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Hello my friends. I will use this Post to offer you all the new foundations that should guide the new doctrine that is born in the ArtOfZoo space. We call it NEOMITRAISM. Everything I write here points to the emergence of a new view of the world, body, humanity, nature and divinity.

This new view is a reinterpretation of the ancient cults and doctrines of Roman Mithraism, especially the most special thing about this religion: the mysteries and the secrets. Everything that lives in this new vision must be secret and shared only with the initiates.


Etmologically, the mitraímos comes from the Persian word مهرپرستی. Mithraism has always been a mystery-covered religion, born long before the Hellenistic Era (probably in the second century BC) in the Eastern Mediterranean. Over time it spread throughout the Roman Empire. In Sanskrit “Mit (h) tra” is composed of: ‘tra’ – which means working instrument and ‘mitra’ means ‘friend’. Miter means, therefore, “contract” and “friend” are not really opposites, since there is no friendship without mutual involvement. This is the etymology that moves contacts at ARTOFZOO: FRIENDLY CONTRACT BETWEEN FRIENDS.


Mithra was an Indo-Iranian deity whose earliest reference dates from the second millennium a. C. The cult arose in India, having spread throughout Persia and later in the Middle East. In a treaty between the Hittites and the Mitanians, signed in the fifteenth century BC, Mitra is presented as the god of contracts. In India, appears in the Vedic hymns as a god of light, associated with Varuna. Wrongly during this period, the sacrifice of bulls was interpreted as part of the worship of the gods.

With the recognition of Zoroastrianism as the official religion of the Achaemenid Empire of Darius I, the sacrifice was abolished. Over time, Zoroastrianism has assimilated elements of earlier pagan religions, including Mithraism. In an inscription found in Susa, dated to the time of Artaxerxes II, it depicts Mitra along with Aúra-Masda and a goddess named Anaita. In Avesta, Mithra emerges as a beneficial god, collaborator of Aúra-Masda, acting as judge of souls.

From the east, the worship of Mithra spread to the surrounding regions.

Original Mithraism reached its maximum geographical expansion in the third and fourth centuries AD, having survived even during the rule of Christianity. The common place of worship in Mithraism was the secret chambers hidden beneath the Roman cities. Despite this, in 391 d. W. Mithraism was declared illegal. This religion has remained dormant for centuries, our time being the time of its rebirth, its moment now.


Miter is the sovereign God, predominates in his thinking rationality, clarity, and dominance, he is calm, benevolent and priestly. Mithra is a god of light, of dawn, the guardian who helps all creatures, omniscient and victorious. The sun is your eye, nothing escapes your gaze. He has a thousand eyes and ears. It is the god of pleasure, joy and fertility, living among fields and herds.

Originally, the myth of Mithras is misunderstood and leads disciples to practice animal sacrifice, especially the Taurus, seen as a sacred animal, symbol of fertility and sexual potency. However, we know today that early in life Mithra refuses to participate in the rituals of sacrifice. He is saddened by the sacrifices. Being a friend to all beings, it is my wish that the beings meet and that this meeting be pleasing to both.


As we can see in the following image, Mithra is depicted as a young man riding a sacred bull. He holds a dagger in his hand. In the picture we see him injuring the bull’s neck. It is a sacrificial act. We can see in all the representations of this sacrifice that Mithra puts his head up or to the side, that means he is saddened by such an act. As said before, he does not want the sacrifice of the bull. He desires your life, your vitality, your virility, your enjoyment.


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The ritual of Mithraism was complex and very symbolic. It included a complex seven-degree initiation ceremony, the last of which indicated that the member had a mystical and direct friendship with the god Mithra. Part of their rituals were baptism, a sacred meal of bread and wine, and ceremonial ablution with sanctified water. There was also burning incense and performing sacred songs. A special date of Mithraism was December 25th. On this day there was a festival associated with the birth of Mithra. It was an astral religion, so each day of the week was devoted to a heavenly body. The sun was the most important of these bodies, as it is a source of light and Mithra’s faithful ally, its day was, of course, the most sacred: December 25th. This day marks the winter solstice, the return of the sun from his long trip south of Ecuador. December 5 was the “sunrise day”, as it marked the renewal of his forces, and the life of man.


The worship of Mithra was performed in temples called mitreu (Latin word). The first places of worship were natural caves. Later, dark, windowless buildings that mimicked natural caves were built. The temples received few initiates. His temple was divided into the following parts:

1 . the antechamber;

2 . The spelaeum or spelunca (cave), a rectangular room decorated with paintings and with two benches positioned beside each wall where the sacred banquets were held;

3 The sanctuary at the end of the cave, where were the image (painting, bas-relief or statue) of Mithras killing a bull.


The central image of original Mithraism is the depiction of the ritual sacrifice of the sacred bull by Mithra. This representation has fixed iconographic elements: Miter appears as the Phrygian cap and looks at the bull with compassion and sadness. In many cases, he looks back to avoid looking directly at the bull. Leaning over the bull, the god places a sacrificial knife against the bull’s neck. From the wound of the bull is born wheat, which represents the power of fertilization of the animal. Beside the bull are several animals: a scorpion that grasps the bull’s testicles with its tweezers; a snake; a dog that eats wheat from the wound; And a crow. Sometimes there is also a lion.


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Mithraism had seven levels of initiation, which relate to the celestial delights: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Most members reached only to the fourth degree and only a minority reached the upper echelons. The seven levels were as follows:

1. Corax (crow). beginner.

2. Cryphius (hidden). For some authors, this level would be Nymphus (spouse).

3. Miles (soldier). His insignia was the crown and the sword.

4. Lion (lion). During the rituals he offered the offerings to Mithras.

5. Persian (Persian).

6. Heliodromus (solar outfall). Their insignia were the torch, the whip and the crown.

7. Pater (father). His insignia — the Phrygian cap, staff, and ring — reminds the bishop.

During the rituals, the initiates wore masks related to their level divided into two groups. Originally, women were excluded from the mysteries of Mithra. But in our new interpretation, women are the center of worship and worship: the priestesses command the ceremonies and dictate the aesthetics of the rites.


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The sadness shown by Mitra clearly indicates the error of the old interpretation. The sacrifice was a mistake. Miter would not kill the object of his love, for love and desire are the center of Miter’s worship of the animal. He is surrounded by animals. Miter desires the strength and virility of animals, whose maximum representation is the bull. In our native reading of the Mitra myth, the dog becomes the center of the image: the dog is not but drinking the ox’s blood, the dog is drinking the ox’s semen, born of the movement of Mithra’s hands.

In the new interpretation, Mithra would be stroking the bull’s erect penis, whose testicle was being touched by the power of the scorpion, that is, the symbol of the dangers surrounding that desire. Every ATZ initiate must bear in mind the dangers of revealing his desire to the uninitiated. The new serpent indicates the sensuality of the priestesses’ movements, they evoke the myth Lilith, who was Adam’s first wife.

The dog receives the Taurus all its virility, all its sexual potency and donates it to the women. The recipient of the sexual act initiated by Mitra is the woman initiated. The dog becomes the provider of love and pleasure.

In the new myth, the bull continues to enjoy, eternally passing his virility to the dog whose desire becomes infinite. The dog governs the new Mitra cosmology in ATZ thinking.

At the origin we see two people next to the bull. In the new interpretation, on the one hand we see Lilith and the snake, on the other we see Claudine de Culam. Claudine is near the scorpion. She was the victim of the danger of that desire. This sacrifice must be remembered by all.

The bull has the living elements (the purified sperm), Mitra masturbates the bull, makes the sperm come and offers it to the dog. This becomes the object of the new cult.


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In the new reading of the myth, the dog’s semen is the symbol of the original bull’s semen. That’s why the priestess drinks it. It relives the original contact with the bull.

In the new myth, a new initiation process emerges, divided into nine symbolic ascents, represented in the verification modes offered by the AoZ website.

This is the new ceremonial ladder that the beginner needs to follow. There are nine steps, each made of a different symbol, each requiring a different mask. In practice, the ceremonial ladder is made up of nine levels of verification:

1. Owner;

2. Experienced;

3. Artist;

4. Female;

5. Teacher;

7. Hero;

8. Site Star;

9. Gaia Crew

Each level has clothing and a mask corresponding to its grade. Like the old Mithraic rite, before being admitted, candidates are interrogated, probed, verified. Your confidence is tested. Your confidentiality is verified. They undergo a series of tests. In the most important test, the initiate must be naked and masked. He must prove his allegiance to the original bull, must bring forth the semen of the bull through the dog. In this ritual he must drink the semen and thus mark his initiation into the space of the new temple. Depending on the level tested, the beginner should perform the love act with the desired animal. Everything must obey the secret rituals of the secret societies. In the new cult, the following are fundamental: masks, nudity, unconditional search for the symbolic sexual pleasure of the animal. The animal is the center of pleasure, it must master the ritual according to its virility.


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  1. Author
    bacozoo 6 months ago

    I want to warn everyone that this is a text in which I reflect on the possibility of a new interpretation of the myth of Mitra. Therefore, the text is my responsibility and creation. Nothing that is written about the new rituals actually occurs. The text is an interpretation, and as such should read read.

    • Author
      bacozoo 6 months ago

      Eu quero alertar todos que esse é um texto no qual eu reflito sobre a possibilidade de uma nova interpretação do mito de Mitra. Portanto, o texto é de minha responsabilidade e criação. Nada do que está escrrito sobre os novos rituais ocorre na realidade. O texto é uma interpretação, e como tal deve ler lido.

      • Author
        bacozoo 6 months ago

        Quiero advertir a todos que este es un texto en el que reflexiono sobre la posibilidad de una nueva interpretación del mito de Mitra. Por lo tanto, el texto es mi responsabilidad y creación. Nada de lo que se escribe sobre los nuevos rituales realmente ocurre. El texto es una interpretación, y como tal debe leer leer.

  2. likestowatchinnc 6 months ago

    Interesting but the idea of a personal deity or a mystery cult is not suited for everyone. There is an alternative though.

    Another option is found in pantheism. This religious tradition holds that the universe is one and all is part of the divine. For zoos this holds special meaning in that all living things are united in the whole. As we are all part of the circle of life there is no reason to not also be physically united through the pleasure of sharing physical intimacy. Such intimacy would be the highest form of affirming the divinity of the Universe and all physical manifestations of the divine Universe. It would be the highest form of worship. In fact the refusal of engaging in physical intimacy would amount to denial of the divine Universe.

    In time the belief would arise that the Universe through its divinity would perform a miracle and gift us with the One who would bridge the gulf between humanity and another species. This miraculous birth from a woman and beast would prove the divinity and love of the Universe. This Being, this Holy One, would give humanity and all creation the wisdom we have always lacked and show us the way to transcend ourselves. Every heterosexual act between a human animal and other animal would be an offering of our fertility to the divine Universe.

    Once a family has had enough children to maintain a sustainable human population the tradition would arise of consecrated woman who offer their fertility only to non-human animals. The males who cannot find a mate within the new faith would serve as a evangelizing force to introduce women to the new faith for conversion. Otherwise most marriages would be within the faith and fertility being one aspect of the faith would encourage large families. Thus growing the faith.

    Just some of my thoughts. I’m interested if there are constructive criticisms or suggestions for further elaborations.

    Blessed Be The Universe brothers and sisters.

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