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I just wrote an introduction in a group here that referenced how I got started. It made me feel like writing out the whole beginning of my interest in dog love. So here is my story on how I first developed an interest in the best form of loving there is!

I have been curious about it since I was in early adolescence. My femininity was starting to bloom in my mind and I was very conflicted. I was not free to openly express it.  One day the neighbor’s black lab hopped up and stood against me. Both of us on two legs, with his paws on my chest. He was always a friendly dog, with sleek black hair and solid muscle mass. A very nice dog. Well for some reason I felt the need to look down. And I saw his red rocket start to poke out at me!

I was so mesmerized by it! In awe of it. And immediately started imagining it sliding into my mouth! I had never had that kind of thought before!  It soon hit me, that he saw me as an attractive female, or a bitch for him to mate with. I had never had anyone think of me s female before. This gave me such a wonderful and flattered feeling. Thoughts ran through my head like I had never had before. I had images of walking him to the row of pine trees in the next door neighbor’s yard. The branches hung low and were pretty think. But I wasn’t sure if they were thick enough. I tried to think of any other place that we could be alone and explore this new bond and create a new physical bond as well! I wanted to be mated by him as much as he wanted to breed me! I had to be careful because this was the time and place where you did not mess with someone’s dog in any way! Or be not totally straight in any and all ways!

Instead we walked our separate ways. He went back to his house and I went back to mine with my head full of new thoughts and ideas. i had a new obsession! I could not stop thinking about it. This was well before the internet so I was all alone in this. No way to research or find others like today. It was bad enough being transgendered back then, and now I had something else that tormented me with desires that I could not fulfill and dreams that I could not make come true. Or could I?

Well, I decided to fake being sick, and stayed home from school  the next chance I could. I was left alone in the house and in my thoughts. I slipped into my secret pair of panties that I had, and went for a walk outside. I thought about it and decided to try to lure some of the neighborhood dogs somewhere private in order to try this new urge out. Maybe behind the hedge that we had in the yard? Too risky. Then I decided to try the tiny room under the deck in the back of the house. Private and secluded, it would work. Now to find myself a boyfriend or two!

Well, I met up with the other neighbor’s dog. He was supposedly a Great Dane, but maybe he was a mix with a few others? He was friendly and kind of goofy. He was kind of big. Not the typical GD size, but more of a big Boxer. A bit bigger than I was at the time. Big enough to make me his easily! I lured him back to my love nest and decided to try my luck. I took my pants and shirt off and sat beside him in my panties. I scratched him and adored him. Then I ran my hand down to his sheath. I rubbed it and tried to stimulate it. I even lowered my mouth beneath him and put the tip of it in my mouth. Gave it a few licks. I still remember and cherish the smell and taste of it! But alas he was not interested. Turns out he had been recently fixed. Or in my opinion, broken!

I then tried to find other boys to play with, but for some reason they had all been cut. Even the ugly fat lab behind my house that used to always try to hump my poor collie girl when I had her. And I believe the friendly stud that had originally caught my notice was also. I guess he had made advances to other people as well, who were not as receptive as I was!

I was so frustrated! But I guess it was just as well. I had no knowledge of anything at the time. Not of lubrication, or of that wonderful thing called a knot! Now that would have been an exciting discovery for me at that time!

After that I thought about it constantly. I had an attraction to males, but at the time it was risky to talk about, especially as a kid. This was before people were as accepting as they are now. Especially in the country area where I grew up in! Dogs were the perfect mate! They would not tell anyone! No worries there! And well, they were sexy. I began to realize that my liking of strong muscled masculine dogs had changed slightly and into a more physical attraction!

I would always go to the used bookstore every chance I got. I would look up whatever I could about being transgendered or about female sexuality. And now I had a new topic to search for! I learned of a book called The Secret Garden by Nancy Friday. When I had the chance I searched for it at the local bookstore. I found it in the self help section. And Wow! A whole new world opened for me! I bought it immediately. And soon after, any and every book she wrote! I read the heck out of every story that was zoo oriented. I was in heaven! I was not alone either! There were others that felt like me! Even though I had no idea how to meet anyone or how to satisfy these urges.

I guess my fertile imagination began to bloom during that era. When all i could do was dream and come up with sexy scenarios that I wished I would find myself in. Which I now revel in the ability to openly share with all of you. It was so hard, repressing all these feelings and creativity for all these years. I absolutely love having the freedom to express it now, and to share it with those who appreciate it.

Years later the internet arrived. Though it was a while before I had access to a computer that I felt safe in searching with. All of a sudden people were talking about this animal porn that was on the internet, as if that was the only thing on it. Of course this brought my obsession back to the front again! I just had to find out about ti! And possibly to actually see some of these images myself.

When I finally found my first image I was blown away by it. How beautiful it was, and how much I wish was the girl in the pictures! I think it was of the redhead and her grey wolfhound from back in the 60s I think. And when I saw my first video I was totally blown away. Might have been part of “No Dog like my Dog.” I think it was on the old Kristy’s site that had dozens of short clips of videos for sale. I was in Heaven yet again! And totally hooked. I knew that what I wanted from life, was to be one of those amazing girls and to be serviced by those beautiful dog’s cocks!

I would return to that site over and over again. Then when I had a disk that I could save them to I hoarded ever one I could get. I had a nice collection, but now I am not sure if they could be read by today’s machines, even if they did have a 3’5 floppy drive! Probably have them around somewhere. Treasures of a forgotten age! I think I even have some of my first writings on those disks. My first sexual fantasies. Most of which were about dogs!

Through the years there have been many sites that came and went, and I fondly remember them all. “Alta Vista” and then “Dogpile” was my friend! When I stumbled across the original Zooskool lessons I was mesmerized! Actual lessons about making love with dogs! And interactive! I loved it! I wish more would be made! They were the best! Helped me tremendously! Even though I still have not used anything I learned from them!

A few years later I ran across Vixen and her “Trip to Tie” series. Totally blown away! Lovely dog loving, but done professionally and with an eager and willing girl instead of hard lived eastern European hookers! What a concept! I totally fell in love with Art of Zoo and that whole project. What a difference to everything they were!

Then I heard of an unlucky girl named Cupcake and of course I had to search for this infamous and illustrious video! Yet again I was in awe of a girl! Another career to follow! Another girl to be envious of! And then of course all the other wonderful girls that appeared in the ArtofZoo movies. I have always loved the high production quality that goes into their work. Their hard work and dedication truly shows.

I started posting on some of the forums out there. Most of them are gone now. But that got me going. I started to express myself and come out of my shell. Which was a huge and scary step for me! I am so glad I did! Now I am capable and able to post my thoughts and feelings out here for all to see. And to hopefully inspire and give support to those who are in need of it. Or to at least give them something to arouse them and get them off with!

I only wish I could satisfy those desires of mine that have never come to be. The desires to be bred by as many hot dog cocks that can find my hot and eager holes. And maybe to even be able to express this desire through film as well. I now have the basic skills for video and editing. And a little bit of equipment. If only I had the place to do it in, and the actors needed for it. Maybe some day…

Hopefully this touches some of you and helps you in some way. It always helps to get things off your chest. I know that hearing of other people’s thoughts and experiences were invaluable to me way back when I was trying to sort through my strange new feelings and desires.

Best wishes and plenty of canine orgasms to all!

Love, CuriousCD

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  1. trafficman1 7 months ago

    Lovely story

  2. shant 8 months ago

    I am still a hopeful dreamer … still yet wanting and daydreaming about being fucked by a large dog .. my dream is to get a boyfriend who wants to watch me as he gets his dog to fuck me

  3. chinese5585 9 months ago

    不懂 影片怎么看

  4. darkcat4u 11 months ago

    thank u so much for ur open words and comming out…. now i know im not alone! !!
    always big thanks for you so much…!!!!
    (…and too from my gloriously marvelous wonderfull strong Benny… ;-*)

    • Author
      curiouscd 11 months ago

      You are very welcome! I am glad you enjoyed my words. It is very important to know that you are not alone in this. Or in anything that you do.

      And may you and Benny have many wonderful nights together!

  5. mazxcvbnm 12 months ago


  6. bestofbeast 1 year ago

    I understand the feelings!

  7. peterk9 1 year ago

    nice. enjoyed reading thanks

  8. lq18862808039 1 year ago

    thank you

  9. sandratv75 1 year ago

    Thank you for this testimony…


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