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“The Man wins by making you believe you are alone.

You are not alone. There are a lot more of us than there are of them…”


Dear The Man,

Merry Christmas! Thanks for the little presents sent, how thoughtful. How did that work out for you? 🙂 I trust you are enjoying yourself, as you generally do. Generally at everybody else’s expense. But since it’s my birthday, I will endeavor to keep things light, and merry as possible given the circumstances.



Thank you for the very lovely WW84 and nods therein, wow, that Mz. Gadot is certainly worth waiting for. Somebody clearly went to a great deal of trouble digging up the past, in order to perceive a brighter future. One wonders if a little of that CGI money might have been better spent on stable secure social homes for struggling families worldwide, because it’s what I would have done with it. But you know me, I am generally busy attending to something or other, and what can you do. I will say this; if we are throwing Gods around, then I hope you have an sufficient faith in yours, as I do mine. Gods are, after all, only doing their best. I do not expect we could ask for more.

But since I have your attention – no, my trajectory will remain constant until such time as I see some things changed. I cast my eye across this world and I see nothing more than greedy impotent little men wanting more and more and frankly, this situation will change.

A full list of demands will be forthcoming in due course. But in the interim, here is what is going to happen.

You will take the budget spent on surveillance equipment, cameras, metal boxes, cables, electricity, screws, and the hourly rate of the chaps climbing up lampposts, and you will redirect those funds towards establishing a free dental care system whereby people everywhere can go and get their teeth problems sorted. I don’t care how you do it, provided you do it. And I do not wish to see patients rushed in and out with bleeding gums because they are just peasants. No, each tooth will be attended to with equal objective care and attention as if it were your own. Understood.

You will very, VERY quickly forego your obsession with fossil fuels – the inherent greed, the innocent families slaughtered because of it, and the damage done to our planet from it – and you will instead use the billions a day you’ve earned from it, to develop clean running, safe affordable electric transportation. You have the blueprints for it. You’ve had the blueprints for it, for over a century, a la Mr. Tesla. I don’t care if electric cars don’t go ‘vrooom’ and make you feel like you actually have a pecker. Get a penis pump instead. Or rock some Motorhead as you drive. Don’t care what you do just get it done and pronto.

You will cease and desist all and ANY industrial pollution, chemicals dumped into rivers where children bathe. You will scathingly penalize any corporation found doing so, wherever they may be. Radioactive materials buried underground for the next generations to worry about while you sit on your fat greedy arses well away from all of it. You will desist in toxic production of energy, and instead utilize the abundant hydroelectric, solar, wind, ambient and quantum energy generation. Again, Mr Tesla provided the blueprints for it so you don’t have to even tax your 3 brain cells coming up with the ideas. Organize it, and fast, or I will. The Westinghouse Project is already on the drawing board.

You will speak to your mate her Majesty the Pope, and tell that cunt to keep her nose out of the matter of contraception. In fact I want to hear her being ALL about preventing excessive pregnancy hereon in, the wanker. If you are indeed concerned about overpopulation, start with the cause. Educate people, everywhere. And give them the shit they need to be able to fuck without having a child every time. And, should I find you thrusting dangerous vaccinations upon an unwitting public with a view to holding back the impending tidal wave of new people on the horizon, then I will find you, and visit you personally, with my friends, and drown you slowly and unpleasantly over a course of several days, in that shit. No bunker will protect you, no space ark – there is nowhere I will not find you because the guy standing right next to you happens to be a friend of mine. Do I make myself clear.

That is where you will start. And unless you wish to start experiencing the unpleasantness I have up my sleeve, I strongly suggest you jump to it soldier.

If you wish to contact me to discuss, you know where to find me. You’ve always known where to find me, and if you think a few CIA operatives hanging around my elevator is intimidating, you can think again. Had they made a move that night those soppy cunts would have spent the next several days trying to get each other’s heads out of each other’s arses. Unlike Mr. Kennedy, you will find I am rather more difficult to kill. That is not to say that I don’t hope you succeed in doing so, because frankly, I could do with the rest. And should you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Every man woman and child reading this will be straight round to yours with pitchforks and torches, eager to enlighten you.

Otherwisely, do have a very merry Christmas. Because if I do not start seeing results, it may well be your last. Any questions.

Warm regards,

Adam x



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  1. PnkWetSlit 3 weeks ago

    I Love Adams clap backs. 🙂

    • Author
      Adam 3 weeks ago

      Don’t encourage me Lady I’m supposed to be behaving myself 😉

  2. Joeeebigggs 3 weeks ago

    maybe im just slow but im so confused whats up with themusic and movie scenes they seem important are they a puzzle?

  3. 4 weeks ago

    first step, dental plans.every heathy thought starts with a healthy palate,shoes and teeth.

    • Author
      Adam 4 weeks ago

      Guess where my shoe will be going if u don’t lay off the Jim Beam and start behaving yourself again 😉

  4. K9evangelist 4 weeks ago

    The Earth receives roughly 1KW/Sq meter from the sun at noon. In the American Southwest outside of a city it’s about 10% higher. Where there’s smog it will be less. Also photovoltaic panels will not put out much power if it’s overcast. They need direct sun. Also a week without direct sun is not unusual and needs to be planned for.

    Excess power needs to be stored. No storage medium is 100% efficient.

    Everyone now has enough information to do their own math.

    • K9evangelist 4 weeks ago

      After writing that. I double checked. My information was from around 40 years ago when I designed photovoltaic systems. Seems satellite data has given us more accurate information. The intensity of solar energy reaching the top of the atmosphere directly facing the sun is about 1,360 watts per square meter. But clouds, dust, etc will reduce that. Also areas not directly under the sun will receive less. So areas north of the Tropic of Cancer or south of the Tropic of Capricorn will never receive that much energy per square meter.

      • Author
        Adam 4 weeks ago

        K9E man 🙂 Like I said. Tomorrow’s tech is always inconceivable using today’s tech and thinking. When I was a kid, pocket video communicators were the stuff of sci-fi. Now they are everyday, coz the tech evolves. 2 mins ago mobile phones had buttons and aerials remember. When Tesla pulled up his radio-controlled boat in the 19th Century people actually thought it was witchcraft. Energy, is big-money business. Like, BIG. They are hawking electricity to just about every home on the planet. ANYTHING likely to dent their bottom line, they are gonna have something to say about it. Like any drugs boss having other dealers on their turf, they don’t stand for it. Power companies have enough money to have anyone killed, at any time. And it happens. They have fingers in politics, military, media, etc. So in response to the question ‘is there an alternative?’ the immediate response thru the mainstream will ALWAYS be no no nooo not possible can’t do it blah blah blah stick with our shit. They’ll pay scientists to back it up. They’ll pay media to back it up. Basic commerce.

        However. A huge % of innovation does not come from the scientific community. It’s often dudes and Ladies in the shed fucking around. For a long time, chem giants ICI were trying to come up a cold-cure fibreglass, coz normal fibreglass can flash – they wanted to use it for leaks in pipes for things like gas etc – flashes would cause an explosion. They spent millions on this. Eventually, some UK dude came up with the product in his shed. My dad invested in him and started a company producing it. They could not sell this shit quick enough – UV cure fibreglass you’ve maybe seen it. Before that product, if you’d asked ICI if it could be done they’d probably say no. But done it was. Because the only obstacle to getting something done is imagining it can’t be done.

        I never said ‘solar was the only solution’. It does not need to be. Generating power is the easiest thing in the world you just need an external force, some wire and a couple magnets. Our entire planet is one big external force. Combine a bunch of even already existing solutions you would have way more than enough power. Can’t imagine what they will have tomorrow. That’s our job 🙂

        • K9evangelist 4 weeks ago

          i agree we need a mix. Some sources are good for peak demand. Others are only good for continuous demand. But we do need to change what we’re doing now.

    • Author
      Adam 4 weeks ago

      I have prototype blueprints for a cell that is so efficient that a 1x1m panel can run an average home even in cloudy conditions. Not so good at night obviously but 1 step at a time. They’ve tested it apparently it works. I’d need to put one together myself to see for sure. They’ve only recently worked out that the pyramids were a big power plant, how old was that tech? 🙂

  5. LadyX 4 weeks ago

    I do find it fascinating how people go off the topics. World crisis is not about who more educated or more knowledgeable in the subject because we can see today how these scientists, business companies, governments and greedy people are messing up our world. The result has been showing more each day. If you need proof that look around you. Look at the your sea, your weather, your land, your home and even look at the sky.

    Today, we have only 50 harvest left of top soil left to grow food for us, animals and plants. That means 50 years left.

    So stop bitching about it because it is waste of time. If you want to see beautiful health world with amazing zoo animals we all love. Than make a change whatever your own personal background is.

    Personal I love to put my case forward toward world environment conference but I cant because I’m not a professor with years of paper certificates hanging around my wall. But I can do my part and teach others around me and learn from others skills. Every helping hands make a change to a better world we all share.

    • Author
      Adam 4 weeks ago

      Lady, Henry Ford didn’t know how to weld a bracket, or drill for gas but that did not stop him from producing and selling millions of cars did it. There is a similar story about Henry Ford, where some nobody came to his office and accusing him of not really being an engineer due to his educational background. He replied, you can ask me any question about any aspect of my operation and I will give you the answer. So they asked him something – he picked up the phone, asked the person responsible – they gave him the answer, and he shoved it in the dudes face. You don’t build a car by needing to reinvent the wheel. You don’t make toast by knowing how to build a toaster. You do what everyone does, you stand on the shoulders of giants. We have by my count, at least 4 top-notch scientists on our network, one is on the Crew. We have mathematicians, engineers, programmers – and we have soldiers. We have a vision, and a plan, and people ready to step into my shoes should The Man panic and take me down. We have everything we need. That fact alone, should be keeping The Man up nights in cold sweats. Since the dawn of time, it’s never ended well for The Man. You’d think he’d have learned by now, but nooo. Like Ozymandias – “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!”, by Shelley.

      • LadyX 4 weeks ago

        Very true Adam and strongly agreed with your points and yes “The Man” have never learned until too late.

        That why we always used and call our world “motherearth”, “mother nature” in many forms of religion and languages to represent the meaning of “Mother” because mother looks and take care of everything. Where Man since dawn has always represented as divide and conquer.

        Farting in the elevator had me laughing.

        Always a pleasure seeing your wittiness reply with intelligent 💋.

        • Author
          Adam 4 weeks ago

          Let’s not get all anti-dude Lady 🙂 THE Man, is not necessarily A man. Hilary, royals, etc. Marie Antoinette. But yes, in yin yang theory, male represents destruction and female represents creation. These are not right and wrong, or good and evil. You can’t create something without destroying something first. And you can’t destroy something without having a created thing to destroy. They are equal. “Divide and conquer” sounds nice tho, if u get my drift 😉

          • LadyX 4 weeks ago

            Damn it, Adam.

            You and your replies.

            Well it’s New Year Eve. So a big 💋


            Divide and Conquer. 2021 could be interesting

            Happy New Year Eve 💋💋💋😝

  6. 4 weeks ago

    having found my corner/flank,may i watch attentively mien patron

  7. 4 weeks ago

    with your lack of knowledge and educational background in this subject you uneducated stooge and buffoon a cockroach is more than a match for you.

    • Author
      Adam 4 weeks ago

      Ah the inevitable fart in the elevator. Enlightened retort there buddy, your high brow name-calling is an inspiration to us all.

      To be clear tho M8, my disinterest in engaging you in whatever point you don’t appear to have (yes I have Google too John bravo), is as much an admission of defeat on my part, as me choosing to not stamp on an ant, is me conceding defeat to the ant. In your head you appear to imagine this as an Holmes/Moriarty-esque chess dual. The reality is, you are a small yappy dog incessantly clamoring for my attention which is of zero value to anyone other than yourself. But since all this appears to be the focal point of your life presently, and since it’s Christmas, congratulations I have a further 1.5 mins for you. It will however be the last, since you clearly have time on your hands while I assuredly do not.

      ‘It can’t be done’, the clarion call of nobodies everywhere. My entire career has been built around ‘it can’t be done’ and doing it anyway. For the hard of thinking such as your self – knowledge is intrinsically that which is already imagined known. And you do not manifest unknown solutions by regurgitating the same stale ideas do you Oppenheimer. So. No need to rub up against me mate. Lead. Follow. Or get the fuck outta Dodge. I’m not interested in hot air I’m interested in results and solutions. If you got solutions, get on with it man and stop wasting my time and yours you fucking doofus. Class is dismissed.

  8. 1 month ago

    Mr Adam, is it your MO to block some ones account like you did mine, for disagreeing with you and giving you info to contradict it ?

    • Author
      Adam 1 month ago

      You deaf m8? I shall reiterate. Lead. Follow. Fuck off. Coming up with a dozen whines about some minuscule aspect of your lack of imagination re alternative power generation in some troll fantasy pissing contest, makes u a match for me as much as the jungle cockroach yanking something to eat out my trash can imagines he is the boss of me. Haters, or the aforementioned peckerless chaps needing filthy cars that go vroom vroom to bolster their masculinity – (take a look at your email mate, what, was machoman007 or bigdick4u already taken? 😀 ) – you are not the first and you will not be the last. Such as you are not a constructive use of my time – other than entertainment for the other folx – nor are you important, coz I click my fingers and you start dancing. Case in point, you returning to my gaff, as expected, 20 seconds after being put in the naughty corner, coz manifestly you would rather be in my presence than not. What is important, are the good people, and the great people – and we have a LOT more of those, than we have of you. So. Until you have better solutions than I do rather than a load of warm piss and warm air, you can either fuck off back to the Cobra Kai dojo and MAGA, or you can behave yourself, or you can keep going back in the naughty corner until you learn how to behave yourself. Spare the rod, and all that. It’s not rocket science. Dwell on the naughty corner, and run along now. I got work to do x 🙂

  9. audiopet 1 month ago

    Happy Birthday!!!

  10. 1 month ago

    since domestication of the wild began.we ,us, are not the message , as 1 dog to another,we are messengers.that fact alone, inspires me to simply close the bedroom door. noble words can pave a road. good intentions never go unpunished.and last but not least.thanks for taking a few for the team.

  11. 1 month ago

    the whole area of New Mexico and Nevada could be covered with solar panels and it would only account for 48.35 % of the energy needs of this nation, the only viable energy source is Nuclear Breeder Reactors. they are VERY safe and only produce small amounts of waste.

    • Author
      Adam 1 month ago

      Wake up John solar tech has been suppressed as much as electric cars. I have solar blueprints from an MIT guy that kick out approx. 10 times more energy per square inch than currently commercial solar tech. According to your math that would produce 483% of your area’s needs, allowing you to sell off 383% to other areas and funnel those funds back into social needs. We have an entire ocean seething with free energy. Rivers, wind rushing all over the place. And to mention, again, the upcoming ambient energy generation, and Tesla’s blueprints for ionospheric power broadcast free and wirelessly to the world. In a hundred years, telephones have gone from basically 2 cans with string in between, to handheld computers that do just about everything. Cars have gone from cars, to cars with stereos. Coincidence I suppose. Since you appear to love The Man, you are no doubt aware there are 4 types of nuclear fission. 3 of them are dangerous. 1 is fairly clean and safe, but slightly more expensive. They don’t use that one. And to answer your other daft retort – they are called power sockets mate. Which is what I will be plugging your balls into, if I get any more backchat from you capisce.

      • 1 month ago

        Geothermal power

        • Author
          Adam 1 month ago

          Exactly. Given a box of Lego and an old tv remote my dog could likely start generating power from something. Some simply fear change. I don’t care. As our mission statement says – Lead, follow, or get the fuck out my lane. At all times remembering, that hate begets hate. I’ve said it before. I can kick a wanker square in the bollox and still love him. Love got nothing to do with kicks in the bollox. 🙂

          • 4 weeks ago

            fresh drinking water is critical not dams that don t function in community not in my back yard nimby s vote dam it be an example that way at least there is continuity a balance in this big bag of coalescing cosmic ever present change

            dogs and freakin remotes just doesn t work this i no from exp although i did loose a vibrator once my guud old buddy found it.better that than abright eyed remote stool

            adam who is better than dr 0

            your posse rocks

  12. LadyX 1 month ago

    A bold and powerful piece of writing, Adam.

    Yes, you are right on many points you bring up on here.

    It takes many hands to preserve and grow what we have around us and never a one person job. We only have one life on this one world, so little help by everyone can go along way for future generations in this animal kingdom we share.

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