ArtOfZoo - Poison by Sonya - animal sex with women

“You like to party? What is your Poison?..”

Producer: Dachat
Models: Sonya with Kuryakin
Running Time: 27 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo -POISON - animal sex with women


So, writing a synopsis about this movie was tough, because much of the time I’m left speechless. This kind of powerful magic, really should be illegal. The very naughty elfish Sonya is almost looking too good.

Almost. It’s much too much, but then, Sonya is certainly Mucha Muchacha.


ArtOfZoo -POISON - animal sex with women


Dachat is an established photographer of lovely Ladies, and it is great to have another Producer on the Team who has an eye for these things. Our Wild Ladies want to be presented the right way, when They dance. As I’m fond of reminding Petfans, I have movies in my collection that are probably a century old. Photographs and artworks much older. So it’s safe to assume, when the magic is this strong, that these documents of freedom, passion, sexuality, will be around long after we are all toast. Hoverboard riding Gangs of the future, might have a thing or two to say about our Art. As will the post-ice age little green men, digging us up and wondering how we partied in the present, I’m sure. Well let’s show em 🙂


ArtOfZoo -POISON - animal sex with women


Agent XXX Sonya is quite something. Her mission, to be as Petgirl as humanly possible within an amount of space and time. Mission successful I’d say. The Lady seduces us as She seduces the dog. She knows what is coming. She knows what She is there for. The dog does too. That most mindbending of vaginas is switching things into doggy gear. Her excitement and arousal at the prospect of a long hard dog bone probing at her insides, is quite tangible. As an instance of femininity, Sonya is quite potent. Like Boadicea the Lady taunts and waits for her match. Her Siren song is strong, I can see why us chaps would end up scrambling across those rocks for a taste. My Goodness, Lady.


ArtOfZoo -POISON - animal sex with women


Gentleman, I trust the Lady has your attention. That’s good, because She has something to say. What the Lady has to say, we will let you be the Judge of that 😉 All I can say is, message received and understood.


ArtOfZoo -POISON - animal sex with women


Keeping in mind, everyone involved here is quite new to this. A Russian Diamond in the rough. But Kuryakin does get the Lady. That very sweet Russian Pet Pussy performs perfectly. That doggy nectar suits the Lady down to the ground…


ArtOfZoo -POISON - animal sex with women


After yanking a huge knot from the Lady, the couple tend to each other. Kuryakin inspects Sonyas sex to make sure his injection was successful. In turn, the Lady takes the rest of his love into her mouth. She largely owns that dog cock, gripping it firmly at the base as she worships him with those lips. All the way into Her throat, and I’m not seeing much crying over spilled milk here. Sonya looks at the camera as she worships, to make sure we are still paying attention. I expect we are.


ArtOfZoo -POISON - animal sex with women


Sonya concludes Her dance, feeling that precious liquid moving into her She plays with her flower. Watching our lovely Dogwoman on the TV, feeling that bond between Pet Sisters, and that She too just made her mark on the Universe. An important moment for a young Lady. Sonya’s powerful Pet Love may be poison, but as Nietzsche said “what does not kill us makes us stronger”. This is a vaccination you don’t have to worry about. I trust you will enjoy the first dance from the very lovely Sonya 🙂


ArtOfZoo -POISON - animal sex with women




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  1. Arroch 2 days ago

    This video is great… Sonya… her body… she is so beautiful. So hot to see this dog dick deep in her sweet pussy, how he is pumping his sperm deep inside… I would like to lick her after… to kiss her…
    She is so beautiful… could fall in love…
    Want to see more from her… sweet girl…

  2. DingoJohn 12 months ago

    I need to see more of her.. Much more!

  3. 1966 1 year ago

    ciao ho visto le immagini di questo video .
    Bellissime immagini ma purtroppo la ragazza ha troppi tatuaggi .
    Mi spiace .
    Amo le ragazze pet molto naturali .
    Non amo i tatuaggi .
    mi spiace

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Come on man all the hip kids have tats these days. 🙂

      • 1966 1 year ago

        Hi Adam from 1966.
        I am an elderly user of the site.
        I wanted to ask you when there will be pet anal videos?
        Unfortunately, only one video of Ilz anal is on sale.
        I noticed that video reached the goal
        with half the others.
        Maybe a few more videos also paid € 180
        of zoo full anal sex.
        It would help the site.
        What do you think ?
        Come on world let’s beat the coronavirus!

  4. albertopitty 1 year ago

    Esta chica es una de las mujeres más hermosas que he visto teniendo relaciones con un perro, solo el verla es un placer. Se nota que es una chica fina, delicada, sensual y sexy. Se ven tan aseada, limpia y su hermoso cuerpo y rosto. Ojala que realiza más videos. Solo de verla es excitante. El perro que se la coja es muy afortunado. nO PARES DE HACER VIDEOS, ERES BELLA

  5. bakaxelanders 1 year ago

    She is just perfect to breed with dogs, hats of to her

  6. cj4778 1 year ago

    Amazingly sexy girl – enthusiastic and a little mischievous – A+ movie

  7. 27size1980 1 year ago

    THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVOURITE PETGIRL! SHE IS MY FANTASY ! It’s sad that she is leaving us but completely understandable ! I absolutely love her passion ! I wish her all the best in her endeavours! I shall keep dreaming of her 🙂

  8. 1 year ago

    Nice mirror pick

    Poison me ASAP!


  9. Alekss99 1 year ago

    она потрясающая

  10. sorry 1 year ago

    I’m looking forward to new videos with Sonya. What a beautiful woman.

  11. NichtNormal 1 year ago

    Gibt es noch mehr Videos mit dieser Hammer schönen Frau?
    Wenn ja,dann bitte um Infos….

  12. ArtOFZooBiggestFan 1 year ago

    Absolute Gem! Cannot say enough about this hotshot! Sonya is absolutely beautiful and her beauty really sets off the movie! Of course the fucking is wonderful aswell. I wish there was a longer tie and a better view of the pullout but that being said I am still very satisfied with the movie! Please Adam tell me she will be in a future movie in the near future I am dying to see the next HotShot with Sonya!😍

  13. Q1786154168 1 year ago

    居然高潮了 太刺激了吧 呜呜

  14. feetflats5 1 year ago

    The last picture (wit the mirror) is just great and could be used to promote petlove.

  15. Kathie 1 year ago

    Sonja ist ja der absolut Oberhammer, wir sind hin und weg von dieser hübschen Frau. der Film ist so gut wie gekauft

  16. Grover7383 1 year ago

    This is one of the best recent videos we’ve seen. Top 2-3 at least. I admit I’m partial to slavic women, but this is amazing in more ways that I can say. Keep up the amazing work. Very impressed with this girl and this video! Hope to see many more with her.

  17. mrkgnp 2 years ago

    folks you have to admit Adam and Ilz have brought there A game to this site, the vids are amazing on this site. When ILZ
    was on Art of zoo I always thought he was the Scorsese of this genre,

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      The A Team 🙂 Don’t forget Mr Dachat shot this one. And he is just getting warmed up!

    • mrkgnp 1 year ago

      sorry Mr Dachat kudos to you too. My god where did you find Sonya she is absolutely stunning.

  18. 2 years ago

    Beatiful very very nice sexy girl

  19. kikipikiwix 2 years ago

    amazing girl

  20. dmonei 2 years ago

    The hottest dog SLUT i’ve ever seen!!
    I MEANT..

  21. taboowho 2 years ago

    great movie and her orgasm is so sexy!

  22. korund 2 years ago

    Видео супер..съемка и антураж на высоте.. девушка восхитительна по больше бы таких…новая звезда и фаворитка!

  23. midnight 2 years ago

    Very sexy girl! I hope to see her also and look forward to it.

  24. anigib2001 2 years ago

    Sonya is so f*cking hot, great moaning and OMG the scream when she is knotted =), please more of her!!

  25. bigbaldy300 2 years ago

    This is a HOT video, I don’t know why but it always seems to be Hotter when the actress is Nude, & Sonya’s petite, nubile body, with that leather harness. IS SMOKING HOT.

  26. ravster 2 years ago


    what a girl – loved the playaround bit at the end – lots of moaning – very sexy girl – more please.

  27. jmaxthebest 2 years ago

    The girl is amazing ,
    camera great / picture great 🙂
    Action great 🙂

  28. Bettoben 2 years ago


  29. zetafun 2 years ago

    I’m really excited. What a great, beautiful russian petgirl. She literally characterizes the action,
    It really makes you happy to watch it

  30. bigtye92 2 years ago

    I’ve ordered mine. Am awaiting it’s arrival 😍

  31. 2 years ago

    Fantastic video! I wish I knew what she’s saying!

  32. cyssou 2 years ago

    wahoo great movie thank you adam, thank you for buying and thank you to sonya what a great girl I love her. . .

  33. djaj 2 years ago

    Great movie! I agree with a few other comments, wish the tie was longer. I also like to see a close up of her pussy after the tie to show the result.
    Also, for us who do not speak Russian, is there a chance for someone to translate the videos what she is saying and add English subtitles? That would be awesome. Other than that, the film is excellent, definitely will be purchasing more of her in the future!

  34. sexypaula1234 2 years ago

    Can anybody tell me the relevance of the prodigy youtube video ?

  35. Gustinfx 2 years ago

    BRUTAL!!!! es la palabra correcta para describir esta genial pelicula.
    La seccion de la chupada como siempre es lo mas caliente de la pelicula.
    Me gustaria ver a una de las chicas rusas chupando a 2 perros a la vez 🙂

  36. 27size1980 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for this UNBELIEVABLE movie!!! dream come true! I only hope the movies get insanely better with these Russian nymphs! more from Russia with the most gorgeous gals! Mother Russia all the way!!!!

  37. art30 2 years ago

    Deam this is a hot movie lots of moaning and screaming from Sonya excellent cock sucking and some good old fashioned dilldo digging asvel kuryakin really fucks here hard a big credit to that dog and the beautiful Sonya

  38. jmaxthebest 2 years ago

    for my case i want to buy but not answer from support , i send bitcoin but i just want to know if my bitcoin was receive …..

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Hi 🙂 Sorry Support are quite busy right now. They should be up to date though, please let me know if you have not heard from them in case there was a problem with your email, thanks 🙂

  39. aiwa46 2 years ago

    A completely beautiful woman, great movie with plenty of action. Her vocals were amazing…no critique needed, great video! Cant wait to see more of this sexy lady!

  40. 9xzoned00 2 years ago

    Awesome video,another,with a longer tie and a bigger dog or multiple dogs,

  41. tambella 2 years ago

    Omg I’m soaking wet

  42. damien2010 2 years ago

    I have to agree, what an extremely hot model!
    I am curious – how long are they tied? Do we see a nice pullout with a lot of doggy-sperm oozing out?

  43. nivr 2 years ago

    Wow i’m speechless, such a beautiful young girl tying with a big doggy cock. What more can you want. Super clear video. I wish i had my iphone there to film that knot popping out of sonya’s flower in 4K slow mo. This is gonna keep me awake tonight just thinking about it.

  44. kadalora 2 years ago

    Wooow… hot, so fantastic! Thank you Sonya!

  45. art30 2 years ago

    Please make more movies and it would be super if you’re interested in boars 😉

  46. Quicksilver 2 years ago

    Oh my, what a beauty. OK, Russian ladies are famous for that, but just look at her… Anyhow, excellent action – the dog likes the girl and vice versa. Voila, perfect mix. I specifically like the few scenes where the dog’s dick pops out of her pussy, and sperm sprays all over the place.

  47. kolli 2 years ago

    O.k. thats a awesome looking model – RESEPEEECT!

  48. Aesirr 2 years ago

    Oh my god, these last set of movies look all amazing! great job, can’t wait for this one

    • 2 years ago

      Now we’re back in business. Finally decent sized knot and georgeous girls on this last set of movies. Awe inspiring work.

  49. Farrien 2 years ago

    When will be released video of russian blonde in red dress (not red sputnik)?

    • Author
      Adam 2 years ago

      Soon hopefully 🙂

      • mittomen 2 years ago

        Adam, and the other new blonde russian lady, the one in black mask and black coat (in your latest newsletter). When will her movie be released? Cannot wait , sooo hot 🔥🔥🔥

        • Author
          Adam 2 years ago

          Sit tight Mitto, and wait for the Ladies to creep out of the bushes for you 🙂

  50. arnie18 2 years ago

    These photos taking my breath. This young lady is amazing.

  51. lucio947 2 years ago

    Maravilhoso vídeo, aqui no Brasil não temos produções tão bem feitas assim.

  52. bacozoo 2 years ago

    all artofzoo movies are amazing. but these last productions leave me speechless. Congratulations to the team, but congratulations to the beautiful ladies and their beautiful lovers. I love this wild world of canine love.

  53. 2 years ago

    I’m looking forward to this one. What a beautifull woman.

  54. lopeyz 2 years ago

    Kuryakin is a fucking stud! Hope we see him sink his knot in more Russian hotties

  55. Ratrod265 2 years ago

    Omg she is sooooo beautiful and I would love to watch her with her pup ❤️

  56. korund 2 years ago

    Великолепная девушка! Magnificent gerl

  57. art30 2 years ago

    Absolutely stunning this girl is a true beauty from Russia 🤩

  58. juggygales 2 years ago

    Yes Way to Go Adam!! She is so damn sexy looking. New superstar..!

  59. 2 years ago

    Great harness.

    Nice write up too!

  60. cambrotwo 2 years ago

    Just when I thought I was buying one, I’m getting two!!!!

  61. Chiquitin13 2 years ago

    Oh my goodness 🤤

  62. anass54321 2 years ago

    ca va

  63. Tepau 2 years ago

    What a lovely welcome from Russia with two great looking models who also both seem to be naturals into our “art of zoo”. I could only confirm after been able to watch movies but I don’t have any doubt. I also must admit I’m stunned after looking pics of Sonya and only with pics on this page, you can tell by the postures of her body she is into it, for real. I can’t wait for seeing her moving(dancing 😉 ) in the video. But I already say you thank you, to Sonya, to Dachat and to Adam to bring these beautiful moments in our life.

  64. HornyToad420 2 years ago

    YES ! Another master piece!! 🙂

  65. mittomen 2 years ago

    OMG! Artofzoo blows everybodys minds right now. One movie after the other, don’t even know which is better. I buy them ALL. Amazing job you guys. Incredible. You made so much improvement. Great work 👌🔥

  66. Darkwolf25 2 years ago

    Sonya is unbelievable! can’t wait for this!

  67. audiopet 2 years ago

    Well Good God…

  68. TomHase 2 years ago

    Thank you so much. You guys are just amazing!
    I just could not believe my eyes. Thank you very much for taking us on this journey!! You are the best

  69. Salazzzar 2 years ago

    Wow! Incredible!!!

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