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I am a Bisexual Male, and all of my sexual experiences have been with Male dogs. I have had experiences with Lesbians and Male Dogs as well, but I should warn the reader up front that if Homosexuality or Male Dog only experiences are not to your taste, this Blog will not be very interesting to you. However, if those themes DO interest you, i hope you enjoy this. I’m writing this in my late 50’s, but it’s kind of fun to share these true incidents and stories, and even though my last sexual experience with a Stud has been about 4 years these memories from even 40 years ago remain burned into my mind. Enjoy!

My Father raised and bred Dobermans on the side, and during the summer my kid Brother “Gene” (3 years younger) would stay with him, as my parents were separated at that time. My Brother and I had been having gay sex for several years beforehand, usually we would blow each other but he liked finishing up in my ass, as did I! I was 16 ( in1977), he was 13, and when Dad would put one of the two Studs in with one of the Bitches and we’d both watch with raging teen hard ons, then when they’d finished up we’d go “do some chores” or go back to one of our bedrooms to “play”, and “Gene” would “breed” me quickly, because after watching the “show” it didn’t take either of us long. Sometimes one of my friends would come out for the weekend, and he’d end up in my ass after watching the dogs screw too.

Dad went to town to his regular job 5 days a week, and he’d be gone from 6am to 7pm, so of course I got the bright idea of letting the Studs have a fun time on me. I tried by myself, but they’d be all excited and just jump on my back, jab in, then jump off again, or worse, get half-way knotted in me then pull out with a VERY painful pop. The next day I shamefully asked my brother “Gene” to help me getting mounted and to my surprise he said “Yes”! Needless to say, with him to guide the horny Dogs cocks into my ass and then hold, calm, and steady them on their harnesses, I was mated to both of them several times a week. “Gene” never wanted to get fucked by me or the studs, so I got all the glory, and I could have never taken my first dip in the vast pond that Canine sex became for me. The bonus was that he’d be so horny watching the dogs fuck me, he’d either reach around and beat me off while i was firmly knotted, he’d suck my flowing with teen precum cock dry, or better still add his thick sperm to my sopping wet with dog cum asshole. That went on for several years, and certainly was not the end of my adventures with dogs or my kid brother. My first experience with women and dogs awaits telling another time…

My best friend TJ has a small dog when I was 10 years old named “Bipper”, that loved to try and hump my leg, or my arm whenever I was bent down, and when his little pecker came out of its sheath I’d get an instant little hard on, that’s when I knew that I was horny for gay dog sex. Of course nothing happened although a few years later I would open my mouth and we’d French each other while I would beat off. Unfortunately Bipper was dead by the time TJ started screwing me in the ass, or I’d have made out with his dog while he fucked me; Heaven was so close yet soon to cum!

I wrote earlier that my Dad bred Dobermans for a while when I was a teen, so I thought I’d elaborate on my first experiences, which took up a wonderful summer of 1977. It was like a dream. By the way, a Dobermans cock-and-knot combination is aesthetically one of my favorites, and not just because they were the first dog breed to have my way with. “Nut” (named because his face and eyes looked kind of crazy, even though he was a sweet dog) didn’t have AKC papers, he was really our house dog before Dad bought “Maximillian” (aka Max) and “King” and he slept in the kennel but had free rein of the farm during the day. He wasn’t fixed either even if he wasn’t considered a “Stud Dog”, and before we started breeding the dogs I’d never seen his cock or him acting horny, until one day when we were breeding one of the bitches (I never had any desires in that direction, even though I was very interested in girls as well) and he started involuntarily humping with one leg up by his side like he was trying to scratch himself. My Dad, Brother, and several of my Dad’s lesbian friends were there (I think it was their bitch, as they owned several registered dogs) and we all started laughing; Nutt seemed embarrassed but seeing his cock as well as the other dogs fucking made me so horny I wet my pants with pre-cum. His boner was 7-8 inches long, fat, round, and thick from the knot to the tip, pink covered with deep red veins and capillaries, as was his knot; as big around as a large orange with a dip underneath between the two lobes, almost like cleavage between two breasts. It bobbed up and down but no jizz was dripping, and I petted him, trying to reassure him it was OK since he had a miserable look on his face, but inwardly wanting to help him in a much more handy fashion!

Soon the dogs had separated and eventually Nutts cock diminished and was swallowed by its sheath, hair covered but you could still see his skin beneath it. We all had a laugh at his expense that night, but I couldn’t get the image of his cock out of my mind. It was summer, so when Dad left for work in the city (he was usually gone or 12-14 hours) that Monday I taking Nutt out to the barn and stroking him, but without the sight and smell of other dogs fucking he just didn’t seem interested, also he was virgin and inexperienced so he didn’t have a clue on what his beautiful penis was for anyway. With no luck on that front I coerced my brother to fuck me later in the day, but I was so horny I blew my load in three strokes so I laid there for what seemed to be an hour as he worked himself off inside my butthole while I wished he was Nutt; I loved being fucked by him, but I NEEDED to belong to a dog!

King was our main stud dog, he knew what he was doing and once mated he was very calm and stood grasping his bitch from behind with his paws wrapped around her firmly but gently as he flooded her, and he made my Dad a few bucks doing this. He had been a show dog, and he placed well but one of his pups won a bunch of local and regional shows, so he was “in demand” for stud service. Max has also been a show dog, but his temperaments not his qualifications were why he never placed well; he was a little “antsy” and easily distracted which was unfortunate because he would hump air if it was warm enough and I knew I could get him to fuck me! I took care of them both, and I think they both loved me because I would always treat them nice, brush them, feed them snacks and let them run without a leash as long as they came back because we lived on the prairie in the middle of nowhere, there was no place for them too run off to. I figured King would be interested, but he only got horny if there was bitch in heat present and when I tried to jack him off he looked at me with a mixture of “what the hell’ and “you’ve got to be kidding!”. No go, at least the first time, later once he figured out I was a “steady piece” he became my go-to for getting a long tie, but to start off with Max had to be my first try.

It was hot but I really didn’t want my knees to be on concrete so I took Max out to the open pole barn where there was lot of hay, also I knew it was a great place to get fucked because it was oriented to where it was hard to see inside. Whenever my best friend JT or my brother Gene fucked me, it was where we went for just that reason, plus it was cool but well-lit by the sun inside. I pulled off my pants and sat on a burlap bag covered hay bale, Max came over to me when I called and sat there happily panting as I petted him then reached down and grasped his cock-sheath. I was starting to pant myself as he stood to give me better access to his organ as it quickly started to poke out and then grow in my warm hand, his still unswollen knot popped out of its sheath, pushing it behind. I was on my knees in the hay fast as I dropped down and put my mouth over the tip of his dick and started licking the puckered hole and the little pointed knob that stuck out like a hood over the opening, swirling the little drops of precum and my saliva over the first inch or so. As I did Max shoved several inches of quickly swelling dog meat in and out of my mouth as he started to involuntarily drop his pelvis and hump forward, I had to grab his hind legs and push back to keep from having it forced down my throat. Humping fast now his knot started to grow, I grabbed his cock in front of it to control the action of my mouth working on his fattened shaft which grew to be about 5 inches past the knot, so soon I could take the entire thing in as I sucked and licked my tongue all around it. My mouth was filling with his thin musky jizz that was spurting in pulses, making me gulp and swallow my saliva and the warm watery liquid because it was drooling out of my mouth and soon my nose as well, my eyes watering as I gagged and choked it down until his cock, my face, and the hay beneath us was a soggy mess.

Maxs knot was huge, almost the size of a softball but hard as a rock, and as he stopped thrusting so much and pushed slowly forward and back I grasped it and the hilt behind to slide my slime covered hands all around it. I could feel it throbbing deep inside but the surface remained hard to the touch, it was light pink to almost white on the underside, and besides being covered with red capillaries it also had a huge vein on either side, snaking its way over and around the knot. The veins pulsed visibly as his dong throbbed between my bubbly lips, his squirts of juice now becoming larger and larger, making me choke with each blast from the tip but I was NOT going to take my mouth off it even if it was now coming out of my nose and my working lips in streams. Finally I couldn’t breathe and I fell back as his beast dong separated from my face in a gush of foam, Max standing there in one place breathing fast with his butt hunched forward, looking at me with a smile (he was a very happy dog!) and his long tongue lolling from the side of his mouth.

I got back onto my knees and kneeled beside him to hold his cock and knot in my hands, it was throbbing and showing no indication of lessening, my hands and his member were still wet so I stroked his shaft and held his steaming knot and masturbated him slowly. I had forgotten myself, so I took my right hand off his knot and wrapped it around my own stiff cock and greased my boner up with the mix of our juices, then I rose up and put our cocks together, tip to tip. Max giant squirts were very hot on my pubes and son my cock and crotch was coated with the skunky smelling liquid, I was stroking it all over me then I pushed my cock underneath him and rubbed our slippery cocks together, mine under his then mine under his. It felt so hot as I pushed my hand around us, frotting our spasming organs, human skin against dog skin; being young my cock was flowing juice out and onto us both, mixing with his with a slopping sound which grew faster as I approached my orgasm. I shot load after load all over the two of us, soaking Maxs belly and sheath as well as his cock as my hand flew and splattered our cum over the both of us. I must have spurted 7-8 times, the first 4 loads so hard my asshole, taint, and balls hurt with electric pleasure squeezing them out, and semen hung from the tip of my cock in streamers. Again I fell, this time under Max deliberately and as he stood there, both of us trembling I licked and sucked his cock and knot clean of both of us, then I pulled him down to lie beside me.

Max licked both of us clean as his hardness diminished, and he was a very affectionate dog to me then and on afterwards, and I petted and praised him as we laid there on that hot summer afternoon, both of us having enjoyed each other. Max became my “Blowjob Dog”, he was surprisingly calm when he knew he was going to receive some head, but any time I wanted to get fucked by him required supervision. I didn’t mind though, because I LOVED going down on him and he was eager from it ever time. I have had many experiences in sex, with men and women and I consider myself Bisexual, but my Canine experiences have been most memorable.

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  1. edjames 1 week ago

    Awesome. Jealous.

  2. inthesea5308 4 weeks ago

    Awesome post I am green with envy lol

  3. k9guyntx 6 months ago

    Very well written. Thank you for taking the time to share it.

    • Author
      bellerophon69 3 months ago

      Sorry for the tardyness, Thanks! I plan to blog my continued story eventually, I really enjoy reliving my own past vicariously through writing.

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