Ok Gang, by now you should know that we are all for the ambitious projects. Let’s try this one on for size 🙂

As you hopefully know, we have been trailblazing the pet path for over 15 years now.

Keep in mind, when I say ‘we‘, I don’t mean me. I mean we. From day 1, if you folks had not shared that lesson around, I wouldn’t be here writing this. None of this would be here. Supporting ZS, supporting GG, and the development of this site, telling others about our stuff and promoting petlove generally… our work is, and always has been, a rather large team effort. That remains true, right up to now.

Fact is, us 21st Century pet folks are at a crossroads. There’s the Net Neutrality thing looming of course, UK censorship, laws changing all over the place.

But there are a number of other problems with the pet scene, obstacles that prevent it from evolving much further than it already has. For us, it’s time to explore something a little different.

Over the years, many of you have contacted me, somehow stuck in the chasm between fantasy and reality – and how to experience things in safety.

With that in mind, I would like to present The Eden Project. You can read more about that here.

I know some of you will be delighted at the prospect – well, I know some of you are already excited at the prospect because we’ve discussed it 😉

As usual, don’t be shy. A facility like Eden will open up a range of possibilities, and if you have good ideas we would like to hear them.

I will begin a push for good reliable European Owners shortly – in the mean time, if that’s you, please Get Verified as a first step.

Let’s go 🙂




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  1. knottygrrl 5 months ago

    Guess I’m moving to Wyoming lol

  2. alert33 9 months ago

    Go to montana or wyoming their is lots of miles between towns and people are not as nosy lots of dog fun up their in the right places. I would pay to vacation at a breeding kennel lol

  3. likestowatchinnc 1 year ago

    Is not petsex legal in Nevada at the moment at least? An additional revenue stream could very well be offering a service in which various breeds are trained for petsex and offered for sale. Or in the alternative training for the dog as well as the petlady is offered.

    • likestowatchinnc 1 year ago

      As a long term strategy facilities across the globe should be available as interest in this lifestyle becomes more popular and accepted.

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      A breeding kennel would also make quite a nice front for the place. Good thinking.

      That was much the setup of the kennel where we shot The Record. Only difference is, they were kenneling other people’s dogs, and neglected to mention that to us. The owners were not too happy when they found out. The dogs dig not seem to mind though to be honest.

      Maybe someone can chip in with hard knowledge about the legal status of bestiality in Nevada? I lived in Palm Springs when I was a kid 🙂

      • likestowatchinnc 1 year ago

        My recollection is that within the last few years a young women was arrested for having petsex in her backyard. Her charge was public indecency or something similar for having sex where others could see her not for having sex with her dog.

        • Author
          adam 1 year ago

          At the appropriate time, the correct course of action would be for us to contact some lawyers in whatever jurisdiction we are interested in, and pay for the real legal breakdown. One step at a time though 🙂

  4. curiouscd 1 year ago

    I love this idea! I wish I was nt so broke right now. This would be the ideal investment. A dream world!

    And too bad there isn’t one being set up in the States! There must be some place isolated to work. And with favorable or not too harsh laws. Like maybe West Virginia up in the hills, or in the Kentucky hills…

    There are tons of girls who need to find a safe place here. As well as guys and us tgirls!

    Good luck with this!

    • Author
      adam 1 year ago

      I can’t remember which bits I edited out without reading it all again – but the full length version was saying that if this one works out it would be good to do one in the states, maybe Las Vegas? I keep hearing it’s legal there. Would probably have to be an existing Eden patron to be trusted enough to run it.

      But don’t worry. We are getting a lot of messages from people who want to be involved but can’t afford to properly invest. So for those folks we will have some other options available.

      • curiouscd 1 year ago

        Vegas is known for being a wild place. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” as they say.

        Not sure of the legality, but it would not surprise me. I would prefer it to be on the East coast myself, but that’s so my lazy tail don’t have to go quite as far! Though this sounds like it would be well worth a road trip!

        And not too far from California, and all those California girls!

        You would still have to worry about the laws though. Even if bestiality is not against the law, they could charge you with animal abuse. So, not sure if it would be advisable to be a totally open thing. You would have to check with people in the area who would be familiar with the situation. And maybe find a desolated isolated spot. Which would not be hard to do since it is all desert around there. But also bloody damn hot for that same reason.

        I know it is still legal in West Virginia. And there are some areas up in the hills that pretty isolated.

        Or heck, do it in Washington D.C.! It is pretty much a zoo already these days! ;D

        There is a list of states and their bestiality laws somewhere on the Net. I used to have it bookmarked a computer ago. I will try to find it for you.

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