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So I was young and in the Army, and also happened to be stationed in Deutschland (Germany).   I started to date this girl from Bulgaria,  and everything was fantastic,  European women really know know to please a man.

I noticed that after sex I would sometimes catch the dog licking her pussy,  but I didnt think anything of it considering the dog tried licking me and pretty much everything else.  Its a dog no big deal.  So every weekend that I could I would drive over to her place and spend the night and the dog kept doing the same thing (Cleaning up my mess)

So one month I get a 4 day weekend, and I decided to suprise her on a Thursday.  At this point I had a spare key for helping around the house cleaning etc.  Still oblivious,  not thinking she is home, I  open the bedroom door to put some flowers and a gift on her bed.  I had heard the dog collar rattling,  thinking that I’m going to open the door to a locked in dog who had probably pissed on the carpet.  Nope!

My girl on all fours, stuck to the dog!  She screams, “well are you going to shut the door so he stops trying to run!?!”  I close the door and he calms down.  She pulls his leg out from under him and catches his back with her arm and lies down on the bed with him. Dick still stuck in her.  Then slowly pulls his knot out and lets him clean each other off,  while I stand there with my eyes wide open.

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  1. lord666 7 months ago

    Ich habe mit Absicht die Tür aufgelassen beim Fick und tatsächlich kam unser Riesenschnauzer und leckte meinen Schwanz und ihr Arschloch, …..hej der HUND ist hier und leckt mich ,sagte sie ,ich hatte sie gut im Griff und meinte ,ruhig weiter fickend, ..lass ihn doch mal kurz das schmeckt ihm anscheinend … und sie lässt ihn immer noch

  2. disdick4u 8 months ago

    I remember when I caught my wife she told me to look at something in her phone and there she was getting her snatch tounge fucked by our pit bull

  3. svertzs 8 months ago


  4. k9style 8 months ago

    Hope you didn’t leave but had an even better time fro then on with lots of hot dirty nasty fun

  5. dogcum69 8 months ago

    Very hot

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