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I am a fairly short girl of 5’2″ and normally, I dream of huge dogs over powering me and fucking me so hard I can see stars. The Great Dane seemed like the first way to start my fantasy journey.

Every night when I am about to masturbate, I make sure that my room is as dark as possible, there is a towel set up on my bed and that there is incense burning somewhere. I then start fondling my nipples, pulling them up with a little bit of pain involved, closing my eyes and imagining a big powerful Great Dane licking me fast on my pussy. Usually, I am at the edge of orgasming at that point. I then pull away, leaving him whimpering and scrambling up to lick me some more. I play hard to get. I move here and there all across the bed until he starts to growl and I understand that he now means business and it is my job to be a submissive bitch.

I remove any piece of clothing that is on me and I go on all my fours, arching my back, waiting for him to mount me and fuck me to tomorrow. I start fingering my clitoris, pulling apart my labia to make sure I am as open as possible. I flex my vagina, moving back and forth slowly, thinking of the dog still trying to find my tight rarely used hole. He finds it and in one stroke he goes in deep, making me moan in delight. He fucks me harder and faster as I finger my pulled clitoris, getting orgasm after orgasm from both my hands and this Great Dane.

He stops and starts to knot inside me. At first, it is a pressure that I am barely concerned of but then, it gets bigger and bigger, making me stop for a second to think if I am going to be able to stretch out further enough. But my mind is still scrambled. Even with the small fear inside me, I relish at the way I am being stretched. I immediately regret not wearing my anal fox tail to give myself a triple way to heaven. He stops expanding and I feel his hot seed pour into me like a river. Another orgasm takes place.

We stay immobile for ten minutes and then when he pulls out, I pour the excess cum from my vagina as he licks my assaulted pussy, making sure no more of his seed is lost to the world. I lie down and take a breath when he comes for me again, hornier than before, calling for his bitch to do his bidding once again.

I would like for this dream to happen so much so to any Pet Owners near me with large dogs, let’s talk.

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  1. k9evangelist 4 months ago

    Wonderful fantasy! I love how so many women dream of being taken by large dogs.

  2. wolfknot 7 months ago

    Mmm very hot fantasy.. I’m in California and have a large, untrained boy if any lady is interested.

  3. honeytightlips 7 months ago

    Wow ! I really hope you’ve been able to make this fantasy come true.

  4. bayouknottygirl 8 months ago

    I loved fucking my aunts Dane when we took a family trip to visit her
    His knot was humongous.! Much bigger than my 3 babies
    His tongue covered my whole mound and lips and he was perfect at aiming and landing correctly he even cleaned his cum out of me after he released. I can’t wait to go back there this summer.!

  5. knottyk9girl 8 months ago

    i do think dane might be too big for me but i would still like the challenge lol. but i have heard that danes are lazy and mastiffs are a better alternative.
    also, it’s going to be much more than 10 minutes with a big dog like that especially if you are short stature. which makes it even more amazing lol.

    • amy4pink 8 months ago

      Hi I’m Amy,

      I have a 2 y/o Mastiff and I’ve had the opportunity of enjoying a girlfriends larger Great Dane. We both agree my Mastiff is the better of the two though both are amazing. Jacks has the thicker cock and larger knot, he’s not as long as her Dane. He pounds harder, slower, and longer which I personally love him fucking me for a good ten to fifteen minutes before slowing up. I hope this is of some help for you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


  6. whyknottme 8 months ago

    ??? I’m in Texas.

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