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Every 2 months we aim to publish a network news post – containing any new or interesting stuff happening, new Verified Members – any nice petfun our Members are having. Really anything interesting happening with us and our Members, we’ll pop into the news update.



We have a LOT of Members on our network. It’s not always easy to get seen – especially if you have not filled your profile in properly. There’s you, with your new Verified badge, and looking to make new friends.

With that in mind, each news update I like to introduce our new Verified Ladies and Owners, by posting a nice pic in the update. If you are an Owner – a pic of your boy(s). If you are a Female, a nice pic of you looking mighty sexy. 🙂 Pics should be SAFE – i.e. no faces (though, we can crop faces out easily), nothing that will easily identify you. A straight up pussy pic is choice – nobody’s come up with a vagina-tracking system so far. You can take a look at a past update post, to see the kinds of pics other people post.

You don’t HAVE to submit a pic for the update – but if your aim is to make new friends, it’s advisable. The Mod who verifies you should ask you for a photo at the time, sometimes Mods forget – or sometimes you will plan to send one later, and you might forget. I’ll put up a link to this page when I’m doing any updates, to remind everyone. Just drop me a message, attach one or a few nice pics, and I’ll add you to the news post.


Maybe you’ve been verified for a while, but would like a bit more exposure? No problem, send me a few new pics that our Members have not seen before, and I will try to squeeze you in. I’m sure I can find room 😉



Many of you are getting up to some wild times with pets. I’ll often collect nice action pics, from Galleries, through the month ready to put into the next update.

If you have some nice action pics you’d like to go into the site news posts, feel free to send them to me. Same as verified folks – just send me a message, with any pics you’d like to go in. If you have video clips, I can grab screen shots from your clips. Keep in mind there’s a file limit on the messenger – if you get stuck let me know. Again, I’ll put up a reminder for all this, when I’m getting ready to do an update.



Some of you are doing nice artworks. Some of you are making leather stuff, sculpture, graphics – K9CockLover does a nice line in dog cock cookies 🙂 ANYTHING pet-related, fun and interesting, that will give the update a bit of colour – send me a pic. I can’t promise to include everything that everyone sends – but stuff I don’t quite have room for in 1 update, I usually roll over to the next update anyway.

Also, our regular Verified Ladies. Some of you Ladies are quite active with the snapping photos. Some of these photos are really amazing. I know some of you enjoy the feedback – if you have some nice pics that might look nice in the update, drop me a message. If you’ve already posted them in your Gallery I’ve probably grabbed them already – but just in case, you know where I am 🙂


Thanks Gang – your pics, submissions and such make a big difference to the updates and the site generally. Keep up the great work!

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