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I remember being in my mid teens when I first ever thought of being with a dog. We had a beautiful red merle male Australian Shepard, named Sloan. I remember getting off the bus one afternoon, my mom was still at work and my little brother was doing stuff after school so I was home alone. I went out to feed Sloan and noticed his big red cock (I’ll mention I was a virgin at this time so I had no clue what sex was about).

It was rather warm outside and he was sitting in the shade panting a little. When I walked into his kennel I got my first stared at his massive rocket staring me in the face I caked to him and as usual he excitedly approached me. I loved on him and slowly went towards his sheath. He licked my face with excuses started humping the air so I got a little curious so I took him out and went deep in the wood where there was a clearing just in case someone came home. I took my pants off and got on all fours and called him over. He was excited thinking I wanted to play. I patted my butt as he came over as he went to pass but stopped as he smelled my juices.

He shoved his wet nose into my little flower and licked away it got me excited and I experienced my first ever orgasm as I climaxed I could feel him lick harder as they started flowing I looked back and seen him bumping the air. I pulled him off as I repositioned myself so he could mount me he stopped humping so I started stroking his sheath he got excited again. I pulled him on top of me as I was on all fours with leaves and twigs piercing into my palms knees and shins. He started humping me I could feel his cock sliding around my ass so I tried to reposition myself as soon as I did I felt him penitrate me it felt so amazing he was in my tight ass and it felt so good he started pounding me and it startled me as his nails dug into so I pushed him away.

I felt his seed run outta my ass as I tried to grasp what had just happened. I put him back in his kennel and went back to the house. As I sat in the tub soaking in the hot water his sperm and my juices I reminisce on how amazing it felt I wanted more but never got the chance to take him back to our special spot. Now as I’m older I wish I could get more of the experience I had with him that day since then I’ve been mounted by one pit and licked by a gorgeous black lab and a chocolate lab I just crave more.

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  1. greggggggg 3 weeks ago

    Hi all. Newbie. Enjoy watching and hope to encourage and help a woman interested in dog love. Straight here just nasty.

  2. dingolover69 2 months ago

    Wow such a nice read another aussie yay

  3. ficker 2 months ago

    Geile Sache hätte dich gerne zugeschaut

  4. jaffa 2 months ago

    I just love knowing other aussies enjoy this life yoo, thank you for sharing x

  5. thewolfbrother 3 months ago

    What a nice read, very sensual thank you 🙂

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