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This is the true story of how I brought up K9 copulation to my husband.  We are having heated sex one night and he asks if I had ever tried anything with my pets when I was younger. After a slight pause I said, “yes. I like to feel a dog lick my pussy it makes me gush come and squirt everywhere.” He says “which pets and how old were you?” I responded to each question while he licked my twat.

I was about 15 the first time that I let the dog lick me and started from there. It felt more real than the water from the bathtub faucet. Like the first time that I realized that the doggy was interested in licking my tight little pussy became the beginning of a great time with my terriers’ tongue. I was getting ready to take a bath when the dog nudged open the door.  I was naked thinking how the water was going to get me off.

I quickly realized that the dog was interested in my pussy. I squatted down,opened my legs and he took me by surprise as if he had done it before. It felt so good that I had to sit on the floor with my legs apart while he lapped up the juces flowing from my cunt. Well this is how my k9 experience started and now I want to know how you started yours!

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  1. slicky54 9 months ago

    It’s difficult to remember when I first got the urge . It’s been a secret with me until recently when I was looking after a friends dog. I walked into our office at home hollowed by the dog and my husband put his hand under my skirt. I nudged away say no the dog is there.
    Then up went my skirt and the dogs nose slid in between my closed thighs.
    This was a great turn on for both of us as it seems he has had interest as well but neither mentioned it.
    We did a few basic pics of this episode but went no further. Now it seems is the time to go forward with this and gain some friends and owners . I look forward to feeling that first entry

  2. lord666 9 months ago

    Du wirst es nicht glauben, es begann sehr jung für mich. Wir hatten eine Farm mit all den Tieren, die dazu gehören. Natürlich sollten wir Kinder auch die Decke beobachten, ich war fasziniert, als der Bulle die Kuh sprang und sein langer Schwanz in ihr Loch reinstößt. Noch schöner aber war, als eine Sau zum Eber gebracht wurde. Meine Eltern gingen vom Stall zurück, um ihre Arbeit zu machen, natürlich blieb ich, um zuzusehen, wie der Eber aufsprang und die Sau ihn beruhigend grunzte, anscheinend mochte sie das. Schon damals dachte ich, ich würde da gerne meinen Schwanz hinlegen. Der Eber blieb sehr lange auf der Sau und ich bückte mich, um genau zu sehen, wie der verdrehte Eberpenis in der Sau war … von da an wusste ich, dass ich es tun werde … und glaube mir, dass ich es genossen habe es ausgiebig später. Später rieb meine Teenschwester zum ersten Mal mit ihrem Schwanz ihre Klitoris. Aber ich sollte sie nicht ficken. Ich habe es damals nicht wirklich verstanden. .Warum wie …

  3. kybr00ks 10 months ago

    Saw the Alyssa Rosales vid on fb as well and more shocked cause kinda wonder if dogs fked women too since in school saw a horse running his tool in a girl and this one i was trying to smash i sent it to her and laughed saying she wish she coulda have get some even like that!

    • adam 10 months ago

      Hi, please keep in mind that ‘Alyssa Rosales’ is not Cupcake, and is just a random other innocent party who probably took a lot of shit thru people spreading her name around. So, please try to curb the incorrect use of her name because it is not very gallant to land Ladies in shit they have nothing to do with 🙂

  4. 10 months ago

    belle experience ça donne des idèès en plus pour la pratique .

  5. ilikealotm 11 months ago

    @mrriks , I love your beginning! It sounds like you , myself and knotlover67 experienced the awakening around the same age. I wonder if it has anything to do with where we were living? I was in the mid west a county setting and about 1 mile out from a small town. The very first female pet lover i met was my best friends female cousin who was visiting from Montana. She was 15 and I was 13. We were talking and the topic came up. She said she did her k9 because they lived so far out. The second was in Jr. HS and a friend told me he did the cows on their family farm. Thank you for sharing your first experience. xoxo

  6. curiousmommy 11 months ago

    I became interested in k9 when I found some pictures in my sons room as I looked threw them I was getting wetter & wetter tat night my son came home asking if it ok he take a lab puppy a friend of his wanted to give him . I sad ok then I asked him about the pictures. he said they turned him on he told me he & his friend did things with his dogs

  7. knotlover67 11 months ago

    When I was about 12 or 13, one night in bed I opened up my pussy lips to our little miniature poodle and he licked and licked and licked. It felt so good. Also I noticed a little bit of his red penis poking out of the fury sheeth. I held it gently and let him hump his little cum load into my hand. I did that same thing on a few other occasions. Those were the only experiences I’ve had. Those happened many decades ago. Just a few weeks ago I was talking to an online friend and he showed me some online doggie porn. I got so incredibly turned on. I’ve been almost obsessively thinking about being made a dog’s bitch ever since then. I found this site and hope to have some experiences like I’ve seen in videos.

  8. k9breedingbitch69 11 months ago

    Mine started with watching the “Alyssa Rosales” video from fb… It got me interested ?

    I was in my science class and I was sitting in the back of the room with my girlfriends. One of them pulled out a video of Cupcake and Mr. Toes fucking doggystyle and the way she was moaning and how she was panting really got to me. I thought to myself “is dog sex really that good?” It was followed up with a video of Stray-X in missionary position with a pitbull she was loving it! I was surprised! My mouth was open! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! All of the girls were grossed out… except for me I loved what I saw! Of course I played along I pretended to be weirded out so they wouldn’t think differently of me, but I was actually turned on watching those videos.

    Because I saw similar videos of that kind before and that opened the floodgates for me ?

    • kybr00ks 10 months ago

      Same, was scrolling through fb and was like wait what? Girl was moaning that “hit the spot” moan! And i was like “that could be me but ain’t got no chick to lay dick in!” Lol

      So if a dude was digging you out and ask you randomly if his dog could have hit it to you would have allow it there at the very spot?? @k9breedingbitch69

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