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One of the questions I get the most when people find out I’m in the lifestyle is “how did you get started/what was your first time like? ” so I’ve decided that for my first post I would share that story.
I’d been interested in zoo since I was 15 and was sent beast porn as a prank, learning it turned me on more than any of the boys or girls my age, but I didn’t act on it. I felt rather ashamed of it truth be told. It wasn’t until I was in my 30s, 18 years after that fateful prank, that I let myself start to seek it out. Following the advice of internet strangers, I joined up on a forum and quickly posted a thirsty personal ad stating I was looking to be a dog’s bitch.

After wading through countless flakes and creeps and time wasters I finally found one that seemed promising, someone looking for a bitch for their Shepherd and we agreed to meet one day just to see how we would get along. We got along famously it turns out. Less than a week later I found myself on a bus going to his place two hours away.

I was so nervous the entire trip there, but getting more and more excited. I put on my nicest lingerie for the occasion, freshly shaved legs, and brought a bunch of my toys just in case. When G picked me up from the bus station, I was so awkward I didn’t know what to say.

Once at his place my awkwardness did not stop for a second but I was excited to finally meet his dog M. M was so excited and adorable, a smaller GSD and very friendly. Within me being there for 5 minutes he was bringing me all of his toys, picking up on what I was there for. He started to motorboat me. This dog full on put his head down my shirt to lick my tits. That was it, I didn’t know what else to do but awkwardly take off my pants.

The second my pants were of, his tongue was on me like it was magnetic. He was busy lapping up any drop of my juices and going for more. Licking straight from me asshole to my clit. I never in my life experienced such a good feeling of a tongue on my pussy or ass and was in absolute heaven.

G brought me back to Earth asking if I wanted to return the favor for him, an opportunity I quickly agreed to with glee.

We moved to the bedroom where he showed me how to grab him in his sheath and get him to come out. I started with a small lick as he was spurting out precum, realizing I loved the taste and quickly took him into my mouth down to his knot, sucking and licking him greedily. Wanting more and more.

It was time for the moment of truth though I realized. I stopped taking him into my throat and obediently got onto my hands and knees for him, looking up to G thanking him for the opportunity. He helped his dog get a good mount on me and very quickly M’s cock entered my pussy, thrusting quickly and wildly, making me wetter and wetter as he had his fun before pulling out before knotting me.

He dutifully cleaned his own cum out me afterwards, wanting to mount but not having the recharge time to yet so I put in a bath robe and started to watch TV. I knew I was hooked.

That day alone I let him mate with me 4 times, with him entering my ass the fourth time, driving me crazy with how good and natural it felt. I didn’t want to stop, just stay and be his bitch for the rest of the day but sadly all good things must come to an end and I had to go back home.

Now I’m M’s regular bitch and eagerly await each and every date with him, wanting to spend was much time under him as possible. I’m looking forward to sharing more tales of him using me with all of you and hope you enjoyed reading of my first foray.

Stay kinky!

Sithaya xxx

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  1. likestowatchinnc 1 month ago

    Wonderful story Sithaya especially because it’s true. I’m glad your first experience was so rewarding. May you have many more.

  2. l4z2020 2 months ago

    Oh dear friend! just now I read your story, it’s a nice one! also we have one thing in common, a shepherd yeah! thanks for sharing Sithaya.

  3. maddyvixen 3 months ago

    So nice experience 👍👍🙏

  4. Bluemoon2208 4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing I love reading about ladies real experiences especially their first time. Hope you share more stories in the future x

  5. Cheekymonkey2018 4 months ago

    That’s a sweet and beautiful story… would love to hear more of your encounters…and hope to see you in Vegas ☕

  6. Susek4545 4 months ago

    A beautiful story.

  7. Alexandra2018 5 months ago


  8. puppyluvr 5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful first time experience with us Sithaya I`m looking forward to you next post and adventure.

  9. Maverick69 5 months ago

    Really good story! In all truth, as I was reading you’re story I could picture everything as if I was there in the room watching all this go down. I happy that you’re first time was something that gor you hooked! It’s always a pleasure to reading that more gorgeous women like yourself came to truth and did want always made you wet. Thank you for sharing you’re story with us all. And I hope maybe sometime in the near future we can actually see a video clip of you in action!!! Now that would be something memorable. Yet again thanks for sharing can’t wait to read, watch or hear from you again.

    • Author
      Sithaya 5 months ago

      My ultimate dream is to be having movies of me shared online tbh, just need to find a producer/owner.

  10. Ehlo2006 6 months ago

    Very hot story. Thanks for sharing.

  11. herzfighter 6 months ago

    Hallo ich durfte gerade deine wunderbare Geschichte lesen, herzlichen dank dafür
    mach weiter so liebe grüße

  12. Hotta2trot 6 months ago

    Bravo💋 Excellent first post 👏. I love how you sucked him off before getting fucked. Jealous of G getting the privilege to watch such a gorgeous woman getting bred 4 times. Can’t wait to see what you post next- keep up the great work.

  13. Glandosline 6 months ago

    Bon à savoir, d’après votre récit que le chien recharge vite.
    Que votre accouplement dure dans le temps.

  14. song2 6 months ago

    Damn. You look beautiful on the picture. And you know how to tell a story right. Got a hard on from reading… 😉 you should keep it up. 🙂

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