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My neighbor Samantha and I had promised my stepson a show that he’d remember for the rest of his life. We were not only going to have kinky sex with each other but also allow him to watch and record our action, we were going to fulfill his every dirty request, regardless of how nasty or disgusting those requests might be. We were going to be nasty and do nasty, just for the thrill of it, ours and especially my stepson Scotty.

So, here we are in a harshly lit hotel suite. Samantha, Scotty, the three family pooches, and I occupied a rather tacky room in a cheap hotel.

We started with a little exhibitionism. For just a few moments, Samantha and I sit on the edge of the bed, flashing smiles and pussy for Scotty and his camera. Sensing impatience from Scotty, we moved pretty quickly from there to some more nasty stuff. We’d brought my two dogs and Samantha’s only dog to the party, Max, Joe, and Sam.

“It’s gonna be a mother fucking doggy gangbang.” I said to the camera.

Samantha had already started the show. The biggest dog Max was roughly licking her pussy while she played with the dick of another. Scotty was simultaneously shooting the video and jerking his dick meat, as we started our little act.

With a dirty grin on my face, I got the third one down and started to play with his dick. “Watch closely Scotty!” I smiled at him while jerking.

Slowly I pulled Joe’s glistening red dick out of his furry sheath. The Retriever’s cum started to spurt out as soon as the dick was halfway out. It ran along my hand and started to dribble down the floor. The first really big load came when the dick was out completely. I tried and succeeded in wrapping my lips around the dog cock to catch the full load, the dog cock was spraying heavily and was filling my mouth with its squirting nastiness.

I could see Samantha sucking her big dog’s cock and having her pussy lapped at the same time. Both of our slut mouths were full of hot doggy dick and puppy cum. We kiss for the camera after letting all that dog cum run down our throats.

“Your Stepmom loves sucking doggy dicks.” Samantha said to the camera.

“And swallowing hot doggy cum too,” I said, as I savored the nasty dog goo in my mouth.

Samantha looked at my Scotty and said in a teasing, sing-song tone, “Your mommy’s a doggy cum slut!”

Scotty was really having a difficult time, jerking his cock and shooting the video at the same time. I smiled into the camera at him and teasingly asked if I was “a hot enough Mommy slut for him.” All he could do was shake his head and motion toward the other dog’s dick. I knew exactly what Scotty wanted from his mommy.

I was able to reach the other dog’s cock with my mouth as I leaned forward. And just as I did, it started to squirt some very juicy, clear precum into my mouth, which I gulped while looking at the camera. So here I am sucking a dog’s cock and savoring his thick milky goo while being watched by my stepson! I’m such a mommy slut for my boy!

The big thing was oozing and squirting more than anything I’ve ever seen before, and we sucked and sucked and sucked, passing that hot dog meat back and forth between our mouths. Without warning, I felt something else warm on my shoulder. I looked around and saw another of the dogs was pissing on me.

“Oh no, I’m getting a doggy golden shower.” I teased for the camera as Scotty scrambled to capture it on tape.

It just took me a second and I got turned around with that dog’s pissing cock in my face. I got under his leg and let him piss in my face.

“Good boy Joey, give me all of your hot doggy piss. Make Scotty’s mommy suck on your pissing pecker meat!” I said just before I opened up and took that hot, pissing dog cock into my mouth.

“You are such a good doggy Joey, come on, give your slut Mommy some more hot doggy piss to drink. Make Mommy your doggy piss slut! You too Scotty, your Mommy wants to be your piss slut too!” Samantha said to Joe and Scotty.

I swallowed without any hesitation, as Joey squirted his salty piss into my mouth because it was the nastiest thing I can think of to do.

“Drink it, mom.” I heard my son say. It shot out in little jets, I sucked out and slurped down the doggy piss right from the big hot puppy pecker. When the dog was finished pissing into my mouth, I tried to suck him hard again, but he wasn’t interested. I could get a few more little spurts of hot dog piss for my efforts and then offered Samantha my mouth for the taste. She, of course, had a very large mouthful of doggie cum, so when we traded, it was a nasty sight. We both got back to trying to satisfy that last, still squirting big dog cocks before us. They squirted and shot and we sucked and sucked.

“Now, what do you say about a little fuck, Joey? Come on, fuck your mommy Joey!” I laid down on my back and invited Joey by patting my spread pussy, I wanted him to fuck me in missionary style

“Come on boy, it’s time to insert your dick into mommy’s pussy!” I said smiling

Joe didn’t need that encouragement. Before I had finished saying it, he was with me and was pushing my legs apart. He mounted me immediately without any further guidance, and after only a few thrusts he stuffed my cunt with his big red cock.

I moaned loudly at his first poke. The pulsating hot piston was making its way deep into my wet hole. Then I could feel it leaving my throbbing cunt again, only to be pushed in again even harder. Faster and faster Joey drove his cock into the hot pussy of his mistress, adding his precum to my already overflowing juices. I was screaming every time when Joe shoved his spraying dick into my pussy. I opened my eyes and saw his face. His mouth was very close to mine.

“Ahhh, come on, my boy! Kiss me! Ohhh fuck! Your dick feels sooo good in my pussy. Ahhhhh! Come ON! Lick my face and my mouth!” Saying this, I raised my head a little and licked over his snout.

Immediately he returned that kiss and started to lick my tongue himself. I opened my mouth to let his tongue enter mine. I could feel such a deep love for him at that moment. Each time his tongue was completely in my mouth I closed my lips about it to let it then slip out past them. Quickly I opened my mouth to let the rough and hot dog tongue in again. It felt a little like I was sucking his dick. I had to be careful with my teeth while doing that because my whole body was shaking with every thrust of his cock.

When I was cumming, I released his tongue out of my mouth and pushed my head back to gasp heavily. It was such a powerful orgasm. Joey continued to lick my face while I was cumming. And still, he was fucking me fiercely. I wrapped my legs around his waist to push him even deeper into my cunt.

Even the swollen knot was entering my hole now at each of his pokes. But it always popped out of me because I had spread my legs so wide and the entrance of my cunt was not very tight. I climaxed again before the first orgasm was really over. And then I came again and again. It was like a constant orgasm.

“Wow, that was great.” I looked around to see what Scotty and Samantha were doing. Samantha is having her share from Max and Sam and she was sucking Sam while Max was plowing her from behind. And Scotty was having his video recording fun, focusing on what Joey and I were doing.

The show was almost over, and we started to wrap up the phase of the evening’s festivities as I got the spectacular ending I needed. Before cleaning up, we treated Scotty with some pussy eating shows and lesbian piss-drinking games that turned into way more than that.


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    Excellent opening. Can’t wait for part 2

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    WOW that’s hot

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    🥰 zelo okusno

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