Other ways he loves me - dog sex

So it is well known that my pup was neutered against my wishes. It’s a damn tragedy because I am certain my boy would have been a tremendous lover. He adores me, follows me, is very attentive and will listen to only me.

I am his alpha in life. However when he and I are alone, he becomes my secret Alpha. There are times when he will force his nose between my legs and will sniff deeply, lap at me gently and with great intent then will leave looking confused. I feel bad for him. No matter how much I try to help him, it’s clear that the neutering is a huge issue that has caused a barrier that we cannot cross.

But he loves me in other ways, by licking me, by being my Emotional Support Animal, by forcing me to lay down when I have migraines, by spooning with me a night, by loving me with his heart. I just wish we could consummate our love in the fully physical way that I know would make the both of us feel amazing and connect us in a way that I have never been connected to with another animal. 


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  1. a199498 9 months ago


  2. longtrail60 10 months ago

    Yes thank you

  3. thewolfbrother 11 months ago

    It’s truly regrettable to me how commonplace and even encouraged we are to mutilate our dogs. Why must we push for an amputation when a simple vasectomy would serve to control pet populations? I’m very sorry to hear your boy was neutered, mine are as well and I truly feel bad for them. :/

    • adam 11 months ago

      Very true. Not just the balls, cutting ears, docking tails, and inbreeding to the point of failing health. Though the latter is starting to lose favour – up until recently, in many cases you couldn’t consider your dog a ‘proper’ pedigree example unless you had hacked bits off it. And, it’s only JUST losing favour, lots of breeders still do it. Hack a bit off here, a bit off there – mess with the dogs means of expression, mess with it’s balance, mess with it’s ability to hear as nature intended. That’s not cruel is it, no that’s fine. But leave him intact, and let him slip his cock into a nice pussy and WHOA the humanity, the horrendous abuse!

      People mutilate dogs for several reasons. 1 ‘to keep the population down’ and reduce unwanted pets being put to sleep. Well, that won’t work anyway since puppy mills are churning out dogs for profit on an industrial scale. The answer there is simply not to euthanize dogs. Battersea dogs home in UK never put any dog to sleep and I understand other places are following this example. A properly trained dog doesn’t fence jump anyway, particularly if they are getting other nice pussy. Animal and Elvis never once ran off looking for action.

      The other reason they castrate, is if the dog is aggressive. What they don’t tell you is, after say 1 or 2 years, the behaviour is already learned and in their nature. And castration has little to no effect.

      Go to a vet and ask for a castration and they will happily do it. Not because they need to, or because it makes sense. But because usually they are desperately trying to pay for the xray and cardiograph machines they have in the back room. Had vets wanting to do general anesthetic and operation on Animal, for a small bite wound on his ass.

      I guess not wanting to put dogs to sleep is a fair enough reason, in those areas where they do. I guess they don’t quite understand that ‘some people’ might kinda need deez nuts 🙂

      • thewolfbrother 11 months ago

        Precisely, it’s ridiculous that mutilation is common place. And people say WE abuse our animals because we love then physically, the hypocrisy of it is awful.

  4. bluephoenyx 12 months ago

    It’s a sad story… still… i remember i had a friend who actually performed sex with her neutered Pitbull, the video was amazing since it was clearly that the dog didn’t have his testicles. Maybe he would figure it out after some time.

  5. quart 12 months ago

    Gotta own!

  6. tinmanjimmy 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing!

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