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In these times we have seen how everyone is and has been exposed by hackers or even friends when they enter the profiles that people have on their cell phone, something that many famous are now paying very expensive seeing how their private photos are exposed in social networks and even newsreels making this a suffering for their life and can even come from families or be unknown by their friends and relatives.

In this world of the zoo there is greater danger because being a reduced community, if it is exposed it spreads very fast and in the end it is in several sites where it is impossible to delete the information since it is cloned in many places, as it happened here in Mexico with a person who out of respect I do not say who it is but was news on social networks and even came out on news portals.

So now I will give a help for all and avoid this type of question so I will start with a basics about security and passwords.

We usually use a word, in our own language which always makes it simple to remember but this does not always work, since if someone “unintentionally” hears something of what we always speak, like food, musician, song, movies and a long ETC. that it can relate to our password that we use for our cell phone, social networking services or email which can lead to our exposure to the internet.

As an example I use English language, let’s say that my password is something known by everyone, for example artofzoo, but if someone comes to listen and try to enter my services and if it works you can access everything, such as social networks, cellphone, access to sites that are directed to our mail can be hacked and see our most intimate secrets, and as an example we have the Hollywood actresses who had their bad time in social networks where they saw their best attributes to delight all people.

Now to improve this password we can use numbers instead of letters and also merge lower case and caps, but say the same, if we change artofzoo by 4rT0f20O, we see a radical change, because it is related to our taste but a little more difficult to identify, which gives more safety and avoid exposure. This change its Good!!!!

to make it more secure always the ideal is to also use signs, +, -, “, ~ or whatever you want, so we can change artofzoo to [email protected]], it looks more difficult and more secure, which is undoubtedly a better to our services for keep the people away of my NET-life. With this the change go to good to MUCH BETTER!!!!!

another data is that they can use is to use a different language that is to their liking and using the recommendations will change completely, for English we use (artofzoo), but in german we use Kunst des Zoos, but to change it with the above we would have [email protected]! and so we can make many changes in our security that will avoid problems and expositions. With this its not impossible but can keep away intruders to our favorite sites and social media. This its BLOW MY MIND HAHAHAHAHA ? ? ? ?

hope this little change make your security much better to avoid problems with your privacy life in the Network, but can use for work too.

Please send me a text if you like and tell me if you want a new tip to be secure on computers.


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  1. dogpound2017 1 month ago

    EMAIL & VPN security… it may not be what you hoped for!

    I am simply going to leave a link to a Video that I found just recently. It is aimed at a few comparable VPN (Virtual Private Network) softwares – moreover which ones are possibly sharing your online info with others (for profit of course) and worse – Data Mining. As well as the VPN’s mother company – the Email service.

    I have to say that I was shocked to see the very Email and VPN that I use, on this ‘dirty’ list. YIKES !

    This info could be important to most of you so I urge you to watch. Do NOT assume that your VPN is a safe bet… this video shows how many of these software companies can SHARE your information with other sites.


    Cheers DP

  2. squeak077 1 year ago

    gmail/hotmail/yahoo i have lost all accounts before sending personal stuff… advanced system care has a nice feature to delete photos with Gutmann method. Remember bots search out keywords in every email you send so label pics or anything on your computer with honda part n 117 ect. That guy from subway i remember reading how they had a dog come in to sniff out his house for electronics. I think he had a plug in wi fi connected to a usd in a wall i read. They treat people into this lifestyle the same they treat pedos in the court systems. Also never let a girlfriend or wife onto your computer make sure even your cell phone is password protected every time you log off or screen goes blank. It will save you some crap in the future. remember the only way to get rid of info is taking out your hard drive and smashing it with a hammer. Remember that guy in the states getting registered as a pedo for only writing about his fantasies. I tell certain friends keep secure do not send me anything on social media everything is monitored. I tell people worst thing you do is set up an account for your child on social media. Facial recognition what they did for a job parking tickets where you lived in housing etc all can be found online. I looked up one site i paid for and they had most of my information fubar. If ever to argue with a gf/wife never do it through txt or email do it face to face. If ever to just get a dv charge against you they come and think they can get evidence taking away cell or computer/laptop. I knew 2 guys they did this to. Plus never be stupid enough to set up a website offering animal sex. Stories like this happened to one man he lost his house and farm over it and is spending 7 yrs in prison.

    • squeak077 1 year ago

      I forgot get a vpn. One that works outside of your country cayman islands. I use this at a free wi fi spot when sending personal things. Now they have a site online if you add location you can see every place you ever went to. Plus there is a site for people that even tracks how fast you were going in your car.

    • adam 1 year ago

      If it’s the guy I think you are talking about – to be fair, he was a bit of a jerk, to everyone, including local judges and law enforcement, so they had a boner for him for years.

      • squeak077 1 year ago

        as an article on tor i read reads by the federal bureau of intimidation they busted a cpl and the article reads they did not care what they got only that they were convicted tracking their ip address even with a vpn using a thing called. nit

  3. feetflats5 1 year ago

    Wikipedia says:

    Guidelines for choosing good passwords are typically designed to make passwords harder to discover by intelligent guessing.:

    -Use a minimum password length of 12 to 14 characters if permitted.
    -Include lowercase and uppercase alphabetic characters, numbers and symbols if permitted.
    -Generate passwords randomly where feasible.
    -Avoid using the same password twice (e.g., across multiple user accounts and/or software systems).
    -Avoid character repetition, keyboard patterns, dictionary words, letter or number sequences, usernames, relative or pet names, romantic links (current or past) and biographical information (e.g., ID numbers, ancestors’ names or dates).
    -Avoid using information that is or might become publicly associated with the user or the account.
    -Avoid using information that the user’s colleagues and/or acquaintances might know to be associated with the user.
    -Do not use passwords which consist wholly of any simple combination of the aforementioned weak components.

  4. Author
    saikan0 1 year ago

    Thanks @heroe1206
    Its the most important thing, and the most forget for all user… If combine this with the tips of our Goddess Cupcake give to us little mortals in her other post, we can be secure againts the extreme fans and leechers who trys to know about our K9 PET Goddes lovers of this or other sites. And for ourselves. If you do… can be cool

  5. heroe1206 1 year ago

    Hola @saikan0 muy buen post, y muy importante para toda la comunidad. protejan su identidad. 🙂

  6. Author
    saikan0 1 year ago

    I still remember my Basset hound couple, and I have a great smile to use that image for my post. Who approve my post, Thanks for give me a great smile

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