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This is my ideal date. I am looking to make it cum true!

We sit on your couch listening to soft romantic music, surrounded with candlelight. We start kissing and making out. I am a bit tipsy from the red wine. You tell me to stick out my tongue and close my eyes. I do.

You then sprinkle my tongue with a hit of molly. Then tell me to swallow and have another sip of wine to wash it down. The taste is bitter. You make sure I swallow all of it, and have another sip of wine. We snuggle together some more. You hand me a bowl of good weed and tell me to smoke it. I do. I start feeling really high, and really good.

You set the computer up to show on the TV. You look for sexy pictures and movies with girls like Vixen and Cannibal Cupcake. I start feeling the effects of the molly a short while later. I start zoning on the movies and the pictures. I hear your voice soothing me and and suggesting that I would enjoy being like they are. Being enjoined with their lovers. The molly is making me real receptive now to suggestions, and to new sensations. I am also getting a bit warm so you suggest that I take off my skirt and my blouse so that I can cool off. I am now in my black lingerie, and black stockings.

You tell me to unzip your pants. I am so high right now that I am almost in a hypnotic trance. I do as you say. I listen to further instructions about pulling your hardened cock out, and lowering my lips onto it, and giving it a loving kiss. You tell me that I will love the taste, and that a naughty girl like me loves cock. My place is having my lips around your cock. I believe you, and start loving your cock with my mouth.

You tell me to watch the screen because I need to see what other girls are enjoying, and what I would enjoy. The girl on the screen is taking her lover’s cock into her mouth. His cock is bright red and pointy. She massages it out of his furry sheath, and lovingly takes it into her warm wet mouth. You tell me how I would enjoy it because I am a bitch in heat, just like they are.

I am a bitch in heat, just like they are. I love the taste of cock. I want more cock. I am about hypnotized by now. All my being is concentrated on these sensations. I want more. I need more. I have to have more. I am now a slut, a bitch in heat. And I am in need of breeding.

You are enjoying the feelings of my soft wet lips on your hard cock. You want to cum in my mouth so bad. You want me to take your load. You want want to make me swallow your semen. I want that too. I desire it now. I keep watching the movie, and imagine that the cock in my mouth is a dog’s cock. I want to make you cum. I want to taste your sperm and to swallow it all. I need it. The molly is hitting real hard now, and I can not help myself. I am in heat. I am a bitch in heat and my instincts to be bred are overwhelming. I suck with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. You are about to shoot.

You tell me to wait. You pull my head off your cock. You want to cum in my mouth, but you want me to look into your eyes as your cum shoots into my mouth. You stand up and have me get on my knees in front of you, and look you in the eyes as I take your throbbing cock into my mouth once again. It isn’t long before my eager suckling does the trick, and you grab the back of my head as your spasming cock unleashes a load of millions of sperm down my throat . My eyes staring up at you with a smile on my face, as spurt after spurt of sticky semen floods my mouth, and runs down the back of my throat. I obediently swallow it all.

After you are finished with my mouth, you tell me that I am a good girl. And you pat me on the head like a dog. You tell me that I have some cum on my chin, and I obediently wipe it off with my finger, and then suck my finger dry. I lick my lips to get all the sperm I can. I am in heaven. I love the taste of cum. I am happy. The molly is driving me to do more.

You make me watch the movie and learn the techniques that I will be using shortly. I am not sure what you mean, but I am so high that I don’t care. You tell me that you have a couple of presents for me. I am so happy.

You bring out a pink dog collar that says “Princess” on it. You slip in on me. You tell me that I have been such a good girl that I deserve a nice collar. And that I look pretty in it. I am happy to be told I look pretty, and to be wearing this nice collar you bought for me. You have another present for me. It is a bottle labeled “Eau d Estrus.” You tell me it a perfume that will make me smell real nice and pretty.

You tell me to pull my panties down and rub it on my pussy so that it will smell real nice for the boys. Then to rub it over my hands and feet. and a bit around my mouth. You tell me I am a good girl. And what a nice little bitch I am. You make me watch the movie. The girl is being fucked hard by her lover. You tell me that I need that too. I do need that too. I desire it. I need to be bred by a handsome stud like that. I am ready for cocks. I want to give myself to handsome males like that.

You bring me outside. You have me walk around the yard and strut my stuff, so that the neighborhood studs can get a good whiff of my sweet perfume. You are turned on again at this point. You need to fuck me. You call me over and have me get on my hands and knees in mating position. I eagerly take my place and await your cock. You mount me from behind and gently slide your cock into my well lubed ass. You thrust away in wild abandon and I pant beneath you in ecstasy. You soon cum, and fill my pussy with your sticky semen. It overflows and drips out of me. You have me lean forwards so that I retain as much sperm as I can. My place is to receive as much cum as I can, and my duty is to keep as much sticky sperm in me as I can. I eagerly perform my feminine duty to retain as much of your fertile seed as I can. You pull out of me and wipe your cock off on my panties. Then I pull them back on to catch whatever semen trickles out of me.

You walk me over to a chain and tether you have in your yard. You attach my collar to it. I am to wait here like a little bitch in heat and be available for any horny males that catch my scent. I don’t have to wait long. A lonesome stray appears, sniffing the air as he draws close. You tell me to look at him, and to imagine what will come next when he finally reaches me. You tell me that I would look good underneath him, with his cock fully buried within me as he pounds my pussy with his doggie cock. You tell me that I want his bestial seed within me, and that I want to taste his cock in my mouth. I feel this way too. I need it. I am eager for it. I am in heat for him. I need him.

He makes his way over to me. You tell me good girl, and you prod him on, by telling him to mount that bitch. I am that bitch. I shiver in excitement when I hear you describe me to him that way. I want to be his bitch, and for him to mount me and claim me as his.

He sniffs me all around. I can tell by his red cock sticking out of his furry sheath that the perfume is working, and that he wants me. He wants to fuck his bitch, and his bitch is now panting hard and whimpering in eager anticipation of her breeding. His bitch is now hot and bothered and ready for use. You tell me to pull my panties down for him. I obediently comply with trembling hands, as I await my new master’s passionate touch.

He doesn’t keep her waiting long. He soon takes his place atop her, by mounting and securing his breeding rights. I feel his cock probing around, bouncing off my smooth ass. He is searching for my pussy. I also feel his sexy fur as his belly rides atop my back. His paws grip into my thighs as he finds the right spot, and thrusts himself all the way inside me. He wastes no time in getting down to business. He wants to breed this bitch, and breed her he does. I am mated to him, and he is giving it to me with all he has got!

You tell me what a good girl I am, and what a hot little bitch I am. You call me a dog’s slut, and ask me how his doggie cock feels within me as it thrusts me full of canine sex. I soon feel his knot press it’s way into me, and I know that we are now coupled completely and will be until he is finished with me.

He soon thrusts as far into me as he can, and stops thrusting. I feel his red cock throbbing inside me. I feel his hot semen spray spurt after spurt of dog sperm inside me. I feel completed. I am doing my feminine duties, being a vessel for a male’s sexual needs. And by performing my role in the reproduction process. I am receiving semen as is my role, and he is depositing sperm into me, in the hopes of passing his genes on by impregnating me with his puppies. I imagine what it would be like, being mother to his children. It turns me on, and shivers run down my body as I imagine his semen developing within me and making me his completely!

When he is finished ejaculating, he soon turns around till we are facing away from each other. You are there making sure he doesn’t pull out right away and injuring me. We are romantically tied together as he semen spreads further up inside me as nature intended it to. He finally is able to pull out of me after a few minutes. You are constantly telling him what a good job he did by fucking his bitch. You tell me I am a good girl, and a well fucked bitch. You make me describe how it felt to be fucked, and how it feels to have that much dog cum inside me. You make me tell you how happy I am.

I stay in mating position until his semen is well inside me. I clench myself so that his precious seed doesn’t trickle out, even though some will. I pull my panties back on to catch what does trickle out.

My lover is now laying on the ground near me with a huge grin on his face. I feel proud knowing that I put that grin on his face, and that this handsome dog’s sperm is now swimming inside of me! He is panting hard, and I know that it is because of how hard he worked fucking me!

He rests there a bit. You tell me I should go and be nice to my new boyfriend. I crawl over to him and caress him. I pet him and scratch behind his ears. He soon rolls over onto his back. I lower my hand down and gently massage his sheath until his cock starts showing. I lower my head down to his cock and take him into my mouth. He is soon groaning in pleasure as I work his cock with my tender lips.

When he is fully erect I hold him behind his knot, which soon grows again. I taste his precum shooting into my mouth and overflowing my warm mouth and wetting my chin. I sit up and encourage him to stand up. He quickly stands. I take him into my wet mouth as you watch. I perform the best oral sex this dog has ever had, and I know he will remember this bitch by it. I take pleasure in the fact that I am doing for him what no other bitch has done for him before.

The feel of my lips and my tongue on his hot cock, and the pressure of my hand behind his knot causes him to climax again, filling my mouth with more sticky doggie semen. I revel in the taste and the sheer sexual abandonment of it. I know I am a naughty bitch now. But I am in heat and can not help myself. The molly and the weed and the wine have taken a hold of me. As have your suggestions. I am fully in heat and in my sexual element now. I am engulfed in passion and desire. I am now fulfilling my sexual desires, as well as any cock within reach. I want more!

I eagerly drink all the semen he can give me. I lick his beloved cock clean as he finally shrinks. I lick my lips and wipe my chin, knowing that I am a dog’s bitch. I love it. I know that I want to continue doing this. If I could make money at this I would eagerly be a dog’s whore. But right now I am content knowing that I am a dog’s little slut, and his bitch in heat!

You unchain me and have me strut my stuff once again. I feel so good in a after sex glow! And well fucked hips! I sashay my way over to my lover and we cuddle together. He is all smiles. He mounts me a few more times during the night. And he doesn’t seem to mind when a few of his friends show up and take their turns with me! By the end of the night I am sticky with dog sperm. I am so slick with semen that the dog’s now easily slide into me as they do their business. With all their loads I have taken I should be good and pregnant with puppies by now! I am a happy little dog slut! And I am still eager for more!

They fuck me all through the night, and by the next morning when I wake up I am covered in dried dog cum and dog hair. I smell of dog, and of dog sex. After I wake up still groggy and still feeling the afterglow of the molly, you take me outside again, after applying more perfume. There are a few more dogs outside, so you chain me up again so they can have their turns as well. As the first dog claims his place atop me, I know that this is going to be a great day as well!

Now this is what I imagine date night to be….

What do you think? Interested?

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  1. dogslave 7 months ago

    I’m so hard set for reading that . Please I can’t wait next

  2. shinelover 10 months ago

    Reading this story has left me more turned on than I have ever been before !!!! This is the best you have written! PLEASE write more? THANK YOU

    • Author
      curiouscd 10 months ago

      Why thank you! I do plan on writing more. I just need to feel inspired. I do have a few more of my writings on here. Search my blog or my group and you should find them.

  3. k9tanja73 11 months ago

    Schön geschrieben , da möchte man auch gerne eine Hündin sein

  4. shinelover 1 year ago

    lovely story.I can imagine that happening to me! Hope it happens to you as well!!

  5. qandorax 1 year ago

    What a lovely sexy store. It must be great fun to serve a dog in this way.
    I hope you are able to realise you fantasy some time.

  6. bigdawg89 1 year ago

    Fantastic – what a wonderful and sexy story – thank you. Can’t wait to see your next post. 🙂

    • Author
      curiouscd 1 year ago

      Thank you! I do have one that is still pending. Hopefully it gets published soon! And don’t worry. I will write more!

  7. mnfunguy4u 1 year ago

    You do write well
    More than that you fuck well
    Your cunt is made for dogs
    No horses
    You are right
    Dogs do rule

  8. vegacloud6 1 year ago

    oooohhh. Do one about horses next please.

    • Author
      curiouscd 1 year ago

      Perhaps. But, I am not as attracted to horses as I am to dogs. I can not imagine a similar encounter realistically happening with a horse. I will see what I can do though!

  9. dowser86 1 year ago

    Very very nice more pls

    • Author
      curiouscd 1 year ago

      Well, I do have another one awaiting publication. Hopefully it will be accepted, edited and released soon. And if I get enough responses like this I just might have to write even more!

  10. Author
    curiouscd 1 year ago

    I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  11. rimkus 1 year ago

    Very sexy baby!

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