A Mans Sexual Encounter With A Wild Dog Beastiality Zoophile Dog Sex Story


The sun was already low in the sky and I was only some miles from the cusp. The wind was starting to quicken around me, whistling through the shrubs and it soon became clear I had to turn around mid-hike, leave that cusp for another day, and return to town before dusk came falling.

The climb down was steep, daylight was rapidly going from the hills in front of me, and way in the distance, the lights of the town were already dim and quivering.

It was when the sun was already lost beyond the western hills that he appeared, a vague silhouette at first, then gaining in definition as he jogged my way, gallant, coming to his full size. I crouched on the slender path, trying not to move, and observed him, a large-sized dog, long-haired, yellow, with deep black eyes—I couldn’t quite believe my luck. I held my hands out for him, and he immediately approached, sniffed my hands with his wet nose, licked my arms with his rasping tongue. I immediately felt a tingle running through my body, running slowly and throbbing between my legs.

The thought came, fleeting, like a flutter of nerves—could I let him take me right there, in the middle of the hike? But I knew I had to at least wait until dark, let the night shroud us, let our passion be invisible.

I somehow knew I had to be both safe and take risks if anything was going to happen at all, so I laid down on the grass, hoping he would stay there with me.

Almost dark by now, I knew I could only hope that he would follow me down. I stoop up, patted the dust from my clothes, and leaned down to give him a big kiss on his head. I turned around, started down the path, and after a few seconds, heard his paws over the trail, loudening my way. He chose to walk in front of me, to guide my path. Short of breath and with a heavy heartbeat I followed him down the hill.

We got to the house well after sundown. I had been renting a house in a secluded part of a countryside town for the past days, enduring lockdown, and getting away from the frantic life of the city. This was the last night of my stay.

All throughout the walk, I was waiting for the moment when he would run free, speed into those hills again. But he stayed right by my side, showing me patience.

The house was silent and cool, and he stepped in like it was his own dwelling, confident, sniffing every corner, then went to lay down on the grass.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was thinking he would stay with me forever, that we had crossed paths not by coincidence, but more by a crossing of fates, that the trail on the hill had brought us together, as friends and lovers.

I went into the bedroom and then into the closet to change clothes. As I took my sweaty and dirty clothes from the hike off, I could feel my burning skin, my warm genitals, and a sort of premonition struck me—I walked out to the bedroom naked.

It seemed like he had the premonition as well. On the bedroom’s carpet, I could see his large silhouette, no matter how dark it was. I could hear his canine breath.

I made my way towards him with slow steps, stretched my hand through the dark, felt for the softness of his fur. His body was warm and placid, docile. He let me touch him as I wanted to. As I kissed him all over his body I could feel the rise and fall of his breath.

Slowly, lust came over me, I started kissing his mouth while touching myself, then I ran the hand I was pleasuring myself with to him, down his belly, then right between his legs. The slightest tug made him thrust his hips wildly. Then I knew he wanted it—I gently pulled his rocket from his sheath, I let him grow to his full size before letting him lay back down. I then adjusted my body next to his and feeling how his cum splashed on my body, I put my mouth straight onto the tip, took it all in my mouth. As I sucked, I put my genitals near his face, and he was happy to immediately return the favor.

We came in each other’s mouths, and then laid there, all the night through—the warmest dog-human cuddle.

Through waking dreams, many in the middle of the night, the sole feeling of his fur on my skin was enough to make me want more, to take his rocket again and let him bathe me underneath him.

We woke curled up together, deep in a puddle of our cum.

It was time to leave, to take him to a new life, a life with me, where the previous night would replay every night thereafter. We would live in that puddle of our cum.

But reality came down crashing, as he wouldn’t get into the car. No matter the whistles, the kisses, and the words, his sight was straight towards the hills, the hills where I had found him.

I knew it then. I had to let him go.

I crouched down one last time, he came over and licked my face. Then I opened the gates. He was off, in the blink of an eye—my yellow-haired lover raced back into the hills.

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  1. MartinReisa 4 weeks ago

    Muy buena historia. Pintaste un cuadro de amor de verano pero esta vez sin chica… sino un amor K9 de verano que se va, de vacaciones, de sensación de libertad y sin ataduras… me gusto mucho. Yo me hubiera anudado, y es que yo amo los amores salvajes… Espero tu próxima historia, y gracias.

  2. Loupeznik 1 month ago

    Zajímavé čtení…

  3. Bramin 2 months ago

    Such a beautiful, touching, sentimental and romantically bitter-sweet story.

  4. k9cocklover 3 months ago

    That was so beautifully well written. You have a way with words and painted a lovely picture of your romantic evening with that handsome pooch. Thank you for taking us on that enjoyable ride with your holiday lover.

  5. CheyZan 3 months ago

    I love your story hun 💋 would have been awesome to be there with you

  6. LadyX 3 months ago

    Beautiful writing and really love it.

    For me it was like a poetry with dancing with words in capturing the k9 lovers moment and I see a very romantic side hiding inside this writer.

    Love it 💋💋💋💋💋 specially the small sensual erotic description words.

    Look forward to reading more of your work.

    Lady X💋

    • Author
      K9DG 3 months ago

      Thanks for the sweet comments… it’s a true story too

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