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To this day I have no idea if my father intended for me to find the Liverpool K9 book, but the more I think about it, it seems more of a destiny type thing. My father was a K9 officer for a major city back in the ’60s and early ’70s and I had been raised that K9s were a tool. They were not pets.

The conflict in my life really did not start until I started dating in junior high. I remember the first time I went to a girls house and her ankle-biting pet was about as obedient as a spoiled child. I remember making out with Leslie in her room and how every time I thought I was going to get past anything more than heavy petting the damn ankle-biter or some other distraction would cause us to pull up short.

I returned home a defeated young boy with nothing more than a raging hardon and looking for the soonest of opportunity to rub it out. My father was in our kennels working and training a new K9. Our kennel had room for ten K9s to each have their own space, plus the training and exercise area. My father asked me to help with some bite work with the new K9; so I grabbed the suit and started getting into it.

My father could see the frustration that was by then gnawing on me like a dog with a bone. We worked on training for almost an hour and my father said he had some stuff to do in his office. He put away the K9 and headed to his office in the kennel area and told me to make sure that all the K9s were properly fed and watered. Another thirty minutes later and he and I were headed into the house for dinner.

We finished up eating and while mom did the dishes and put things away, my father and I went to the living room and started watching one of three channels that were available at the time. My frustration growing with every passing second of the clock’s hand. My father asked me to change the channel on the TV and as the remote, I had to get up and actually walk to the TV and turn a dial. As I was returning to my seat, my father asked me to retrieve something from his desk in the kennel office, so out the door, I went.

As I was looking for the paper my father had sent me in search of, thereupon the desk was the Liverpool paperback book. I had never seen such a thing in my life. I am not sure if my frustration grew, or if I thought I had found gold for future thoughts. I swiped the book from the desk and hid it in what I thought was a good place and waited for my first chance to actually read the words contained within. I returned to the house with the paper my father so needed at 19:30 hours in 1975.

I was fourteen then and now looking back on it, I can not give you a good reason as to why my father would need the paper at that time of night as things were much simpler then. But as I look back on that moment in time and reflect on my good fortune of finding the Liverpool paperback which I still have to this day, something rings true when my father would call me a son of a bitch.


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