ArtOfZoo Virginity Lost to a Labrador

For several years my husband encouraged me to write my memoirs. Although I’m never shy to discuss my tastes or my sexual practices with anyone, writing it all is not easy you will agree. Still, he finally convinced me to write some parts.

I’m Martine S. , born on 1 January 1960 of a terribly severe Italian mother and a Spanish father often absorbed by his work in the fields. I have a brother who is 5 years my elder. I am from a family of farmer, my mother took charge of our education, strict unforgiving, she was to say things once and never forgive anything. From a young age, she introduced me to work on the farm. The little that we did allowed my father to work in factories, which provided a fixed salary for the whole family.

Being quite a brilliant student, often cited as an example by my teachers as my thirst for learning was the results of my good grades; at least my conduct allowed me to stand out from my little friends.

I was around the age of 14 when, without realizing that an essential phase in my life would begin and revolutionize my little life of little girl that I started being afflicted with bleeding that really made me aware of my anatomy and pleasure that I could feel while caressing my privacy. Pleased that I did not hesitate to reward myself when I had the opportunity and they were numerous.

As strange as it may seem, in these moments, I never thought about sex with a man.

The reason was simple; I had simply never been with any more, I had a boyfriend who made me fantasize about the idea of him unbuttoning his pants. This did not prevent me from introducing myself as the handler of his property which increased in size. The pleasure of touching obsessed me much, to the point where the desire affected me both morally and physically. During my masturbation I quickly realized that the penetration of my little hole excited me even more, but by fear that my mother can find one of my undergarments all wet, I got used to wearing them as little as possible.

I was 15 when my mother, before leaving for work, advised me to clean the room of my brother, who for a few months was doing his military service in Germany. Thus, in a cupboard carved in the wall under the shelf that served as background, I discovered the secret of my big brother. Several magazines and porn books, bestiality was on display, initially surprised by my discovery, I looked through the covers and although all the books were written in German the photos were explicit enough for me to understand the content. Throughout the pages, I discovered a world completely unknown to me until then, whether the genitalia of men, the texture of their seeds, through various types of penetrations experienced by women, and of course bestiality in its smallest details .I’m sure if someone had told me about all this, I would have felt disgust at the mere idea.

But there I was dazzled, fascinated at the sight of these women mating with dogs, horses, ponies and even pigs. I closed the cupboard and I decided to return to my room on the second floor at the other end of the house with my treasure.

Photo after photo, book after book, like a blank page my brain was being filled by the thought of an animal pleasing me. We had two dogs, a Labrador and a German shepherd. Determined to offer myself completely to one of the two dogs, I went down the stairs in a hurry for finding the one who would spoil me. The most reassuring part is that it was never to be known by anybody, the dogs were not likely to go brag about it.

But before I continue my story, it is important initially, to understand the sexual anatomy of the dog. I’ve been practicing bestiality since that day and I think I have in 34 years of it, acquired a certain expertise in this area.

The dog’s penis is proportional to his size. Thus, the genitalia of a cocker measuring between five and six centimeters in length to about two inches thick, while that of the great Danish varies between thirteen and twenty centimeters in length and four to seven inches thick. I insist on the diameter, which is crucial for the good reason that the dog penis is very different from those of men.

Dogs are not held back by their foreskin; it is designed almost like the human penis’ head, red and very sensitive. This lack of foreskin is due to the ability of their penis to remain hidden in their pelvic cavity when not erect. At rest, the only visible part is the sleeve, which is covered with hair. In erection, the penis is pointed and its head boils down to a circular hole. Another key fact is that dogs in erection ejaculate early and continue to ejaculate until the end of copulation. Dogs of the biggest size can make fifty to a hundred times more sperm than men. Finally, the dog is provided with a knot, also called baculum, and when this last mounts the female, the base of his penis slowly begins to swell. He begins to move quickly to push the knot inside the vagina and when the knot is introduced, the dog stops moving while his dick continues its expansion until it is impossible for him to withdraw from the vagina. This phase of the canine intercourse is called the link. The function of the node during the link is to provide a large deposit of sperm, enough for insemination to be made easier.

The normal intercourse generally lasts between five and fifteen minutes, but may continue for up to forty-five minutes.

To summarize and understand what differentiates and makes the penetration of a dog incomparable to any other, is that the baculum or node of the dog can swell until reaching the size of an orange therefore enclosing the penis into the vagina and completely filling it with sperm.

The edge of the vagina expands fully to mold itself around the node. All the sensitive points located along the vagina such as the G-spot, will be exposed and will be plated and rubbed, caressed through the link with this ball. While at the same time the vaginal wall covered in sperm feels every stroke of the cock and the jolts of his stutter.

I went upstairs a few minutes later in my room with Sultan our Labrador who had followed me wagging his tail. Determined, excited, I pulled up my dress, I squatted beside him and I began to whisper to him bluntly what I expected from him; the more I stroked over his cock stirring rapidly. I was thinking about the pictures and the obscenity of the acts that I wanted to perform, and this only increased my excitement. After a while I laid him on his back and began to rub and scratch his belly, becoming closer to the sheath. I did not want to scare him so I proceeded with caution. I believe I have acted sensitively, because when I began to massage his sleeve frankly, he began to moan softly and quickly saw the tip of his penis. I continued my caresses, and watched his limb grow. It was very  red, sharp and humid, and of a large size. I touched his cock. Sultan stiffened but did not attempt to escape or turn around, then I began to come and go on its stem, gently at first, and frankly shaky thereafter. His erection was really big, thick, and scarlet.

Sultan went back on its feet and began to sniff my butt. I got up and put my ass on the edge of the bed, legs wide open, he advanced his nose toward my crotch; I was thoroughly moistened, and the smell of my vagina more than likely incited him to lick, and I mean long viscous laps. My vulva was soon soaked with canine saliva. Sultan bustled about my vagina with enthusiasm. He pressed his nose against my hair and his tongue explored every nook and cranny of my pussy. Breathing more heavily, I switch back slightly spreading widely in my buttocks to submit my little hole which he also blessed with his lingual caresses.

The feeling was divine. I was surprised to emit small cries muffled as tremors shook my appreciation and perineum up my spine. After fifteen minutes of intensive play, I was shaken by a first orgasm and found myself on the edge of a second. I was in the paradise of bestiality cunnilingus. Still blindfolded and trembling, he then tried to straighten me up but in a fearful reaction, I pushed him away and got up abruptly.

Poor Sultan looked at me with a look crestfallen and bewildered. It was so touching after a moment’s reflection looking back at pictures I decided to ease the jitters as he returned the favor. I then lay back on the floor, inviting the Sultan to join me. With my help, the big dog is posted above me, his swollen cock dangling around my face. I began to lick his tool, first on the tip that I was sucking and then gradually throughout its length. He seemed slightly overwhelmed and appreciative, he lowered himself facilitating my task and I decided to suck a mouthful. As soon as I started pumping, Sultan ejaculated a clear liquid, slightly salty, which probably was not semen but a kind of lubricant. The liquid was flowing in small quantities but continuously. A little later, the flow intensified and my mouth overflowed with semen. Surprised, I let go quickly, almost stifled by the powerful and abundant stream that I spat out somehow then I received sperm on the face, hair and breasts.

I sat for a few seconds to catch my breath; Sultan simulated the comings and goings of a mating male with his partner, stiff cock bobbing in all directions each projecting a jerk spurts of semen on the ground. I got on all fours, my cheek against the floor and pointed out my asshole. Slightly dismissing my thighs, my vulva parted offered and Sultan presented himself, sniffed my mold and began to climb. He rested his paws on my back and rested his penis against my vagina; at that moment I instinctively took my hand to guide him and he inserted the tip of his penis between the lips of my wet pussy.

It is only after this first contact that I really understood the extent of my action; he was really penetrating me, clinging around my waist with his front paws, the dog held me so strongly that I had little hope to free myself. Then I yielded to panic, tried to free myself, but I did not weight. I trembled with fear, regretting my bitterly daring animal. I sobbed resignation, tears streaming down my cheeks. And despite my apprehension, I had the reflex to open legs and arching his back therefore involuntarily offering myself to the projection. I felt my pussy open up, like a flower blooming early. Helped by my submissive attitude, Sultan began his penetration. He leaned heavily on my back, adjusting his position to obtain maximum effect. I felt the hot tip of his penis rubbing on my vulva, teasing my labia, warning me of impending intromission. Still a little shaky, I bowed my head and looked between my legs. I jumped. In this position, his cock was stiff and still dripping with semen, I felt the immense proportions. How could I cash the assault of such a thing?

I do not know how my pussy was able to swallow his cock, but I was convinced to be dilated up. I began to cry, more of fear than pain, but his genitalia continued to advance in my quivering vagina. It was only halfway there and I was already filled. I opened my legs as best I could to facilitate the maneuver, but I could not do much. Panting like a dog, I was seized with uncontrollable erotic frenzy. My fears had evaporated; I was more of a gaping pussy enclosing a rod and in complete excitement. I wanted the dog to put it on me, fill me. The experience remained unsatisfactory and incomplete as his dick is not disproportionate to the hilt down. Sultan was exercising himself there so I found myself quickly skewered, his balls dangling over my dog labia. My pussy clenched convulsively, his sting swollen when I allowed myself to have another orgasm. I was getting wetter; plenty of anticipation at the thought of the pleasure Sultan was providing me. So I yelled! Sultan Kiss Me! Fuck me like a bitch! I shouted, not caring to be heard by potential workers from the warehouse located just below my room. He was about to make me howl like a female in heat and the possibility of being caught naked and mounted by a Labrador was then the least of my worries. Sultan captured my enthusiasm. He made his penis boost more and more frantically. Biting the inside of my cheek with each thrust, I sighed contentedly as he bluntly pounded my little pussy. My breasts dangled indecently, and when I leaned my head, I could see firsthand how my labia had stretched and could also see slobbering canine semen shamelessly leaking down after each withdraw of his penis. Despite all this mess, my pussy was burning under the friction of the cock that came and went constantly accelerating faster each time. He kept pounding it gain and again, I lost track of time, all blended into one shapeless mass of primitive impulses. I reeled in a frenzied climax when the Sultan succeeded in introducing the node penetrating deep within me. He paused as his balls mashed against my clitoris.

I then felt the canine penis grow inside of me. Coming out of my stupor, I suddenly realized that it was his node swelling. I would be bound to him! The knot swelled and swelled, stretching my vagina in a way that was still unknown. I shouted, and writhing under him, trying to dislodge my vagina, but without success. Sultan remained without much effort lodged in my womb. I screamed when the node had reached its peak, dilating my vagina to the maximum. His baculum must have been the size of an orange. I dared not lower my head and watch, for fear of fainting at the sight of this gargantuan penetration. My lips twitched at the base of the node, the hugging in a convulsive caress. The dog was securely attached to the silky folds of my private parts and was not to withdraw until I, his mate would be flooded with spunk. I resigned myself to my fate and leaned against him. His breathing quickened when I felt powerful jets spilling my guts. I started enjoying it, my pussy sucking his cock like a hungry calf seeking milk. Sultan was pumping my pussy slightly more, projecting in powerful streams, and then finally stopped. Its node then sealed my sex to perfection, not shedding a single drop of semen.

A Labrador is identical to all other dogs and the link would help ensure its posterity, enough to implant his seed. I held my head, fearful of my mother telling me that I was pregnant after an unfortunate accident canine. She probably would send me give birth to these puppies in hell.

During the whole length of this intercourse, Sultan continued to ejaculate, so much so that I saw my belly swell! Exhausted by the ordeal, I waited twenty minutes for the node to loose its puffiness. Finally, the Sultan had finished with me and came out with the slobbering sucking noise. There I was,  still in position of worship on the floor, every limb of my being trembled while flowing out of my pussy was a stream of cum, creating a puddle opalescent on the wood floor. Too exhausted to move, I collapsed on the floor and bathed in sperm, in the fetal position. I was distraught and had sticky canine semen drying on my thighs, my belly, my breasts, my chin, my cheeks, my nose, my hair. Also as gentle partner, Sultan licked tenderly all cum covered parts of my body.

I remained motionless with eyes closed inhaling the smell of his cock spread over my face, I had the impression of floating in thin air. I parted my legs to examine with my fingertips the state of my pussy and with no surprise I felt so dilated that I could not help but sit down and contemplate it. I realized only then that I was no longer a virgin, becoming his bitch had made me a woman !

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  1. puppyluvr 3 days ago

    Martine,Thankyou for sharing your lovely story with us.I as well lost my virginity to a dog while growing up on the family farm.Our stories are quite similar to one another.

  2. k9austria 2 months ago

    Ohhhh, wie ich diese geile Geschichte genossen habe. Ich möchte so gerne einem Rüden den Schwanz blasen und mich dann von ihm anal ficken lassen bis der Knoten groß und dick angeschwollen meinen Schließmuskel verschließt … und mir der Rüde sein Sperma in meinen Darm spritzt. Dann möchte ich den Knoten noch 15-20 Minuten in mir spüren …

  3. spiked46 5 months ago

    That was a great beginning. Very sexy thanks for sharing.

  4. thrillkill 7 months ago

    Great, thanks a lot for sharing your life with us! Wonderful!

  5. lovedog1234567890 7 months ago

    What a great pussy! I can eat and fuck this lovely meaty pussy for days !!!

  6. er1c 7 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this with us ! My story is quite similar, but I haven’t yet spent the time to write it all in such length of details !
    I’m waiting for it to be reviewed and published before I can edit it to add details …

  7. 6saturday9 7 months ago

    Wonderful read. Am sitting here with a lump in my trousers!

  8. fredofen 8 months ago

    Yes I enjoyed the lab Sultan story very much. Thank you

  9. mrdpgirth 9 months ago

    What a terrific story! You sound like a sexy woman!

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