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Die AnimalKrosstika


Dear Persons at Animal Cross,

apologies, French is not one of the languages I am fluent in. English will suffice.

I am contacting you, regarding your activities. I will cut to the chase. I am not a ‘zoophile’, I am THE ‘zoophile’. I am the self-appointed advocate, internationally, for individuals such as myself, who’s sexuality extends beyond species.

I am contacting you because what you are doing is not entirely good. I will clarify. Yes, in the sphere of ‘sexual contact with animals’, there are of course undesirable individuals. Sadistic individuals. Those who ‘get off’ on hurting animals. Those types, we strongly, strongly disapprove of. When we find such individuals, outside of the law, such individuals are dealt with harshly. We do not tolerate cruelty to animals, or cruelty generally.

Within the realm of typical human sexuality, there are loving sexual interactions. And there are rapes, rape-murders, torture-rape-murders. We do not blanket-ban ALL sexual activity, simply because a small % of individuals are undesirable. We simply identify problem behavior and problem individuals, and we focus our humanistic nurturing/protective instinct, to prevent such behavior as much as possible. And bring those who engage in harming others, to appropriate justice.

The same applies to interspecies sexuality. Now. I see you consider a dog, licking a woman’s vagina, to be a heinous crime. I’m sorry, this is entirely nonsense. Dogs lick genitals as a natural behavior. There is no victim in this scenario. Ergo, one has to wonder why on God’s good earth, you would want to be condemning people engaging in perfectly innocent behavior, as somehow evil, demonic perverts? They do similar, in the middle east, with homosexuals. Civilized society frowns upon that. Likewise, it should, and will, frown upon you.

Our sexuality, as all, is a wide spectrum. At one end, there are those undesirable types. At the other end, there is us. We form deep interpersonal connections with our animals. They are the same as us. They feel the same way. If you do not understand this then you do not understand animals, or nature, generally. We do not condone sexual activity between human males and non-human females, you can read our ethical policy should you choose. We do not force any animal, to do anything it does not want to do. Our animals, like most males, are extremely enthusiastic to be involved sexually with us. Again, there is no victim, no harm.

As a huge, international network, we have all kinds of friends in all kinds of places. Politicians, police, judges, doctors, lawyers, even Royalty. You have been kind enough, to let us know exactly who you all are. Thanks, for that.

Now. I propose the following. We would be delighted to assist you, in the apprehension of, and dealing with, any individual we find to be harming animals. Within this scope, we find accord.

However. If you will proactively go out virtue-signaling, and inciting hatred against us, who harm no-one – regardless of what ridiculous hypotheses you may have concocted – then, unfortunately, you will be coming up against us. And, that will be a most undesirable situation for you.

Out there in the world, there are corporations raping the planet for profit. Corrupt politicians, people in poverty. Disease, famine. Pollution. There is battery farming, bullfighting – animal experimentation – animal exploitation galore, from horse racing to God knows what. There are a million places one might direct one’s righteous anger, that would actually do some good in the world. Demonizing people for a dog licking their genitals, is a nonsense, sorry.

As such, I will ask you to please meet with your members, and discuss all the above. If you choose to attack us, and those like us, we will not sit idly by. We will retaliate. I would prefer to not go down this road, but I leave that choice up to you.

I part, hoping we can find some common ground, and do the right thing, which I would hope is what you are trying to do. Feel free to contact me here, as you wish.

Kind regards,

Adam Kingdom
Gaia Media Industries Inc.

(Email sent today – [email protected] – September 5th 2020)


ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Bestiality and Zoophilia Animal Sex Community, High Quality Bestiality Video Store

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  1. Inspires 1 month ago

    The project of the law in French is not very clear about what would be the forbidden situations.
    It is possible they try to let it be voted in this big law about animal condition, I just hope that with all the problems we have now in France, it won’t be their priority!

  2. Docholliday 2 months ago


    No need to be humble. you really are.

    Our lives would be empty without you and AoZ.

    Catch up soon! Doc

  3. Goodboy1 3 months ago

    Hi Adam, I’m enjoying being a member of this wonderful family that’s here on AoZ, I’ve carried around the burden of my deep love for k9sex from being a young boy, nobody else around me (family,friends,work colleagues etc) knows anything about my secret life, so I would like to thank you for your great work on here and allowing me to share with other likewise people my thoughts and experiences of k9 petlove, thank you for taking away that burden of 55yrs!

  4. Julius_k9 3 months ago

    Unfortunately they have not had a good example lately, a member of the French forums was arrested in the company of another zoophile who also confessed, he detained child pornography on a repeat basis, had repeatedly raped his ex companions.
    A veterinarian who is doing a outgoing and oriented thesis and who had her doctorate thanks to that and no counter study to try to prove us right.
    The AnimalCross file has captured dozens of identities, donated by friends, they infiltrate using borderline methods and are close to the governors.
    France had already banned the zoo in 2004, but 2020 is the year of all dangers
    if you want information on what to expect

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Well Man. Like the KKK – when there is nobody to oppose, easy targets are easy. Until Malcolm X comes along. But as I explained to you. Easy targets, is a sword that cuts both ways. The Antoinettes were close to the governors, also. You, are close to me. And I, am close to people that govern other things. So, let the games begin 🙂

      • Author
        Adam 3 months ago

        PS. Just so you know. In these days, of snooping phones and thought control – they have tactics. IF they want to get into your bank account, they claim ‘terrorist’. Nobody argues with them, and they have full access. Without needing to do all that hard paperwork. IF they want to get into your house, they claim ‘paedophile’. Nobody argues with them, and they are free to enter your home, again without needing to do all that hard paperwork. I know this, because it happened to my Father. Who is a known Gangster. Who is used to police running in. As was I, when I was a child. Who calls me up, to ask if there is any way there could be child porn on his computer. My old dad, who is pushing 80, who can just about figure out the on switch on a PC, and uses it to play chess. I have his solemn word, that no child porn was looked at. And, nobody else had access to that PC. So, there was no child porn. Just the talk, needed to get them into the house. And, come they did. And did they find any child pornography? Of course, they did not. But I will say this. 3 days later, there was another knock at his door. It was the police again. They had ‘forgotten to take 1 external hard drive’. My father pointed out, ‘you stupid cunts, don’t you think in 3 days I have time to get rid of that if there’s something on it?’ Not, that he would have any idea how to wipe a hard drive. Or even download anything. And, again, they found nothing. Of course. But just so you know. Once, it was ‘Witch’. Nobody would argue, and people got burned alive. Then, it was ‘Communist’. Now, it is ‘Pedo’. You see them on Facebook. ‘Kill the pedos’. Entirely unaware that, if you look into it, the vast majority of sex offenders in USA, for example, are 14 year old boys, who have sex with 14 year old girls. These, are the pedos that everyone is so eager to see killed. So be warned. One of us, or not. It is not about child abuse. It is not about terrorism. It is not about animal sex. It is about control. About greed, and corruption. And, there is, and always has been, one inevitable road for those types. Madame Guillotine. They can throw stones at us, from a safe distance hiding behind whoever they like. But if they were smart, they absolutely would not be listing all their names and addresses on a public website. They are mere rabbits, farting at the hurricane. And I very, VERY much look forward to the day when they realize, with a very firm grasp of the reality, the error of their ways.

      • Julius_k9 3 months ago

        Have good play now ^^

  5. sparks2021 3 months ago

    I looked them up and wow they are very stupid. They have a very inconsitant set of so called values. They seem like a bunch of lame idiots looking for stuff to offend them. fuck them, i hope their org goes under and they all get kidney stones

  6. HornyToad420 3 months ago

    Looked up animal cross and they are a anti bestiality group? Anyways I support you Adam. I don’t see anything wrong going on here. I don’t see animals or women being forced into doing anything against their will. Animal cross must be full of virgins who are jealous that these dogs get more action than they will ever have, if they even had real pussy. Keep doing what you do!

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      HT, like Ra’s al Ghul says, just people desperately caught up in the struggle for their own self-gratification. I think some of the stuff they do is valid. There are cunts out there hurting and abusing animals. So they are not all bad. We can applaud any and all efforts they made / make, to stop any of that. Just, they have their facts a bit skewed, likely down to what they’ve been programmed to believe by a controlling elite, can’t really blame them for that. But, sadly, there’s whole categories of serial killers who believe they are doing God’s work. Some probably are. If attacked, we will defend, and respond accordingly. That is the Kung Fu way. “You don’t come, I don’t start”, an ancient Southern Mantis proverb 🙂

      • HornyToad420 3 months ago

        I see what your saying, thanks for clearing that up! Sad that there are those within this group that view this as animal abuse, when its clearly very far from that!

  7. Vincenzo54321 3 months ago

    We love your work Adam. I hope your not forcing your dogs to fuck their pets.

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Honestly, man? I’m telling our boys all the other cool dogs will think they are not cool if they don’t. I’m telling them, if they don’t go and do exactly what I want, I’ll take their Legos away. All kinds of peer pressure. Because of course, who could possibly want a nice soft wet Vagina?

  8. leakyguy 3 months ago

    i neevr attacked bestiality….i always attacked adam and his inability to lead. adam only hides behind bestiality whenever he is personally attacked….i just think deerhunter did a better job. and i think someone could always do a better job than adam. adam and aoz was never the beastforum. that is for certain

    • Author
      Adam 3 months ago

      Attack away friend, I’m built for it. I never set out to be a leader I consider myself the janitor. How the fuck do I ‘hide behind bestiality’? Bestiality generally hides behind me, when pricks come at us. And where are you? Off fapping is where. I still don’t know who deerhunter is. Sounds like a real animal lover that one. But if I’ve cramped someone’s style, and they go the way of the ZX Spectrum, well do something about it. Rebuild whatever it is you think you lost. Like we have, a dozen times. As you can see, our shit seems to work. Truth will out. You’re talking about me telling lies, what lies? The entire point of Adam, is to be entirely transparent. That is the point. Don’t you get it? You’re tossing around ‘faggot‘ a lot man, you seem homophobic, but genuinely it seems like u just need a hug.

    • Docholliday 2 months ago

      Honestly Adam is a hero. If you don’t appreciate what he’s done you really don’t belong here and get out of this forum. Adam personally saved my ass from being savaged by an ex wife.

      Apart from that he’s made his mark on the world. I don’t know what you’ve achieved but i doubt it constitutes a fraction of what Adam has done.

      I recommend you find a nice hole in your teeth to keep yourself occupied. Make like a tree and leave… 🖕

      • Author
        Adam 2 months ago

        Hehe you Peeps 😉 Cheers Doc – I’m no hero, really. “I dare do all that makes a man…”, and I have absolutely no doubt you would do the same.
        Doc Holliday

  9. art30 3 months ago

    Spot on Adam this is beautiful and sensual woman who gives them self to the best thise dogs must be the happiest dogs on earth

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