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The Neighbor’s Dog

I used to always walk the neighbor’s mixed-breed bulldog who was always humping someone’s leg including mine. I never paid much attention to him until I saw the pack of dogs breeding the bitch. After that, all I could think about was how I could get this dog alone. I walked him every day for my old neighbor but always out in the open.

Then one day the opportunity presented itself. My mom was shopping my brothers and sister were all at school or practice and I went over to get him early that day. I walked him as usual but this time I brought him into the house. As I stood in front of him petting him it was like he knew I was curious and began humping my leg. I saw his pink shaft poking out of its sheath and I knelt down to see more as he moved off my leg. I reached under his belly feeling his growing dog cock inside its sheath. His knot was full-blown and I was trying to get him fully exposed but couldn’t. I decided to let him calm down and reset. Once he was relaxed I grabbed his cock in its sheath and began jerking him as he started to hump again I pulled his sheath back fully exposing his pink veiny dog cock. He was spraying precum everywhere as he humped wildly against my hand. I was amazed at how quickly he became fully engorged and his knot became full-blown.

I held him at the base of his cock as his humping subsided watching him spray jet after jet of cum on my arm and the floor. My cock was also fully engorged! I took it out and held it next to his letting him spray his semen all over my throbbing cock. I used his juice for lube as I stoked myself, as I rubbed my cock on this tip of his cock so he would spray more of his juice onto me. Both of us reeling with pleasure my head swelled up and I unloaded a massive load of cum all over his cock. Both of us breathing heavily I released his cock so he could clean it. To my surprise, he began to lick my cock clean first lapping away at my shaft and head I almost came again! Then laying on the floor licking his massive cock until his orgasm subsided and it slipped back into its sheath. I pulled up my shorts and walked him home hoping no one would notice what we had done.

All I could think about that night is all of the things I could do with him if I could get him alone more. I woke the next morning with my cock stuck to my shorts. I must have had a wet dream the night before. I quickly showered and went to school. The day passed so slowly as all I could think about was walking the neighbor’s dog and where I could get him alone again. Then it dawned on me, the storage area in our garage! It was closed and secluded.

I picked up the dog and walked him straight to the storage area. He knew what was going to happen as soon as I got him there. I took off my pants and kept fighting him off of me so I could get on my knees. Once I was there he began humping me anywhere he could. I grabbed his cock again masturbating him until he was fully engorged. I spun him around and held his cock by the base letting him spray his seed all over my cock and balls. I needed to taste him! I put him in my mouth and tasted my first salty dog semen. It was amazing! I couldn’t get enough! After sucking him and swallowing him for a while I decided to experiment.

I turned facing my ass towards his cock letting it spray my virgin hole, pushing the tip into my ass just a little at first. Feeling his cock throbbing and spraying inside me was too much to handle. I slid down his shaft planting him deep into me as I stroked my swollen cock. The feeling of his continual pulsing and the semen running out of my hole and down my legs brought me to orgasm quickly, spraying my load all over the garage floor. I held him in me still feeling him pulsing in me. I couldn’t let go, completely lost in this new sensation. It became all I wanted.

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  1. Tavo13574 2 months ago

    Que delicia me encanto

  2. katejim 2 months ago

    Very nice story, I had a similar experience at that age.

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