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My ex-husband made me a complete bitch and fucking dirty whore. I’m grateful to him for that. My ex-husband perverted me and our first daughter. I was can walked at home naked only like he too and he together with our dog fucked me so dirty so that our daughter saw it perversions from early childhood. I don’t know who is fucking father of my son and my second daughter because I already became a whore and me fucked everyone who wanted. I’ve never used condoms because I very like sperm and urine and shit into my holes and therefore are constantly pregnant for the past 10 years. I made dozens of abortions and gave several of my children to an orphanage. I don’t regret it and I don’t suffer from torture of conscience. I degenerated into an immoral whore who thinks from her broken cunt and from her fucking anus.

Now I live with my two daughters which I brought up as dirty whores like me and with my granddaughter. She is daughter of my elder daughter. My daughters is engaged in street prostitution and in family prostitution with me and they both are K9 bitches. But my daughters do not worry about it. They have many different dicks and a lot of different cunt for every taste. We‘re family of dirty whores and prostitutes. I’m proud of it and I’m proud of my fucking girls. In supplement to my daughters I’ve a son from whom I gave birth to my younger daughter. My son is bi but more gay so top he lives with two adult men. Our daughter lives with my close girlfriend who can not have their kids but she loves sex so she asked me for my daughter. She‘s my favorite daughter because she’s from my beloved son.I constantly visit her alone and together with her older sisters and with my son and her father.

My ex-husband introduced me not only to zoophilia but he made me a real dirty toilet whore. Most likely he did to start with him. When I was married then with my ex-husband or herself I walked every day to fuck with our dog to greenpark next to our house but never I fucked with dogs in public places in the eyes of the crowd of passers-by. Usually we fucked in the bushes, so as not to have all the passersby in sight, but that they could notice us and spy on our orgies. The time in my marriage I’ve never worked as a cheap prostitute in public toilets and especially didn’t push this from my daughters to him. Although I think my ex-hubby will be happy to do it. Although me fucked many times while walking with a baby in a wheelchair on the playground and later and when my daughter was already walking herself.

After the divorce from my ex-husband I became completely insane from wild thirst. Now early in the morning I’m going to the garbage bags near the house where homeless dogs come. I arrange a real dogs wedding next to my house and at crazy wedding a pack of homeless dogs fuck me like a real dogs bitch. I get a crazy satisfaction when huge dog to fuck me into my ass and I at this time eagerly lick the cunt of a bitch. Sometimes I’m fucked in turn by 7-8 dogs. They fight because of the right to fuck me. It excites so crazily! I stopped paying attention to people who go to work in the morning. I’m really crazy. I think that there is much truth in this. My daughters are participating in this wild orgies too. Now my dirty holes open for all males and for all females in several public toilets in city public parks near my house. I brought my two daughters with me in public toilets. Fucking Morality? To hell with morality! I love this Wild perverted life of a dirty whore. I live this wild perverted life of a dirty whore.

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  1. fishh2o 1 month ago

    Great story! I would love to meet you

  2. gaymarc183 2 months ago

    That was awesome

  3. marionthundering 4 months ago

    Never mind. Every time I try to write something here the page disappeared and wouldn’t let me complete my thoughts.
    Bottom line I want to find a slutty cocksucking whore like you that would like to watch and participate in some extremely kinky sex. I like horses and kinky horse ranchers with a stallion. Among other things like crossdressing and gettint kinky. Experiencing with kinky sexual encounters.

  4. horseslutlover 8 months ago

    Honey you are perfect. You are exactly the type of Dirty Whore I want to marry! I love that you have no idea who the father of your children are. That is so fucking hot. I want my girl to fuck everyone in huge gangbangs! I seriously have been searching for a lovely Slut like you for my whole life. My love if you are the very dirtiest Gangfuck cumbucket Slut and Whore on the world, then I want you to be my wife and fuck everyone. There is nothing you wrote in your Slut story that I don’t want. You are the loose cunted zoophile Gangfuck cumbucket Slut and perverted Whore that I need! Can you be more of a Slut and more of a Whore sweetheart? Heaven is you. Get in touch please.

  5. heiakawo 8 months ago

    Das ist harter Tabak, aber ich sehe doch keine Unzufriedenheit.

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