ArtOfZoo - Oh My Dawg! - dog sex movies

The delicious Monica returns, and has not lost her loving touch!

Producer: ZDT
Models: Monica with Kujo
Running Time: 30 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo - Oh My Dawg! - dog sex movies

Delicious Monica meets the new boy, and flashes us that smile…


Some of you – like me – will be delighted at the return of this superb Lady. She’s taken a break – actually, apparently she had said she didn’t want to make doggy movies any more. Well, it’s not the first time we’ve heard that one eh 🙂 That doggy mating tends to grow on a Lady. An, IN a Lady, of course.

A little break seems to have done Monica the world of good. She is looking mighty fine, with a little extra padding to highlight those scrumptious curves – not too much, just enough. What’s also very nice, is that the Lady seems to have dropped her trademark pout and is a much smilier, bubblier Monica. Actually, I was quite fond of that pout (what can I say, hard to resist a cold hearted Lady) 😉 But it turns out, happy Monica has a very cute pouty smile that is quite irresistible.


ArtOfZoo - Oh My Dawg! - dog sex movies

Lucky Kujo! The envy of many a chap (or Lady of course)…


This session, Monica is breaking in ZDTs new boy. He’s a young boy, a little smaller than Sam. Perhaps ‘slightly less dog to handle’ is the reason Monica is in brighter spirits? (Actually it turns out he’s pretty well hung after all). Anyway, the Lady parts those thighs, and Rover gets his first taste of the Monica flower. She plays around with him affectionately, offering him that ass to die for. What is quite amusing, is the look on this boys face at being presented with this epic female. He has a complete look of surprise, as if to say ‘for me???’ – as if he is dreaming and might wake up at any moment. I reckon I would have the same look, in his position 😉


ArtOfZoo - Oh My Dawg! - dog sex movies

“What, is it Christmas already?…”


Speaking of positions, Monica hasn’t forgotten hers. Offering her sex to the new boy, he is not quite as experienced as his older bro Sam. He’s glancing over at ZDT behind the camera, and back at Monica, as if to say ‘this can’t be for me – really, all for me?’ Well, eventually those first-night nerves give way to pure doggy lust, and his red doggy cock is spearing into Monica’s hot wet recesses just the way we like.

Monica takes a knot as beautifully as ever, that mojo always looks awesome buried deep in the Lady. A few drops of doggy dew splash out as he lets go his load into his lover – then the knot pops out, and sits nestled between Monicas labia as he empties his remaining seed inside. Our Starlet plays with her clit, as it moistens with the jizz dripping from inside her. No big splash here (though, a lot has drained out onto the floor as you will see) – though, given the enthusiasm with which the Lady was tweaking her button, I’d like to think she came and soaked his sperm up into her womb. That is always a pleasure to see.


ArtOfZoo - Oh My Dawg! - dog sex movies

It all comes ‘flooding back’ to Monica, and she takes that knot like a charm…


The first mating complete, Monica spins round and takes the new boys cock between those succulent pouty lips. Expertly licking, kissing and suckling on the doggy tool as he spurts the cum that didn’t make it up inside the Lady. Now, we know that those lovely Latin Ladies aren’t quite as expert as doggy sucking, as they are doggy fucking (how could they be?), and yet there is a playful, affectionate vibe to this suck scene. Monicas smile comes peeking through here and there as she works that dog cock with her mouth, showing that the Lady is indeed having a good time.


ArtOfZoo - Oh My Dawg! - dog sex movies

What a superbly attractive Lady – and kissing the dog cock isn’t hurting any 🙂


That ends the first scene – but not before a couple little bits. Call me old fashioned, but when Monica stands up, with those legs, that ass, and just the hint of Pet Pussy peeking out from under her dress as she wipes the dog cum from her mouth – well, that bit is kinda hot 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Oh My Dawg! - dog sex movies

Tell me that hot bod ain’t doing it for ya 😉


There is a short interview at the beginning of this scene, and little bit of chat at the end, nice to hear the Lady talking to ZDT as doggy licks her freshly-loved flower. “Delicioso” she whispers to her furry lover as he licks her – hot Latin Pet Pussy dripping with dog cream? The Lady is almost certainly correct 😉 I don’t have the translation at the time of writing, but we will get the movie subtitled for you as usual prior to release.

Then onto scene 2. Up onto the bed this time – and I catch myself going ‘uuuh’ out loud at the view of THAT FUCKING ASS! Man I am such an old perv 😉 Well, Monica will keep on having that ass, what can I tell you?

With the ‘panties to one side’ style that many of us enjoy, Rover licks Monica into a state of readiness for the love to come. The Lady has grown a little splash of fuzz since the last session, which I’m sure will be a hit with exactly 50% of you (according to the poll we took on GG) – the rest of you folks, I am sure you can live with it. And, the Lady is clean shaven in the first scene, so a ‘little something’ for everyone. And what a nice little something it is.


ArtOfZoo - Oh My Dawg! - dog sex movies

Kujo helps get the Lady wet – coz this time he means business!


A little amorous foreplay as Rover gets the hang of things – then slam! as his cock sinks into that hot pussy once more. Monica takes it a bit harder this time, moaning a touch as the knot locks his sex into hers. The creamy white dog cum looks great splashing down her dark Latin flesh and fur. With his knot buried, doggy pumps the Lady a touch more before settling down to fill her up once again. Rovers ass twitches as he shoots rope after rope of jizz into that dreamy Pet Pussy. Some comes oozing out, then Monica toys with her clit again, as the knot starts to unlock and ease out. Not quite yet though, seems he has knotted her a bit harder this time. Who can blame him?


ArtOfZoo - Oh My Dawg! - dog sex movies

Kujo sinks a harder knot into Monica’s Pet Pussy during their second mating…


Finally the lovers unlock, with a nice gush, and a splurt of lovejuice. Never let it be said that Monicas pussy isn’t perfect for getting that dog jizz, coz it surely is. There is a short, quick suck at the end of this scene, but the angle is a little off, and Rover seems to be dealing with a rather big erection and wants to waddle off and investigate. Plenty of sucking in the first scene though so suck fans won’t be disappointed.

Great to see this Lady back with us once again, Pam and Monica are our most-requested ZDT Models – and now we’ve had both! Aren’t we lucky 🙂 Enjoy seeing Monica breaking in the new boy, Oh My Dawg, that Lady is really something… enjoy 🙂


ArtOfZoo - Oh My Dawg! - dog sex movies

Yep – that’s what Monicas pussy can do with a nice dog cock!



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    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      …”Who? Who is but the form, following the function of What. And What She is, is a Lady in a mask… I’m not questioning your powers of observation, I am merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked Lady who She is…” 😉

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      Adam 2 years ago

      Hi please contact Support – if you are speaking in a different language please tell us.

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    Great and outstanding performance of monica, you can see that she really likes jack. The side-shot is amazing but unfortunately a little bit short – she has such a perfect position, and her moaning drives me crazy. It would have been great if we could see a bigger view (more distance) of her being mounted.
    I am looking forward to her next movie.

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    I realise now why this movie has its name!
    OH MY DAWG!!!!?
    Monica has the face of a angel and the body of a goddess. Oh my god!!
    This girl drives me crazy!!
    This video is a must buy, zdt strikes again with outstanding camera work and monica graces us with her glory!
    The moment she lifts her skirt revealing that perfect peachy bum sent me into orbit! She has really ripened with age?
    I love how she fondles with kujos balls tempting him to enter, and with a few tries he does. I love deep knots, but i love to see a knot popping half out with a tight pussy clutching on.
    Im quite jelous of kojo to be honest!
    Muchas gracias zdt for giving us a long oral segment in this one. Monicas pink lips wrapped around kujos cock is a delight to watch,
    but occasionally i found myself gazing at her ass arched in the air. But i loved the oral with some knot sucking too!! Blissful!!
    Please follow the same in further productions zdt, i do like a good bit of oral
    Second scene on the bed is another playful encounter with kojo sinking deep into monica. In the last sucking scene zdt shines!! He got the perfect angle of monica as she finishes off this movie.10/10 unmissable action
    Zdt, pleasure as usual
    Monica I love you?

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    I bought Monica new movie and was pleased. It was great to see a new dog from zdt. Kujo reminded me of that little Rex the wonder dog, because he seems like a lightweight, until show time! Hung and frisky. The pooch looks so happy to get inside Monica. She has this mischievous playful attitude that makes me wanna smack her plump little cheeks. I wish she was shaved bare for the whole movie. Great knotting and camera work. Well worth it.

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