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I want to suck a dog’s cock. To feel its pointy red tip pressing against my lips. Sliding through them and forcing them apart. Their delicate softness providing gentle friction and pleasurable sensations to my mouth lover’s thick veiny shaft, as it glides over them. The contrast of textures adding another level of sensation for us both.

His rigid hardness against my yielding softness, as my mouth opens wider to accommodate his ever increasing girth. Testing my mouth’s limits as I attempt to take him a bit deeper with every bob of my head down upon him. My goal of pressing my lips against that sexy knot of his!

Adjusting my angle and loosening the muscles in my throat. All for the sake of taking his entire member deep into my mouth where it should be. So he can enjoy my mouth as if it were a bitch’s vagina. For it to please him more than any other’s bitch’s vagina. To make him desire it more than any other bitch’s vagina, and to prefer using it over any other bitch’s vagina! And most of all, for my sticky and delicious reward! The ultimate goal of all oral sex.

Pleasuring him in a way that he would never ask for, or even dream of before my servicing of him. And that he will forever be in need of from now on! And will always eagerly get! The extreme luxury that most dogs will never know.

Poor doggies. I wish I could help them all!

Turning myself on, as much as I am him. Feeling sexier than ever before, as I push the limits of my sexuality, my femininity, my purpose in life. Making contented noises to match his groans of pleasure. Passionate hums, whose vibrations further driving him wild. Feeling myself squirm as I can barely contain my other needs. Tingling all over my body. The needs to be filled by him in every way possible! And the need to get him off, and taste his seed as it erupts down my throat.

To satisfy my need to be submissive to him, and to feel his eyes as commanding over me. To feel the thrill of him demanding and ordering me around for his pleasure only. To know I am expected to look down and lower my head when he stares at me. To totally be his bitch in heat.

All my senses filled with him. Overwhelming me from every angle and every facet of my being.

The feel of his hard cock on my soft lips, and his soft fur on my face. Of it gliding across my tongue and forcing its way to the back of my mouth where I have to restrain my gag reflex and open wider for it to reach as deep as it can reach.

The sight of his long red veined penis as it disappears into my face. The engorging knot which is getting closer and closer with ever bob of my head. And of his furry testicles which are filled with yummy sticky goodness, which I can’t wait to swallow!

The smell of dog fur, which gets more intense and muskier the closer to his crotch I get! Full of his pheromones which drive me further into heat for him! And the potent smell of dog sex, as his slippery precum is leaking from that pointy tip into and overflowing my mouth, then dripping down my chin. A smell that would be unmistakable to anyone nearby. And that will linger on me for the rest of the day.

The sound of him panting heavily and fast. Groaning in new sexual ecstasy. As he quickly nears his limit! And making me hot from the pure animalistic sex noises that I know I am causing! The click of his claws on the floor. As he dances with anticipation of his impending orgasm. Unable to keep still, and needing to freely unload! The wet slurping and smacking sounds of that giant phallus sliding into and out of my precum slicked mouth. Of my suction on him. Teasing him ever closer to completion.

The taste of his cock, and of that wonderful precum that is now coating my taste buds! Unlike any semen I have ever tasted before. Quickly making me addicted to it! Salty, coppery and bestial in flavor! Imprinting itself on me, as a new craving to obsess about, and think of during the day. And stoking those deeply held instincts to breed.

Getting even more excited as I think of it. Of what I am doing, and of what soon awaits me. My sticky reward for being a good girl! His angel of mercy, his loving mate, his bitch! For fulfilling my feminine duties, by causing a male to achieve climax inside of me and being inseminated by him. For fulfilling my reproductive instincts by receiving a hot load of fertile semen from an attractive mate. And ensuring that he will be eager to deposit as much as I can take, by mouthful or pussyfull, in order to enhance our chances of producing offspring together. The thought of which driving me ever wilder with desire!

Feeling my mouth become sloppy wet from his precum, which further lubricates and enhances my efforts. Knowing that my actions are having the desired effect on him. Knowing that I am doing it right. That he is feeling good because of the stimulation and sensations of my mouth upon his genitals, my purposeful actions and tender loving touches.

And knowing that the feeling is purely sexual in nature. Not at all about a master and her loyal pet. But as in the intimate bonds between two lovers who rejoice in the sharing of sexual feelings with each other, as well as bodily fluids! A bitch pleasing her Alpha! And eagerly confirming her place, and her role in this wholesome and beautiful relationship. How romantic!

That his thoughts are completely sexual towards me and what I am doing for him. That I am now a sexual object, and outlet for him to use. And that he will see me in a sexual way from now on. As his bitch mate, and future mother to his puppies! And my lips as another thing to give him pleasure, and to use to get off into.

Not as master, but as lover. Not as equals, but as his subordinate. The lower one on the pecking order. The one who obeys. The female who is to mounted and shown her place, repeatedly. The one who takes the cock. As the bitch.

Starting to taste his essence as it shoots onto my tongue. Swallowing as much of it as I can. Bobbing my head a bit faster now and getting into a nice rhythm. Feeling him tense up as he gets closer to his climax. And closer to ejaculating!

Reaching up behind his enlarged knot, and gently encircling it with my hand. Applying a bit of pressure behind it in order to get him totally off. As if he was knotted in a bitch’s tight pussy! My lips are against his knot. Kissing it, in the most intimate and loving way. I keep them there so that his doggy cum will shoot down my throat, where it belongs, and not be wasted. I ready myself for what I am about to receive! Tingling all over as I am about to climax myself, just by the joy of milking of his doggy cock, and the thought of all that hot canine sperm that is about to flood into my mouth, and down my throat!

Then, feeling him start to twitch and throb as spurts of hot doggy ejaculate shoots into my mouth, coating my tongue in sticky and tasty dog sperm. Being overwhelmed by the salty and coppery taste of his canine love fluid, as I am orally inseminated. Receiving spurt after spurt of his hot puppy making seed. Swallowing as much as I can, with it overflowing and running down my lips and dripping from my chin.

Fully aware that I have allowed an animal to ejaculate into my mouth, and am swallowing it eagerly and happily. And nothing will ever change that. That I have caused it to by my own free and eager will. And by my base lusts and deeply held desires. The passionate love making of my mouth to his canine cock ensuring that I am now, and forever will be, the girl who gets dogs off with her mouth, and gleefully swallows semen from animals. And also fully aware that I will never forget this exotic taste, or any of the other sensations, nor will I ever want to! And will relish this memory and seek to experience it over and over again!

Patiently staying in position with my hand on his pulsing knot. My lips firmly against his knot, gently sucking as his cock throbs with every ejaculation, and every sticky spurt of dog semen. Until he is finished, and those beloved furry testicles have been thoroughly emptied of all the yummy doggy sperm he had stored up in there for me. And that most of it is now swimming down my throat where it belongs, where it rightfully should always be, or glistening upon my face! Withdrawing from my mouth with strands of thick dog cum connecting us from cock to tongue.

Looking in amazement at this thing of beauty that has somehow fit into my mouth and given me the pleasure of servicing it. Then taking it back into my mouth to clean all his sticky sperm from it like a good bitch should do for her mate. Licking the entire shaft until it is perfectly clean.

Then as a thank you for the wonderful gift, I gently press my lips against those beloved furry testicles, in a loving and passionate kiss. Licking them, and getting their musky taste in my mouth as well. Vowing to never allow them to become too full for too long. And to take responsibility for draining them as often as possible.

Satisfied with a job… a blow job well done! And looking forward to when he recovers enough to satisfy our other urges and needs! To experience a proper breeding with that throbbing dog cock, pulsing deep within me and yet another sticky serving of dog sperm. This time for my womb, and my eggs! Which will hopefuy be fertilized by him!

And forever with a knowing smile, as I crotch watch the dogs in the park, or at friend’s houses. As I imagine how they would taste too! And being able to compare the tastes and experience. All while my panties secretly getting wet at the thought of them. Well, maybe not a secret to those sexy hunks who can smell my excitement for them! My heat for them!

Hopefully I can find compassionate owners who desire their dogs to be given that level of care by such an eager little bitch as I! And who genuinely wish for their furry friend to receive the attentions of a loving bitch and to enjoy the pleasures of mind blowing orgasms like they get to.

And to fulfill My Tasty Desire!

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  1. curious1952 6 days ago

    Great story. I wish I could trade places.

  2. alexandra2018 1 week ago

    Love it

  3. varvara 2 months ago

    Великолепная история! я чувствовала всё также остро и будто сосала я кобелю член.Мне это нравилось и я хочу быть такой доброй,ласковой,любящей сукой для других кобелей!

  4. isharmin666 2 months ago

    great writing…. passionate

  5. knot4me22 3 months ago

    Beautifully described and written. I too feel similar thoughts when sucking my boy so absolutely loved it.

  6. temerariozoo123 3 months ago


  7. muttmuffin 3 months ago

    Love the story and i would love to learn to suck and help owners with their dogs also

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