ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women

“The Lovely Sonya bids us a Beautiful Christmas Goodbye…”

Producer: Dachat
Models: Sonya with Kuryakin & Co.
Running Time: 34 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


So Gang, it’s been so manic around here lately I have not even had a chance to look at Sonyas movie, until now. That, is one hell of a Lady. Handing you over to Song2, he will do the rest 😉

Alright folks. Here’s the next supreme quality animal-porn-movie of our most talented producer Dachat for you to enjoy. Sweet Fairy-like Sonya is back for another round of passionate doggy sex. And oh boy, how I longed for another appearance of this definition of Slavic beauty…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


The movie – which is shot in crystal clear image quality we know from Dachat – starts with Sonya taking a stroll in her lingerie in a public park. And it doesn’t take long before she feels the urge to get rid of the last little pieces of fabric. And seeing Sonya standing fully naked in the middle of a public scene is something I will keep in memory for a long time. You should expect her to be at least a little bit nervous or shy. But this little tease enjoys being exposed. You can clearly see that this is her natural state and this is what gets her aroused: Being naked and presenting her little shaven peach for all the world to see. She parades around and ensures that everyone gets a good look at that perfect ass and flower of hers…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


Next scene shows us sweet Sonya walking down an apartment floor fully naked. When she arrives at the window at the and of the floor she finds a trapped butterfly. Being a true animal friend, Sonya releases him to freedom. Then she stands on the windowsill and plays with her honeytrap so that everyone passing by the building can clearly see what she is doing. Such a naughty girl.

Now that she is wet and ready for some petlove, it is time for the entrance of our dog protagonist. Dachat threw in an exciting new feature by equipping Sonya with a go-pro camera attached to her forehead. So we get some POV pussy-licking shots. It feels really up-close and personal. You almost feel with the Lady when the long doggy tongue caresses her peachy flower. The dog for sure cannot get enough of her taste and the lady knows how to enjoy his attention…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


Being a true romantic the dog insists on a kiss before going on with the action and you can really feel the chemistry that is going on between Sonya and her lover in this kiss. The sight left me speechless. This must be one of the most erotic kisses in pet-love-movie-history! The way she opens her lips for his tongue shows how involved she is in the situation. And for our Lady Members: there is a go-pro-shot of this too. So if you ever wondered how it would look like to receive a wet kiss from a dog get this movie and you will see…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


After the kissing Sonya gets on all fours to receive some more licking from behind. It must be heavenly to eat this perfect ass and silky flower. And the dog is a true connoisseur giving Sonya everything he got. For her everything left to do is to close her eyes and give herself in to his twirling tongue, panting and moaning to spur him on. She is just so sexy and authentic enjoying herself. I could watch this forever…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


But this is not what Sonya has in mind. She is looking for the real action. The two lovers get on the bed where Sonya presents her ass and flower to him to mount her. With the experience from her last time she guides the red pecker into her hungry slobbery pet flower. And the dog hits the right spot right from the start with his thrusts making the beautiful moan and scream. Unfortunately he is to impetuous in his passionate fury so the knot doesn’t quite slip where it belongs. Nonetheless he makes her squirm and scream pumping his hot canine sperm into her womb. She feels it burning deep inside her perfect body and the pulsating prick knocking against her cervix lets her dream of puppies while she ecstatically rolls her eyes…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


The pull out is explosive and Sonya proudly shows what the dog gave her: All the nice white stuff creaming this peachy fuckhole. Politely the dog cleans her flower with his tongue.

Sonya knows what a good bitch owes to the dog that ignited all the lust between her long legs. She takes the still pulsating and squirting red prick between her lips and sucks it deeply. Her mouth is overflowing with doggy semen, the white liquid is dripping from her chin. The girl is an expert sucker craving dogcum and she employs all her skills to get as much of the sweet nectar as possible. It is fingerlicking good…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


Part two of the movie starts with Sonya returning to the flat with a nice shepherd dog. This time she jumps right into the action. As a nice details, she left her white sneakers on. This adds a false innocence to the picture of Sonya being thoroughly fucked by the hound…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


Again the doggy prick sinks into her peach in no time but this time, the Lady goes the whole mile taking the knot as She should. The shots of her face in pure ecstasy while being filled to the brim with doggy spunk will make you fall in love with the girl. And her facial expressions during the pull out of the knot is something every pet love aficionado needs to see before the nextlife. It is hard to describe how passion, light pain and horniness form a mélange in Sonyas nearly perfect lineaments that would inspire a Michelangelo to restart his work on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel. She is simply such an angelic creature with this knot buried deeply in her flower…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


And for the closeup of the glistening red ball of dogmeat breaking free of the tight grip of Sonyas honeytrap, it is just perfectly captured. Apparently though the horny girl soaked most of the cum into her uterus when she orgasmed so hard because there’s just a tiny trickle of sperm running out her hole.

No wonder Sonya is not satisfied with this since she is craving the white stuff so much. So she licks, kisses and sucks the red rocket to get as much sperm as possible into her mouth.

Again: my compliments to the Director: The undershot of her chin dripping with dog sauce is really nicely done. Since the couch got a little bit dirty with doggy sperm and saliva Sonya has to clean it up with her tongue…


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women


Guys, this is a great movie with a beautiful Model, great canine performers and an experienced Director who captures all the nice action for you perfectly. Get it. Period.

Sadly this will be Sonya’s last movie for our community. So come on, let us give a the parting celebration she has earned for Herself. Let us make this movie lightning through the Download Buffer! Do it for Sonya!


ArtOfZoo - "Off the Leash" by Sonya - animal sex with women




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  1. smes01 2 months ago

    An exemplar of petlove that one can love.

  2. SibirienRUS 8 months ago

    Sonya, ты супер! Видео на пляже просто класс! Хотелось бы еще видосов на природе или заброшенных зданиях постсоветских лагерях или ещё было бы круто в затанированном автобусе где то в городе. ❤

  3. Kathie 12 months ago

    Yes Sonya is one of the best, she is so hot and such a nice shape,amazing. What happened to her ? i heared some rumors

  4. purespirit 1 year ago

    What an exceptional girl and a exceptional movie.
    I love this girl…
    Hope to see her again and again, with a lot of animals…
    Sh’es so lovely.

  5. Hotta2trot 1 year ago

    Why are there hardly any American or Canadian women making movies?

  6. ganymedeseunuch 1 year ago

    The production was clearly by an experienced guy(s).
    Are any done outdoors, which is much harder, of course?

    One wonders if there is a convention among zoophiles on the tattoos? Location, color, paw size/shape/etcetera?
    Is there a window decal that (discreetly) signals other “lovers”?

    A fun movie. I recommend it! — Great work Sonya! Thank you. 🙂

  7. MBZooL 1 year ago

    This Movie is really the best ive ever seen. So worth it!

  8. 1 year ago

    sonya it’s back! Awesome! 😎

  9. Wheels2112 1 year ago

    The facial expressions from Sonya made this movie worth the money!! Loved it!!!!

  10. DOMnOxnard 1 year ago

    What an amazing movie..I know this is her last one but it is a fantastic way to go out. Highly recommend.
    Thanks to Lily and the crew for helping me get it…very helpful and appreciate all you do!!

  11. purespirit 1 year ago

    She’s so Wonderfull !!!

  12. Racer23 1 year ago

    Wow. Sonya is stunningly beautiful. Sad that she won’t be performing anymore. Excellent movie. I love the sex scenes, and I love the exhibitionism scene. Great work.

  13. lonewander 1 year ago

    So sad that this is her last movie,she is a great pet model.

  14. Chekkonen 1 year ago

    Now this was hot. From the beginning to the end, really hot, wow. Her facial expressions and sounds, phew. Really hot action. Did I already say that this was, like really hot? After seeing this, it’s such a shame that Sonya is gone, but I totally understand why she had to be cut out. Anyways though, this movie was well worth the money, and off to the next one we go! 🙂

  15. zoombs761 1 year ago

    Amazing movie! She is very beautiful and did well with both dogs. Sad to hear it was her last movie.

  16. Tom86 1 year ago

    For now, this is the best movie I saw! Sonya is stunnig and the blowjob scene is wow very very sexy!

  17. cj4778 1 year ago

    So sad this is her last film – super sexy girl and great action (good camera work too)

  18. BrianD 1 year ago

    WOW! What a great movie my favorite so far , thanks.

  19. Gustinfx 1 year ago

    the most amazing movie I saw so far the nude in the park, the blowjob. Really a lot of talent in sonya, I hope he comes back. she belongs here

  20. Frankenstejn 1 year ago

    Lot of girls here are “only” nice or normal. But Sonya looks like angel. She have my respect that she go out of the shadow and does what she love.
    Gl hf

  21. zetafun 1 year ago

    you see it and you are hard

  22. slayslay82 1 year ago

    Sonya is just stunning. Love the outdoor nude scenes at the start, very daring. Her sex and sucking is just so hot. Her body is superbly sexy. Shame we won’t see more of her on AoZ.

  23. Kn0ttyKn0t 1 year ago

    Too bad to hear this will be her last on AoZ, hopefully she is not giving up this lifestyle altogether. She is a stunning beauty and she will be missed on future releases on this site.

  24. YomaLee 1 year ago

    Best regards to Sonya,
    It truly is depressing to see a talented individual move on, but I suppose that is the nature of things. You were truly great in your first video here on the site and I was happy to support by purchasing it as soon as I could. I wish such an amazing beauty best of luck and hope you always stride towards better.
    I look forward to also purchasing this one as soon as I can accumulate the funds, as is also [unironically] the nature of things.
    Good luck from Yoma Lee

  25. federodrigo 1 year ago

    la ragazza più carina di tutte… ho perso il cuore! In Italia ha un amico…

  26. 27size1980 1 year ago

    THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVOURITE PETGIRL! SHE IS MY FANTASY ! It’s sad that she is leaving us but completely understandable ! I absolutely love her passion ! I wish her all the best in her endeavours! I shall keep dreaming of her :-)… I will be definitely purchasing this movie as well. Love you Sonya! Every mans Dream!

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Your enthusiasm is admirable Size 🙂 Howeva, this, is not The Wild West. It’s The Jungle. There’s no Beauty Pageants out here. ALL Our Ladies are beautiful please don’t forget it 😉

      • 27size1980 1 year ago

        Adam, I absolutely agree with you. You may have misunderstood me. My comments or should I say complements towards Sonya by no means are to be to the detriment of the other ladies who provide for us..

        In fact I admire what all the ladies (who have contributed towards the survival of our community) have done. But one must understand that certain ladies are found to be subjectively attractive than others and I was merely understating my attraction towards Sonya.

        Trust me Adam, if my bank balance was limitless I would be purchasing all the videos on sale here! The fact that all these wonderful ladies have shed there inhibitions to provide for us is testament alone to the success of the community!

        Keep up the good work! Love you all!

      • cyssou 1 year ago

        thank you adam to make us discover such beautiful women they are all wonderful. please continue to surprise us, happy new year to you and the team at oz you are extra very happy new year.

  27. bacozoo 1 year ago

    I’m sad to hear that this is Sonya’s last movie. I really hope that she will return to the artofzoo constellation, returning to her place as a great star, as well as other unforgettable ladies. She is just beautiful and hot. But I believe the main thing is happiness to have had the opportunity to receive the gifts that Sonya, Dachat, Artofzoo and our dear dogs – their movies: beautiful moments of canine and human love and desire. This is a symbiosis of love, desire and instinct, free from any taboo … simply DESIRE AND ACT. @Adam, my dear friend, I appreciate your explanations, you always using the right words for the right ears. We, the true artofzoo lovers, trust you, we trust the whole team, and your image and canine love. Your project lives in our carotions, because our hearts are the houses of our dogs. Certainly, we will be fortunate to meet other ladies in our walk. For Sonya and yours, I wish you peace and happiness – you are unforgettable.

  28. art30 1 year ago

    Sonya you truly are the queen in this world of pet fun,and it’s no doubt about that you have a good and strong self confidence I truly admire you for that, shame we wouldn’t be seeing more from you but that’s how it is but at least you made one heck of a good bye that’s for sure,wish you good luck Sonya and to all the movie lovers out there just run and buy the movie it’s a masterpiece a big Thanks to dachat asvel 😉

    • cyssou 1 year ago

      all right, sonya puts so much passion into the sex canine, I’m sad but I wish her to rediscover her thirst for love canine again and again. long life to you sonya

  29. 1 year ago

    Too bad how sad…

  30. art30 1 year ago

    Who nows wat the future holds bye the movie and enjoy don’t get angry and pised of lads it’s Christmas 😉

  31. Author
    Adam 1 year ago

    Since everyone keeps asking, I will tell you. Sonya is great, and responded very well to proper direction. However Sonya was not the problem. The problem, is as follows. Bob walks into Apple headquarters. He has an attitude problem, but the girl he is holding by the elbow is quite attractive. Bob has no experience, no track record, but proceeds to tell Steve Jobs how he should be running his company. And if fucking rude whilst doing it. What do you suppose happens next? Make Bob the new CEO? Or, throw him clear out the door and tell him to fuck off. You decide, because that is what happened, we don’t put up with that shit I don’t care how cute your female friend is. Not when we have beautiful Ladies around the block already. Unfortunate though, since Sonya is very nice. Sadly, it’s almost invariably the ‘background dude’ that makes the problems. Not the first, and certainly not the last.

    • 1 year ago

      What a wonderful video, beautiful images and what a sensational woman. She is hot.

    • 1 year ago

      You should only be careful to put pressure on other women, because if one feels wronged it can affect others to feel the same. The truth is that there will always be an asshole wanting the biggest slice of the cake along with the icing on the cake.

      • Author
        Adam 1 year ago

        We don’t put pressure on any Ladies, they are free to come and go as they please. Unless they are causing problems of course, in which case we will ask them to leave. But as I said, it’s usually not the Lady making the problems. We have a lot of couples here, where the guys are great. Supportive, reasonable. They don’t ‘feel threatened’ by me or other dudes – no need to anyway, since it is my personal policy to not rub another chaps rhubarb. These guys, stand by their Ladies and are quite visible. And are quite content to revel in the delight of their Ladies, and let Her dance.

        Then there’s the ‘hiding guy’. You won’t see that guy, until it’s too late. They will pretend to be the Lady half the time. Oftentimes, such a couple pretends to not be a couple at all. And you’ll only find out about the background guy, when he darts out from under the bed to snap at your ankles for not getting any attention. Which is silly, because you can’t give someone any attention when they are hiding. Fact they are hiding, not present, and putting their Lady out there on the front line while they lurk in the shadows unseen – I never really liked that. It’s like, ‘in the event of a situation I can slip away with my hands clean and leave the Lady to deal with the shit’. And believe me, we have had that happen. Whitney Wisconsin was a good example. Pretending at first to be a single Lady. Then it slipped out she had a boyfriend lurking. Which, essentially makes her a liar, and someone we can’t trust. People we can’t trust, put our Members at risk – which if you know about Whitney Wisconsin, you will know that she’s been busted about 3 times so far. So chucking her out was a good call. And invariably is.

        Fact is, to all ‘background guys’, if you want to enjoy some of the Kudos that your Lady is getting – stop hiding in the shadows, and be present. Then people will get to know you, like you, TRUST you, and you can join in the fun.

        To the other kind of guy, who ‘wants to produce for us but also for every other Tom Dick and Harry out there’. We don’t do that sorry, policy – no record label, no Actors Agent, no team athletic coach etc in the world does this, and for good reason. We don’t ‘got your back’, so you don’t got ours. That ain’t teamwork I dunno what the fuck that is. I will be writing a little something about TEAMWORK, LOYALTY, and COMMON SENSE, shortly, coz apparently some people can’t seem to get their head around it…

        • Author
          Adam 1 year ago

          …actually, having re-read that deleted comment, I think maybe I read it wrong and overreacted. English, may not be your first language man – and it is Christmas (though, I am not a fan of movie input from Members with no payment history). Problem with reading comments first thing in the morning and in a shit mood 🙂 I will rephrase my previous comment. “To be clear”… 20 years, not a single Model, Owner, Producer or Crew Member ever hit problems, while with us. Emphasis on “while with us”. In fact, on a number of occasions, Ladies rescued from problems caused elsewhere – rescued by us and our Members. So yes, care should be taken, and care generally is. There was not much ridiculous about Whitney getting busted – kids eat at McDonalds and don’t really want to walk in on off-the-rails nutjobs dildoing themselves in the corner. We do public stuff too, but not right in peoples faces, where they can see it, and report it – obviously. Sorry for deleting your account mayne – unfortunately we are not able to restore deleted accounts, but you are welcome to re-register and no hard feelings 😉

    • song2 1 year ago

      Well explained Adam. It‘s a shame we had to lose such a nice girl again over the problems of her boyfriend. Sonya will be missed. But as you said: there are many more strong and beautiful ladies in our community who will step out of the dark to be the next stars of AOZ. Farewell Sonya and all the best for you.

    • zetafun 1 year ago

      Thank you adam for your trust and your frank words. I can understand that you reacted that way.

    • DrHard 1 year ago

      In the porn biz, they are called the suitcase pimp

    • art30 1 year ago

      Totally agree with you Adam kick the dude out that door like Arnold Schwarzenegger would have done 🤣

  32. Gustinfx 1 year ago

    But what about you? first I get super excited to see the new sonya movie and then I want to cry when reading that it will be the last time we will see it. you can’t lose an actress of sonya’s level, what a shame. Congratulations @dachat your work is impeccable. I hope that the sales buffer triggers quickly since my confidence level is low and forces me to wait 🙁

  33. Chiquitin13 1 year ago

    great christmas gift Dachat and administrators!!! but at the same time, so sad to hear it’s goint to be Sonya’s last movie….. :””(.. why Sonya? we love u……

  34. NichtNormal 1 year ago

    Die schönste Frau die ich bisher gesehen habe.Einfach ein Traum…..

  35. HornyToad420 1 year ago

    WOW! and WOW! She is hot to the touch, I only wished that she wore some heels tho. But none the less, its hot!

  36. damien2010 1 year ago

    Merry xmas 🙂
    Great thanks to Sonya and Dachat!

  37. nokia3220loco 1 year ago

    Porque la última??? 😔

  38. Tepau 1 year ago

    So glad to see a new movie with Sonya and so sad to learn it’s her last one. Why, oh why? 🙁
    Anyway, thank you Sonya for these (too short) moments with us!

  39. Mikecor 1 year ago

    This looks absolutely amazing so beautiful! Got to get this movie!

  40. art30 1 year ago

    Sonya you truly is the queen of dog porn it’s so sad that we would not see more of you 😭 you will forever have a special place in my heart I wish you all the best in the future

    Best regards to you Sonya 🤗from art30

  41. 1 year ago

    super bir film

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