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Our family dog was a Dalmatian. He was always playful but never aggressive like the neighbor’s dog. I decided he would be a good answer to my newfound desires. I was always the first one home each day so I knew I would have a little time each day to experiment with him. This day I led him into the basement and got naked with him. We lay on the floor together and I moved up behind him in a spoon position. I began gently petting him every so often brushing against his sheath. After a bit, I focused my caresses on his sheath rubbing it slowly at first, then grabbing his cock at the base of the sheath, stroking him and he began to thrust against my hand. I quickly worked his cock out of its sheath and began jerking him behind his knot as he thrust wildly shooting precum everywhere. I moved around him, so we were laying face to face now and his cock began swelling in my hand and spraying my stomach and cock with his seed. I put our cocks together and rubbed his cock all over mine covering it in semen. His knot and shaft fully swollen now I held him against my cock feeling his pulses against my shaft. I put one leg over his body as I pressed mine against his hugging him as he covered me in his sticky seed. I began thrusting my cock against his in the rhythm of his pulses until I finally brought myself to orgasm mixing my juices with his. I lay there for another 20 min while he continued to spray me with his seed until his cock went soft and slipped back into his sheath.

For months, at least 3 times a week, I found myself in the basement experimenting with my dog. Once he knew the routine he would greet me at the door daily tail wagging, ready to play. As soon as I headed to the basement he knew what was going to happen. For years I played with him we eventually got to the point where he would mount me on command pounding my young ass for all it was worth. I never let his knot get in me though. It was the size of a lemon and my ass was still a virgin at the time.

At one point, much to my dismay, my family decided to move to another city and leave our dog behind because he was getting old.  We got to our new spectacular house and to my surprise my dad had gotten us a new dog! He was a Weimaraner. We took to each other right away. He was a very high-strung purebred, and always frantically running around. Once we were all moved in and I found myself alone with him I decided to see if he was going to let me play with him. I sat down next to him as he stood next to me, I began to caress his cock out of its sheath. He didn’t know what to do at first but once I started stoking him his instincts kicked and he humped my hand. I quickly moved to suck him feeling his jets of cum filling my mouth as I swallowed as quickly as I could. I learned that the tip of a dog’s cock is the trigger to orgasm once he was fully blown. So, whenever he would stop making semen I would rub the tip and he would begin to jerk again shoot more jets of cum. It was a wonderful partnership and he was an amazing dog to train. If I knelt down in front of him with my cock out he would begin licking me right away until I came, then he would lick up every drop and clean my shaft. Good dog! As I became more and more into having dog cock in my ass we would have several sessions a week training him to mount on command and I would make sure I held him in me until he was finished and went soft. Even though I was becoming more and more curious about how it would feel to be tied as real dogs do, I was always scared that the knot would kill me.

One day, I lay in the living room waiting for my mother to leave for the store fantasizing about my dog and being naked with him after she left. Trying to hide my hard cock from her was difficult with me in my shorts. Finally, she left. I checked to make sure she was gone and quickly made my way to the garage with my dog in tow. Dropping to all fours he quickly mounted me poking around my backside jumping on and off of me as I teased him and made him chase me and grab me and try again. Finally, he found his way home and began pounding my hole like crazy, his paws digging into my flesh as he held me by the hips. As his cock began to grow I reached behind and kept his knot from getting in. As his thrusts subsided and my breeding began, he slid off and turned while I held him in me. Both of us panting now on that hot summer day, his seed pumping deep into me. We were both lost in the moment. Suddenly the garage door began to open! It was my mother returning way earlier than I expected. I stood up in a start and hauled ass into the house. Hoping she didn’t see me but I knew she had to see our dog, standing in the garage cock throbbing and shooting seed all over the floor. Shaking all over I rushed to get my clothes on and greet her at the door to help with groceries. Hoping she didn’t see anything I played it cool and offered to help. She seemed completely unaware of our session as I helped her unload the car. The dog was in front of the car, licking himself soft which she did not see. Whew! I was so lucky. Needless to say, I was a lot more cautious from that point on.

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  1. Wildt2k 4 days ago

    awesome story and hot

  2. Amberjh 1 week ago

    Very nice

  3. Woodlandglade 3 weeks ago

    That was a very nice story

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    Awesome .

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  6. Helen57 1 month ago

    Bardzo fajne….Swietne początki..

  7. katejim 2 months ago

    Great story, I love hearing of your experiences. They sound wonderful.

  8. LadyX 2 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣 your mother arrived early, lol. It had me smiling and laughing at the end and your smart thinking and naughty cheeky boy.

    Love it 👄👄 great reading and I’m sure many members will too.

    Look forward reading more.

    Lady X 👄

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