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Hi Petfriends,

thanks to everyone mailing back to us with words of support and encouragement. I appreciate it, we appreciate it, a little goes a long way.

Ok so, hopefully by now you are all aware of the Net Neutrality thing. This is potentially the biggest threat to internet freedoms that we have ever faced. Once the corporate government machine has control of the pipes, we can expect the censorship to begin in earnest. We don’t know exactly what form this control will take, how quickly it will happen, or if it will happen at all. Just in case, it would probably be wise to put together an action plan now, in preparation for a possible total petlove blackout on the internet. In the coming days I will be posting various projects and plans, starting with this simple emergency protocol.


Logically, they may block or throttle websites. This is so that large corporations can cost small businesses out of the market, the same way Walmart does. However, my gut feeling is, I really can’t see them throttling or blocking email. Screwing with peoples email would make problems for just about everyone, and I don’t see how they would make more money throttling email. I could be wrong, hopefully not.

That means, in the very worst case scenario, we would hope to be able to stay in contact with everyone by email, and slip under the radar.

In the event of a net-wide clean up of pet sites – provided you have our email, and we have yours, we can do things like send out a regular fanzine – we can put classifieds in there, contact requests – a bit like the old days of contact magazines. We can send out catalogues of movies and such. I have experience of such a network, operated by physical post, before the days of the internet. It worked quite well, particularly in the absence of alternative options.

We started plans for this years ago, with our idea for an e-mag to go out by email in just such a situation:

ArtOfZoo Petlover Magazine

Mockup of Petlove e-magazine cover.

It’s still not a perfect plan, because email can be unpredictable. Mails go into spam, and some of you don’t check your spam. Some of you don’t check your mails for 6 months at a time (we are still getting email applications for the Platinum Club, if you can believe that). Mails go missing, mails get blocked. But, we think it’s our best option in the short term, until something else comes along, or until things change again.

As long as you have our email address, you will always be able to connect with us, and to whatever community we can set up.

However, IF for some reason our email gets attacked again, and we have to change it – we would need to contact you to let you know. Which is only possible if we have a working email address for you.

If you no longer have our email address, and we don’t have yours – at that point you will be disconnected, and there may not be any way for you to get back in contact with us.


So Gang. As an emergency protocol I would ask that you do the following:

  1. Set up an email account for your pet stuff.
    Keep the login and password in a safe place, and log in periodically to keep the account active. Or, continue using your existing email address, provided that you CAN receive emails from us – if you are receiving our newsletter and other mails, then it’s working. Otherwise, I can recommend getting yourself a Protonmail account, which is free and heavily encrypted. This email is our point of contact for you so please maintain it carefully
  2. Subscribe to our mailing list.
    You can do that over on the right hand side there. Obviously, you need to be on the mailing list otherwise we can’t mail you. Regarding our mailing list – this is our own private mailing list, kept for our own projects. We don’t pepper Members with mail, we typically send out 1 mail per month, so don’t worry about us driving you mad with mails
  3. Keep a note of the following email addresses:

    We are using different domain suffixes to minimize the chances of either domain being blocked or seized
  4. Please be sure to WHITELIST those email addresses.
    Otherwise we could be mailing you important information, which could go into your spam folder – and if you don’t check your mail / spam folder regularly, those mails will be deleted by your provider. You can easily find out on Youtube how to whitelist (aka ‘add to safe senders’) emails for your particular email provider

If you follow those few simple steps, we should always be able to keep in contact with you, and you with us, and the network.

Other than that Gang, hold onto your hats and keep your fingers crossed. Get out there and protest too, if there are protests in your area. Please check back regularly in the coming few weeks, because we will be announcing various new plans and strategies for the future. Thanks for reading, and speak to you all soon.

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  1. floridaguy 1 year ago

    I’ve just joined the site, but I’m already quite impressed by your forward thinking, and concern about privacy for your members. I now have a fresh Proton Mail account for this site (now to see if I can change my original sign in Email over to the Proton one just to keep it all in one place). I’m looking forward to exploring more here. Thank you so much for this service!

  2. likestowatchinnc 1 year ago

    I connect to the internet by vpn which goes through a different nation in which I reside so that should provide some protection. But if that fails are there any plans for using the dark web? It’s extraordinarily slow of course but it’s very resilient to being shutdown.

    Signing up for the newsletter via my protonmail account now.

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Hi, yes we are looking into various options like VPN etc. One member has a nice way of setting up VPN so it doesn’t look like VPN and runs much faster so that’s good.

      The only problem with VPN, Tor etc, is that a lot of our Members don’t read English, and a lot are not very techy. It’s something like, for every extra click needed you lose 50% of people. So moves like that, would lose so many Members in the community that it would not really be worth going to the effort. It would reach more people if we did a pdf magazine and sent it to people by email. Along with some other things.

      Great 🙂

  3. youarebeautiful 1 year ago

    Hang in there good people.
    I live in BC Canada (male) and looking for female friends. Feel free to contact me thank you 🙂

  4. snuffie1959 1 year ago

    Why can’t they just leave people alone In mind their own busines

  5. likliw 1 year ago

    By the way Adam I do have to say I do appreciate your pro active nature to try and bring awareness to a massive problem. It is imperative that folks not only become knowledgeable for pet love reasons but also due to the fact that it will hit home in a much more regular everyday nature in some way or another.

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Absolutely – so many people rely on an open internet for their living, it’s all a bit fucked really.

  6. likliw 1 year ago

    I was just having this discussion tonight with my significant other. I would like to believe that innovation will drive the change WE need to become even more connected rather than stifle but who knows as you so worriedly put. As we know there will always be ever improving encryption methods and hopefully these methods will work to help avoid any (throttleing) that could be used to restrict our web site. The answer could lie with in TOR or could be as simple as an isp not playing into dishonest practices (wouldn’t that be nice). Bottom line I want to hope that innovation will drive our necessity but because money tends to drive, we might be left in the dust….

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Yes Likliw, there are glimmers of hope on the horizon. There are whispers that, in the event that major ISPs start blocking, that other ISPs will spring up who don’t. Still, I am a firm believer in ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’.

      • audiopet 1 year ago

        This also another part of net neutrality people don’t really realize as well. Major ISP company have be opposed to loosing net neutrality. Not because of freedom because of future of TV service itself. There have been companies that test net neutrality such as T-Mobile. Those companies been walking on a fine line when it comes to this issue. Now the future of TV will internet base only. No more sat dish, coax, cat5, and whatever else that brings a tv signal into homes. Cat5 it’s for internet but there is 5g network coming out wireless. Fuckin fast as hell.. it coming this year. Now most of the companies are against net neutrality own some tv progaming that people pay to watch. With out net neutrality they can not move forward when it comes to cord free service. Most areas in the internet and cell or other service providers for internet an block fully base Tv only app base tv service. Progaming for major networks that are own by ISP will hurt the most. It will be race for major providers to consolidate to be become large companies. Net neutrality keep them fair to each other.

        I know for a fact that internet base programming is what they want. Net neutrality fight is more then one part. ISP don’t care about our privacy. The are some that openly get the us government our isp info all the time. Without warrants for them. Our freedom been gone. I accepted already there is no fight. Maybe there is hope but here we been influence but money people on both sides. It is terrible. Government no matter who it is wants to control its citizens. On way or another.

        Net neutrality has our rights in limbo, and who we are in the crossfire of our future. They made that bill saying it’s for us but in fine line it benefits with us as the sacrifice our own humanity…

        • audiopet 1 year ago

          I hope that makes sense, because it such a complex issue. Net neutrality will determine the future basically not just privacy, how millions of people way they watch tv too. I know TV program sounds crazy but ISP and other mobile phone providers can screw them big time. It is a very serious thing more then people think. Both hands win and loose. It’s a battle really between major companies and controlling ISP. It has a lot good and bad. The gates have be open now we just have to see the next year or so.. I’m disagreeing with you, I with you but for our privacy. Not for the ISP companies side of it. I hope I don’t sound crazy. I just start looking for why, what, what the fuck.. to find more answers.

          • Author
            adam 1 year ago

            Yes, corporations work by stealth and misdirection. So it’s unlikely we will ever know the full truth.

            But, let’s not spend too much energy on guessing and stressing. At times like this, it is prudent to focus on possible solutions, rather than focusing on the problem.

  7. audiopet 1 year ago

    I know exactly what you are saying. It very serious because it starting point for big money companies to control our lives and our future more. Both sides have been bought already and people here don’t see it. I tell my friends and coworkers that they are starting the fire. I can go on forever but basically I believe our voices are gone. I’m just waiting on Christianity become more of a force way of living rather then by have a choice. It is gravity of the situation we are in. There are some states going to put reglion back in schools. What the hell. Really? O brother the list go on and on. Not to sound too much doom and gloom but it not looking good. Net neutrality just the beginning.. 🙁

  8. audiopet 1 year ago

    How about VPNs? Or even deep web? Will it effect those as well?

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      Again, we really don’t know what will happen, until it happens. A lot of sites can recognize VPN access, so presumably ISPs could too. I would imagine, tools used to circumvent the desired, controlled access would be pretty high on their agenda to deal with.

      I’ve used the credit card network as an example of networks losing their content neutrality. Pro-censorship pundits have stated that entrepreneurs will find a way around these net neutrality ‘minor obstacles’. Well let me tell ya, 10 years of trying to ‘find ways around the minor obstacle of censorship via the credit card network’ have come up empty. When you own and control the pipes, you can do what you like. Of course, they will say whatever is necessary, in advance of these changes, to distract people enough to allow these bills to go through. Once they go through, it’s too late. Much like politicians promising this and that during election – but once elected, all such promises go directly out the window.

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