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I’m on all 4s with my dog ears, anal plug tail, collar and leash. My master leads me to a room where my first dog mate is waiting. I’m so happy and excited.

He is a handsome German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Great Dane or Smooth Haired Collie. We greet each other and play for a few minutes. I get into proper bitch stance with my back arched, ass high in the air and legs spread. My pussy is already wet in anticipation. Master moves my tail out of the way. Dog sniffs my pussy and starts licking my juices. The sensation is heavenly! He senses my readiness to be bred.

His beautiful smooth red dog cock emerges from it’s sheath. He mounts my back and starts humping searching for my warm wet tight love hole. It takes a few tries but he finds his mark. Master holds him so his cock won’t come out.

The first few thrusts are painful but he swells up fast padding the bone. He starts thrusting his dick inside me so hard and fast, dripping with precum. The fast thrusting and all that wetness is audible. The slushy squishy sound is so sexy. My mind and body are taken to a level of pleasure I’ve not known before. Master sits down on a chair in front of us watching intently his own cock starting to throb.

The dog thrusts are so deep now. I’m feeling the knot at the opening of my pussy. I relax my muscles a bit and it slides right in. The knot starts to swell. The knot swells and swells so big. I start to feel a little afraid that it won’t stop swelling but it fills me so magnificently! I’m in absolute ecstasy. Orgasm #1. I start to feel the hot cum being pumped into me. This is what I was born for. My thick sturdy body was made for k9 breeding. I’m a perfect bitch in the true sense of the word.

Master gets up from the chair just for a moment, enough to slide his shorts down. He sits back on the chair and scoots closer to my face. His cock is hard from watching me get fucked and knotted.

I start licking his cock and take it into my mouth as I feel hot puppy juice being squirted deep inside my belly. I move my wet soft lips up and down his shaft, tongue sliding up and down the underside, sucking the head to the roof of my mouth. I’m so happy to be filled with cock and cum at both ends. I take masters thick dick deep into the back of my throat. It makes me choke and gag a little but I love it.

The knot starts to get smaller now. It pops out along with streams of juices that drip down the outside of my pussy. I feel the wet thin tongue again licking it all up. Orgasm #2.

Master gets up from the chair and walks around behind me. He gets on his knees and enters my used pussy. He was already close to cumming from my dick sucking so it wasn’t long before he too shot his load inside my pussy. After all that’s what breeding bitches are for. All 3 of us end in orgasmic bliss; relaxed and satisfied.

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  1. dusty1968 2 months ago

    Very hot!! I’m so hard! I wish more to cum!

  2. breedmeplease 3 months ago

    love it love it

  3. hornyfuck 4 months ago

    Ok that was just fucking hot I wish I was your master I would truly enjoy that

  4. aozninsanity 7 months ago

    Rawr – i am fucking turned on now ^^ <3

  5. rna00bulldog 11 months ago

    Que delicia…

  6. 11 months ago

    Beautiful vision in my head!

  7. ilikealotm 11 months ago

    Loving it @knotlover67. Thanks for sharing . 🙂

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