ZooSkool Animal Sex Movies - Katarina Petlover

“Intimate animal sex moments between a girl and her pet”

Petlover was one of the very first movies we ever released. Shot over several weeks on a very low quality webcam – the picture quality is appalling. BUT, the pet action is great. Katarina was hot, much hotter than you can possibly see in the movie. Great curves, spectacular boobs, and a pussy tailor made for dogs.

ZooSkool Animal Sex Movies - Katarina Petlover

Kat’s pussy milking the jizz from her lucky dog

A friend of Katarina’s had bought her dog, specifically so he could fuck the Lady. What a nice friend that chap was, sensible too. The Lady did not disappoint, she was breeding with her boy long before she started shooting clips for us – and most likely long after. Her boy was a doberrottie – an excellent breed for dog sex; the slim build and intelligence of a doberman, the pure aggression and sexual drive of a rottie. That dog really knew how to love a nice pussy. Luckily Katarina had the pet pussy to match his enthusiasm.

The Lady started learning how to knot during the first few video sessions. Her boy got her a peach – unfortunately he yanked it out and the Lady sustained a slight injury downstairs. That is quite a common issue for Ladies learning to knot the first few times. It took a couple weeks to heal, then Kat was back in action – fucking her dog with passion and abandon, like she had been born to do it.

I have not spoken with Kat for many years, I like to think she is still out there somewhere taking care of horny dogs in her special way. It would be a terrible waste if she didn’t 🙂

Is sultry Kat woman enough to satisfy her macho dog? Apparently she is… A wonderful little amateur production from a real life petlover friend of mine. Introducing Katarina, a Swedish girl who lived in Italy before moving to California as a young pup – quite a mixture.

Maybe the cross-pollination of nationalities has given Kat her interest in cross-pollinating with her pet. A great figure, combined with oozing sexuality, combined with a passion and affection for her dog that is self evident. This is a great example of how petsex can become a beautiful lifestyle choice – part of your everyday sex life.

ZooSkool Animal Sex Movies - Katarina Petlover

Kat’s dog could not get enough of that cool pet pussy

I think this movie will be a big hit with the lady petlovers out there. It’s sexual, erotic and tender at the same time. In this video, you will see her kissing her dog, you’ll see her pet foreplay and this isn’t just filler foreplay, you will be aroused at the chemistry going on. She coo’s, flirts and giggles with him, before giving him the thing he is aching for. She shows us how her dog takes her before she goes to work in her office, with panties wet with doggy cum under her skirt.

Kat’s dog is very strong, and although she’s been loving him for quite some time, he is hard to control when trying to tie with her. Inevitably he pulls out and by her own admission she is “quite tight, and it hurts”. A little background a few days before making this movie, she’d tied quite tightly and he’d hurt her so she was recuperating, hence her reluctance to avoid being tied.

She does tie though, as any knowledgeable petlover can see – you’ll hear her exclaim “shit!” on more than one occasion. You’ll love this movie. I do.


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  1. LLOX 2 months ago

    i Like it

  2. karamba 10 months ago

    Her ob. She makes super horny videos. Top actress, keep it up. The only thing I would improve would be to show the actors in action once more and more text. Thank you, you are great.

  3. karamba 10 months ago

    Her o. She makes super horny videos.
    Top actress, keep it up.
    The only thing I would improve the performer in action once
    show completely and more text. Thank you, you are great.

  4. karamba 10 months ago

    Ihr o. Sie macht super geile Videos.
    Top Darstellerin, weiter so.
    Das einzige was ich verbessern würde, die Darsteller in aktion einmal
    ganz zeigen und mehr Text. Danke Ihr seid super.

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  6. romanzxc 1 year ago

    А как тут знакомиться ?

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  8. salazer 2 years ago

    Muy sexy 😉

  9. snoopy2000 2 years ago

    This was a great movie. Unfortunately, video quality was poor as stated 🙁

  10. young5052 2 years ago


  11. Author
    adam 2 years ago

    Love this movie 🙂

  12. puppa1 7 years ago

    Wow Katrina, I’m so glad your friend bought you a dog to fuck you! I love how sexual, erotic, and lovingly intimate you are together. Really love it!!

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