ArtOfZoo Mariana Playtime Dog Sex Movie

“Young Latina Mariana experiences her first dog mating”

Producer: ZDT
Models: Mariana with Sam
Running Time: 18 Minutes
Price: 100 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo Mariana Animal Sex Movie

This movie was originally released in our previous Platinum Club. We have regular requests from Members asking if this movie is still available – it’s been sitting on the shelf for over a year now, so why not? 🙂

Mariana is another Lady in ZDT’s ever-expanding harem of delightful Latina Dog Girls. Sam’s scorecard is looking mighty respectable by now.

ArtOfZoo Mariana Animal Sex Movie

Mariana wraps her head around today’s new sexual experience…

Mariana is younger than many of ZDT’s Ladies, I’d guess early 20’s. She’s a little submissive, and a little shy in places, not yet developing the confidence of Sam’s other lovers. It’s kinda cute, you can see she is interested, but not 100% certain about this whole ‘having sex with a dog on film’ thing. It is quite a brave leap for a young Lady.

ArtOfZoo Mariana Animal Sex Movie

Submitting, and giving Sam what he wants…

Fortunately Sam is certain enough for the both of them. The blonde rocker works his magic on Mariana – stimulating, enticing, urging, pushing… Sam knows the drill by now, and Mariana finds herself caught up in the whirlwind of our Hero’s amorous agenda. She dutifully follows the dog’s lead, surrendering her most intimate places over to Sam’s professional care and attention.

ArtOfZoo Mariana Animal Sex Movie

Mariana nervously waits for the dog to take her vagina…

With Sam taking the lead, and under the watchful eye of ZDT’s lovely assistant – Mariana gives herself over completely to the Dog Side. Sam skillfully drives his dog penis between Mariana’s labia, and thrusts deep into her readied vagina.

ArtOfZoo Mariana Animal Sex Movie

See, mating with a dog feels just fine 😉

Clawing at her curvy hips and thighs, Sam gives Mariana a slamming-good mating. The Lady takes in the experience of being taken by a dog, the way nature intended.

Dutiful but shy, Mariana’s mating style is not quite as relaxed or elegant as some of ZDT’s more experienced Ladies. She is still not quite sure how she feels about this dog’s cock swelling up inside her…

ArtOfZoo Mariana Animal Sex Movie

New or not, Sam does not like to leave a nice pussy untied…

Sam is here to rock, however. ‘Leave no pussy untied’ is his motto, and he intends to let Mariana leave the session having had the full mating experience. A nice solid mount, he then owns her pussy with a great tie. Mariana’s cute vagina isn’t shy at all, and looks great filled with erect doggie cock.

ArtOfZoo Mariana Animal Sex Movie

With a huge dog sperm injection deep in her satin Latin pussy, Mariana is fully mated…

And of course, no mating would be complete without pumping maximum dog sperm into the young Lady’s womb. A tight tie locks the precious liquid inside Mariana’s sex – building the pressure, forcing it into each and every available space. When he is satisfied, Sam withdraws his still swollen tool from Mariana’s vagina, with a big sploosh of sperm. Another big tick on that scorecard 😉

ArtOfZoo Mariana Animal Sex Movie

Mariana dutifully pleasures Sam with her Latin lips…

To complete the experience, Sam needs to squirt a little dog cum over Mariana’s tongue. The young Lady is here to oblige all doggy requests, and gently takes Sam’s swollen penis – still glazed with her own honey taste – gently between her lips. It’s reassuring to know that Sam’s final few squirts were sprayed into Mariana.

The movie begins with a short interview with Mariana – all in all, a fun and friendly little session with a doggysex newbie. If I am honest, Mariana’s figure is not quite a match for Monica or Pamela – she is cute though, and Sam makes her delightful little Latin pussy his own.

Sorry that the price is a little higher for this movie – it’s the price our Platinum Members paid previously, and it’s only fair to keep the price equal. On the plus side though, there is no Download Buffer on this movie, and it’s available right away. Have fun with Mariana 🙂



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  1. j002 2 months ago

    Why don’t they Swallow it? I want to see someone swallowing a full load. I will pay, but video should be genuine?

    • Author
      adam 2 months ago

      Check out Tigerlily’s later movies if you like swallowing. Not swallowing doesn’t make you not genuine, just not AS into it 🙂

  2. assassin545600 3 months ago

    I want to buy this .how to pay?

  3. emma87 3 months ago

    quisiera comprar la pelicula como hago?

    I would like to buy the movie as I do?

  4. doggyknot76 3 months ago

    Knot at first try! This fresh out the box slut is not a pro, but she did a great job: she moans, she masturbates and she did a quite good blowjob. According to her she is determined to become a pro and I think she’ll have a bright future in dog sex. I hope to see her in action again very very soon

  5. hoer 4 months ago


  6. mrrwood 7 months ago

    Very hot video! Love the little biting of her lip when she is getting licked. Wish it would have shown her with some cum on her face when she was giving head. Would love to see her again for sure though!! Great job!!

  7. damanchea 7 months ago

    Zdt is the luckiest man alive. Seeing all these latin beautys getting deflowered some for the first time is out of this earth. im happy you are still working to give us new footage!
    Sorry for that short intro

    You only have to put hot latin girls in front of a camera and i happy but seeing marianas ass up in the air ready to get knotted turns me on!!
    she took the knot like a doggy queen. Moaning constantly as that knot throbbs inside her. Masturbating her clit on the pullout looked amazing with quite a gush following.
    Ok oral scene after the knotting but would have liked to see from a different angle. Pulling the knot out from behind or laying the dog down makes for better viewing but at least we got some oral in this video.
    Another great one ztd. I wish i were in your shoes!!

  8. dragon5891 9 months ago

    Great movie. Mariana is so hot and seemed to really enjoy her time with Sam. Love to hear moans of pleasure and watch her facial expression change when that big dog cock hit the mark. 🙂

  9. machinepot8 9 months ago

    I wish I could see the whole movie :/

  10. yewulei 9 months ago


  11. magnus78 11 months ago

    I also believe, that Sam needs a new haircut on his legs. Not too much to ask for.

  12. magnus78 11 months ago

    I wished marianna would have given us two scenes instead of one. I love the interview, it sort of warms up the viewer. Wanted to see more of her face expressions (20%) and side way view (20%) and the rest (60%) what aoz does best, but with more view of her wiggling thighs and butt, other than that is still a nice video, hoping she comes back and do a second video.

  13. audiopet 1 year ago

    Really amazing video. You can tell that she is surprise about her pet loving her… a must have in ones collection.

  14. destenyb59 1 year ago

    What a video, GREAT. Mariana is young, hot and sexy, she is horny and she loves the dog. He fucks her perfectly and the dog cum cum in her pussy is very exciting. Furthermore, Mariana sucks like a Goddess. I hope more new videos with her, and I dream to see Mariana drinking dog’s cum in a glass !

  15. lengyuwuqing123 1 year ago

    I love this girl.

  16. canniballover 1 year ago

    What’s the resolution of this? 720p or 1080p?

  17. lonelydog 1 year ago

    This model is so hot and sexy. I love her playfulness and willingness. Would love to see her again soon, maybe doing a turned tie scene. That would be awesome!!

  18. perruchin 1 year ago


  19. seberlis 1 year ago

    Lovely girl!!

    I really want to see more of her

  20. pinochet 1 year ago

    Great Girl , i Love her. Please more of her!!!

  21. crkaos2634 1 year ago

    Hot as hell….!!!! Wld have liked to see more of her but still very hot little vid.

  22. ilz 1 year ago

    Yes guys sorry it was my mistake should not happen again we will email all the people who have already bought the Mariana movie to let them know.

    Have a good one People 🙂

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      I think it was a team fuckup to be honest 🙂 I forgot to double check with you about the time innit.

      On the plus side, I am pretty sure that the Kana movie is longer than 31, so hopefully it balances out 😉

      • ilz 1 year ago

        Yes sure the Kana movie will be longer there is quite some material we have shot with beautiful Kana:)

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