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This is the fantasy of my first time…

I nervously adjust my skirt as I wait for the door to open. It’s a black pencil skirt paired with an emerald green blouse that accentuates my red hair. I’m not sure why I made myself up so much. It seems silly in retrospect as I knock on the door again.

The door opens and a man smiles at me. “Hi. You must be Nikki.”

I smile back and he invites me in after a brief exchange. He continues chatting while leading me to the living room. I find myself wishing my husband was here, but remind myself that I want the first time my husband watches to be flawless. If I am honest with myself, I am also here because there’s something exciting about being alone at another man’s house… something forbidden. Which is ultimately why I am here at all. For the excitement of the forbidden.

Ted calls Atlas over to introduce us. A beautiful German Shepherd trots into the room confidently, his tail swinging as he approaches. I scratch his ears and neck as he nuzzles and smells me as I remain sitting. My pussy moistens in anticipation. I’ve watched videos and read about how it’s supposed to go – how it happens when everything goes right – but I know it doesn’t always go right. I suddenly feel awkward and shy.

I look towards Ted for guidance. “I’m not sure what to do next,” I tell him.

Ted tells me to act natural. He then encourages me to let Atlas smell my pussy directly. He reassures me that Atlas is experienced and will know what to do. I just need to let it happen. I ruffle Atlas’ head and then remove my skirt, revealing my lacy green boy shorts. My pubic hair makes a dark shadow under the lace, but my pussy lips are shaved smooth. I quiver in anticipation, leaking my wetness into the fabric. Atlas shoves his nose into my crotch and sniffs deeply, his tail wagging vigorously as he inhales the scent of my sex.

I moan softly as he presses his nose into my puffy lips and licks. My arousal is overpowering my ability to think. I open my legs to provide better access, which he eagerly accepts. I close my eyes and enjoy Atlas licking and pressing his nose into my crotch. Ted senses my desire and suggests I remove the panties. Obediently, I comply and Atlas rewards me with his tongue. It’s rough and sensuous all at once. I need more. My mind races as my body moves of its own volition. I slide to my knees and open my mouth as I reach a tentative hand under his belly.

Atlas’ tongue flicks out into my mouth at the same moment my hand feels the heat of his cock beginning to poke out of its sheath. I keep my mouth open, letting his tongue inside as my pussy leaks juices down my legs. Overwhelmed with the need to submit, I turn around and lean over the couch seat.

“Please, fuck me. I need you to fuck me hard,” I beg the dog.

Atlas sniffs at my exposed cunt lips that are swollen with hunger. I ache to feel him enter me and sway my hips.

“Come on, boy. Take my pussy. Fuck your bitch,” I beg.

I look up to Ted in desperation, hoping that he knows some command that will make Atlas mount me and thrust himself deep inside my pussy. Ted grins wickedly down at me. “You’re a horny little slut, aren’t you? Beg for his dog cock. Beg like the dirty slut you are.”

“Please, Atlas. Please fuck me with your dog cock. Fuck my cunt with your dog dick and fill me with your cum. Make me your bitch, Atlas. Make me your fuck toy…”

I can barely stand the hunger between my legs. My slit is glistening and fully open to accept cock. I am fully in the grasp of my animal lust. Atlas licks my cunt as I beg. His tongue rakes across my lips as I promise him anything if he will just fuck me. I beg. I plead. And then I offer my submission to Ted if he will make it happen.

Ted sits down on the couch with his cock directly in front of my face. I open my mouth and lunge for it. When the head of his dick presses against the back of my throat Ted gives the command I’ve been begging for. “Mount! ” As my mouth swallows Ted’s cock, Atlas jumps on my back and begins thrusting. I feel him poking as he searches for my hole. Ass or cunt, Atlas doesn’t care which hole he enters and in my lust crazed mind I realize I don’t care either. I just need to feel his dick inside me.

When Atlas finds the opening his cock slams inside of me and he frantically begins thrusting. Ted pushes my head down further onto his cock while his dog savages my cunt. It is better than I imagined. The heat of his dick fills me as it furiously pumps my cunt. His knot begins pushing against my opening. When I had first agreed to have sex with Ted’s dog, I had told him I wasn’t prepared to take the knot. Yet now, with Atlas fucking my greedy cunt hard, I wanted nothing more than to feel every inch of him inside me. And then it happened.

The knot pushed inside me and stuck as Atlas gave a few more ragged thrusts. I felt the knot catch the inside of my pussy and lock in. As it swelled further I felt pressure grow just inside the opening and his hot liquid began spraying inside of me. As Atlas filled my womb with his watery seed, Ted emptied his cum into my mouth. A warm, sticky glob of cum spurted one after the other onto my tongue. I swirled my tongue under his cock head and slowly stroked his shaft to squeeze the last drops out. As I swallowed his semen, Atlas continued to fill me with his.

I reached between my legs and felt his heat protruding from my cunt lips. Desperately, I found the button I was looking for and began to rub. I came within seconds. My body shook as the unswallowed remains of Ted’s cum dribbled over my lips and onto my chin. A thin stream of warm liquid began bubbling past the red ball being gripped by my over-stimulated pussy. I was his bitch and he was filling me with his cum. I knew then that this was what I was meant for. I began rubbing my clit again as the puddle of dog cum grew beneath me.

Ted climbed off the couch to admire the dog slut in his living room. As I reveled in the sensation of Atlas, Ted explained how I was going to drink all the cum being sprayed into my cunt. I eagerly agreed. He explained how I was going to suck my cunt juice off his dog’s cock. I said it was exactly what I wanted to do. Finally, he told me that I was going to spend the night and get all my holes filled with dog and human cock. I existed to serve and told him so.

When Atlas pulled free I hungrily sucked his dick clean before lapping up the puddle of his cum on the floor. I then squatted over a glass provided by Ted and let the cum drain from inside me. After I drank the dog seed I offered my holes for Ted’s use. He took me like a bitch – like Atlas had done earlier. Later that night Ted handed me lube. As Atlas fucked me in the ass and my tits shook back and forth, Ted attached a collar and leash to my neck.

I proudly wore the collar and leash around Ted’s house for the next two weeks as he trained me to be a dog slut. I learned how to properly suck and fuck dog cock. How to submit to the dog on command. How to take the knot and clean up afterwards. When the two weeks were over my husband arrived. When he, Atlas, and I got home, I showed my Master what a good bitch I was.

Hope you like it. I’ve never written a story before, so suggestions are welcome.

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  1. mydoghasabigcock1 3 weeks ago

    this was a very enioyable story and would like to read more3 from you

  2. rndy32 4 weeks ago

    that is hands down the best thing I have read on here…so well written and thought out. Nikki you are an amazing person.

  3. zzmoonnatashadog88 1 month ago

    i loved the story it was a very Erotic to read thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. JB73 1 month ago

    That was beautifully and expressively written Nikki, I was so aroused reading that, picturing you in that situation, thank you for sharing x

  5. NiceDreams 2 months ago

    Bravo Nikki, well done! That was very hot!

  6. art30 2 months ago

    Superb story 😉

  7. CuriousCD 2 months ago

    Very well written. This is your first story? Wonderful! I hope you continue to write more. It is such a wonderful way to express these beautiful thoughts. Especially when you do not have a mate yet to knot you as you need.

    As for suggestions… Well, just keep doing what you are doing. Your style is good. And you did not fall into the trap that too many people do, and that is to write one handedly. Too many people put way too much emphasis on the action, and their descriptions. And it is obvious what their other hand was doing! I try not to do that, but sometimes it is hard to avoid it!

    Inspiration is key. It can be found in many places. Like a random thought in the shower or while driving, or in the park when you see that sexy hunk being walked by! I have written a few things based on the naughty thoughts that come into my head while sitting on a park bench. As I crotch watch and look to see if they are neutered or if those kissable balls are still proudly displayed behind them!

    Or I get inspiration from a video or an image. My imagination is very active, so I tend to build story lines behind images that have a certain feel about them. Like, what that look means, the girl is giving to the dog. Or why her and her dog have such smiles on their faces!

    Basically, just keep writing! It feels great to get it out. And even better when people compliment you on your work.

    And I love your fantasy! I think the world needs more cute red headed German Shepherd puppies!

    • Author
      Nikkim70 3 weeks ago

      I appreciate the feedback. Thank you! I’ve got another story under review and have been thinking of where to go from there.

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