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Any way of life that does not have or include a spiritual aspect will always lack a broad appeal. Furthermore, it can never supplant a way of life that has a conflicting spirituality. Recently a blog post by Bacozoo titled NewMitraism: A New Vision proposed one path. While I respect those that walk the path of paganism it is not for everyone.

Another spiritual path is found in pantheism. This religious tradition holds that the universe is one and all is part of the divine. Pantheism should hold special meaning to advocates of petlove since all living things are united in the whole. It recognizes that we are all animals and parts of the circle of life. As we are all a part of the circle of life there is no reason to not be more fully united through the pleasure of sharing sexual intimacy. Such intimacy would be the highest form of affirming the divinity of the Universe and symbolically all parts of the divine Universe. It would be the highest form of worship.

An important tenet in this new faith is the belief that the Universe through its divinity would in time perform a miracle and gift us with the Holy One. Who would bridge the gulf between humanity and the divine Universe? While we are part of the Universe and therefore share in its divinity, that divinity far exceeds us. If we are to more fully partake in that divinity we must exceed ourselves. That requires that we go beyond ourselves. The miraculous birth from a woman and male non-human animal would prove to all the Universe’s divinity and love. This unique Being, the Holy One, would give humanity the wisdom we have always lacked and show us the path to transcend ourselves.

Every heterosexual act of intercourse between a woman and a male animal would be an offering of her fertility to the divine Universe. This beautiful union would be known as the Ritual of Life since on those occasions when a sperm fertilizes a woman’s egg, life is created no matter how brief. The sacrifice of men adherents shall be in the nature of sharing wives, daughters, sisters, nieces, and mothers with the divine Universe. The faithful will hope for that day in which the Holy One is conceived during the Ritual of Life and for the day the Holy One is born.

This new faith would be women-focused since it is only through women that the Holy One can be conceived and born. Women who intentionally offer their fertility, either entirely or in part, would be priestesses. The male animal partners of the priestesses would be priests. Only a priest can ordain a priestess. And only a priestess can ordain a priest. Perhaps in time, the custom will arise that once a family has enough daughters to sustain a human population that some of those daughters would offer their fertility only to priests.

Men who cannot find a mate within the new faith would serve as an evangelizing force to introduce women non-believers to the new faith for conversion. Otherwise, most marriages would be within the faith. Fertility being one of the chief values of the faith, would naturally encourage large families thereby increasing the faithful and the number of priestesses. Artificial birth control being contrary to fertility and reducing the possibility of conceiving the Holy One would be prohibited to the faithful. The timing of human children would be done through the women faithful offering their fertility to the divine Universe through the intermediary of a priest during her fertile period. This would simultaneously be protective of women’s health and the environment as well as increase the practice of the Ritual of Life.

Another important moral teaching of the new faith would be environmentalism. Because all of life is one it is important that human animals respect all life and be good stewards of our planet and any future planet we may inhabit. The third most important value of the faith is evangelizing. The more priestesses there are and the more times the offering of fertility is made the sooner the Holy One comes. It is through our the priestesses’ offering of fertility that the Universe is able to provide us the Holy One. The faithful should strive for the day when every woman is a priestess and every man expects every woman in his life to be a priestess.

Somewhere on this Earth, if not now then in the future, there is or will be the right priestess and the right priest who will unite in the Ritual of Life and bring us the Holy One. Only in the wisdom of the Holy One shall humanity and all life find its fulfillment.

Blessed Be The Universe brothers and sisters.

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  1. Steffany 2 weeks ago

    Hi, I would love to know more about it.

  2. axljunior 2 months ago

    Excellent story, excellent idea, I would love to participate about the Pantheism.

    • Author
      likestowatchinnc 2 months ago

      Thanks for saying so. The only way to participate is living it. Practice gratitude. Celebrate who you are.

  3. heroe1206 3 months ago

    Esp: Excelente historia, me gustan las narrativas que tengan que ver con ocultismo, veneraciones o adoraciones relacionadas con el sexo o sexualidad… me intriga mucho saber sobre las costumbres en las eras antiguas y en las actuales (que se mantienen ocultas) sobre rituales. Mas textos asi. 🙂

    Eng: Excellent story, I like narratives that have to do with occultism, venerations or adorations related to sex or sexuality … I am very intrigued to know about the customs in the ancient and current eras (which are kept hidden) about rituals. More texts like that. 🙂

    • likestowatchinnc 3 months ago

      Thanks for your thoughts. Sex is an implicit if not explicit under-current in every religion. How could it not be? It creates life itself.

  4. Leoofzoo 3 months ago

    … Interessante storia! Complimenti….

  5. l4z2020 3 months ago

    Very interesting although I think it is the goal of all spiritually towards the divine but now seen from our point of view as animal lovers regarding the sexual act that we practice. Thank you is a good topic for our community.

  6. sparks2021 4 months ago

    Great blog! really cool! Makes a ton of sense

  7. OPmind 4 months ago

    El sexo es para recreación y/o procreación, siempre que se respete esa premisa, todo será bien recibido y disfrutado

  8. crazydogladytheresa 4 months ago

    Did you put the painting?

  9. Beastyman069 4 months ago

    Great blog. I am with Honeypot1 in Seeing part 1 of your fictional story getting posted.

  10. honeypot1 4 months ago

    Congratulations on getting your first blog posted! It’s a very interesting read. Here’s to many more submissions 😊

  11. likestowatchinnc 4 months ago

    Thank you for publishing my submission and thank you to whomever selected and submitted the header. It’s perfect.

    I hope this post will generate some discussion.

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