said, talk we have plenty of. Keep talking, and not doing, and I’ll introduce you Adam’s Most Certainly Principle.

    • art30 3 months ago

      Next time you consider making a suggestion to Adam you ned to get your numbers correct Adam wouldn’t be were her if he was a fool I have texted Enough with him to understand that he’s a highly skilled person with a good dose of intelligence and intellect not to be rude to you just a friendly advice

      • 9559313 3 months ago

        10,000*$20=$200,000 and 200,000>80,000. I understand that his idea assumes that there are no other expenses and excludes a lot of the finer details, but I don’t understand why anybody feels the need to ridicule this guy for his math.

        • Author
          Adam 3 months ago

          You have a payment history, so you actually exist in the real world 955 🙂 I was not ridiculing him for his math. I was making a point, that we have LOTS OF FUCKING TALK. NO END OF FUCKING TALK. PROMISES OUT THE ASS. OH YES ADAM WE WILL SUPPORT YOU THIS AND THAT. And then NOTHING. TALK. I made it quite clear, this project is for guys who aren’t all hot air. Re the math. 80k, just for the Models. That is not including all time, expense and effort going into the movies. The guy has a fast mouth and needed to be schooled. He’s been schooled so not much more to discuss. Appreciate your support man, some dudes get it. Some dudes think they have any idea about our industry world and come with talk. And to reiterate for the final time. Talk WE DO NOT NEED, HAVE PLENTY, THANKS VERY MUCH. That, obviously does not apply to you. But yeah, grab a bit of paper, and work out the actual cost of 40 movies a month. Minimum 2k to each Model. Travel, accom. Food drinks. Costumes. Sets. Props. Time. Everything. It’s a bollox. And I got the ass because it’s just more talk from someone who made a habit of coming to me with a load of suggestions without putting a single fucking dollar in the pot. Despite all my recent posts, about supporting our community. Happy to support other communities. Happy to watch our movies for free. Happy to use our facilities for free. Doesn’t want to part with a dollar. Have no time for that any more. That chap, and anyone else like him. Hope you can understand why I might lose patience at that kinda crap 🙂

          • 3 months ago

            “Blah blah blah (chokes on Uncles cock) something about faggot”.

          • Author
            Adam 3 months ago

            Hi there Superchamp. Don’t know which of our Members, or perhaps myself, you are so desperately trying to insult and call faggot. You seem quite persistent about it. So lemme fill you in. “Faggot” (spelled with an O) is typically a derogatory term for homosexuals. I could line up 20 of the most effeminate, arms-and-legs missing homosexual chaps I can find – and any one of them would be tougher, and more man, than some mouthy cunt hiding behind an anonymous username squealing tough-sounding shit from the shadows. I’m not difficult to find. You wanna be tossing ‘warnings’ around, drop me a line, tell me the where and when, and let’s see who the ‘faggit’ is. Elsewise, be a good cunt, and get back to sucking your Uncle’s cock and going nowhere, as per the norm. There’s a good retard.

          • twistedhalo101 2 months ago

            2k a model. Pf I’ll give you a discount *struts my stuff*. Haha I’m just messing. Guy models would probably do it for free lol. I just thought I’d give ya a laugh. Anyway love your work! Have a good day Adam!

    • Maverick69 3 months ago

      I do applaud you sir!!! This idea could make the community and the site that much stronger! It would get the fakes and cheapskate out. And there would be a lot of content to be purchased. And on the other hand the actresses would be taken care of and that’s the best thing! I would so agree to this new idea. Only thing is… How could one work around the banking system??? That’s probably gonna be the hardest part.

      • Author
        Adam 3 months ago

        Mav, 90% of our business is doing exactly that. Don’t worry, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves 😉

        • Maverick69 3 months ago

          That’s why your the man Adam! I’m very excited to see what the future has for the community!

  8. BellaBitch 3 months ago

    Sounds like quite the adventure for some lucky chaps 🙂 Petlove in the time of corona … sounds like a movie already. I’m always around, if I can help out let me know
    xxx Bella

  9. julie67 3 months ago

    Hi Adam, we are so pleased to hear your comments on the world today, and glad your awake to the bs.

    As and when you find wealthy helpers please remember me should any of the lovely gentlemen be interested in helping and attending my first time in either Spain or the UK. I am very keen but need a hand sorting things out.

    I suppose it isn’t surprising that to find an active K9 is hard but to add a film crew, location etc is probably going to be tricky without help and I am very kèen.

    Julie x

  10. Haverdaisy 3 months ago

    I am rather new to the community, but I think it is great that you are looking out for the people who look out for you. That is rare in today’s world. Just another confirmation that I found a good group of people. Corona has been kicking a lot of us while we are down, though I am managing to hang on. I can see where others might not be so lucky. Thanks for looking out for the those in tight situations.

  11. svertzs 3 months ago

    Olá, queria deixar aqui uma ideia… pode ser uma ideia meio absurda mas vamos lá, porque não dar a oportunidade de algumas mulher amadoras poderem distribuir seus vídeos no site?, por exemplo, temos uma usuária de apelido mexicana e ela quer colocar seus vídeos amadores no site, mas ela quer ganhar algo com isso, ela poderia vender seus próprios vídeos e o site ganha uma comissão, ganha o site e as futuras distribuidoras de conteúdo e quem sabe no futuro saia até um concurso para sabermos que é a melhor CADELA AMADORA do site, claro, com suas devidas regras, demais é isso fica aqui só uma ideia mesmo

  12. davestar 3 months ago

    I would love it but i’m only a student (for degree), so no money :c But I’m really curious about this project!

  13. panisuka 3 months ago

    “I am no capitalist, I have very little interest in money. The options that money affords, yes. But love of money is the root of all evil. So, ask anyone who’s worked with me, about how I tend to veer away from things financial as much as possible. I’m the Artist, I don’t need that shit distracting me.” | We love you (in some way :)) and we really appreciate what you do. We hope to meet you in person one day … Come to Europe!

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