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I got into my addiction when I was 19. I had a German shepherd named Buddy. I had brought this girlfriend of mine over to the house that day and kissing lead to other things. Before you knew it, we were getting prepared to have sex. She began on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed sucking my penis down to the bone. She started slapping her pussy and rubbing it moaning like a wild hog.

My dog got curious of course and wandered over to see what the commotion was all about, and about that time he started sniffing her legs leading up to her vagina. Next thing I know I hear a slurping sound and it’s him getting a little taste of what was in store. She moaned even louder scratching at the bedside. He began to lick her more and more and I knew she liked it by the way she squirmed.

She got on the bed on all fours and continued sucking my penis while he licked her throbbing wet pussy. She patted her pussy a few times and he immediately jumped up on top of her and was trying to put it in her, not knowing what to do.

I scolded him to get down, but she told me  “No it’s okay I want it” me looking shocked I looked up to the sky and said thank you, Jesus, for letting this miracle come true. He tried multiple times to get inside her, but he struggled. I then said you might need to help him out and she reached under him grabbed his rock hard penis and rubbed it against her wet pussy.

She then put him inside of her. Thrusting as hard as he can she pushed back on him forcefully and screamed in joy “It’s getting bigger I’m fixing to cum. ” I looked down and said the knot is fixing to go in you. She moaned and loud as she could “impregnate me with you puppies, buddy”.

About 30 minutes went by and finally he pulled out hard as a rock his penis jumping up and down. She bent down on her knees and started sucking his big red rocket while he licked the juices out of her pussy.

After about 10 minutes of her sucking him, she leaned over the bed and looked back at me and said: “Stick that big cock in me”. I forcefully put it inside her as she wanted she moaned and screamed in joy. She called my 120lb beast over and had him lay down next to her. Grabbing on his penis, he had gotten hard again in a matter of seconds. She then started sucking on him until she had a mouth full of doggy cum.

Once we both finished she stood up letting all the juices run down her legs. Me watching as Buddy cleaned up the mess as I rewarded him by stating “good boy”.

Thanks for letting me share my experience with you.

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  1. jessicakay 4 months ago

    love in my pussy and hot blow job to finish him up
    ohhhhhhhhh so hot and loved

  2. sXaBeast 4 months ago

    Haha I don’t think your supposed to thank Jesus!
    But thank you.

  3. herzfighter 6 months ago

    hallo das ist ja sehr schön geschrieben…danke dafür

  4. isandrazoo 6 months ago

    Muito bom!

  5. lecken202020 6 months ago

    zu zweit und als dritten einen hund, so kann sex perfekt werden weil hundesperma einer frau endloses vergnügen bereiten kann, und dann wenn der rüde fertig ist selber noch mal reinstecken und zum schluß den cocktail aus hunde- und menschensperma aus der geöffneten spalte lutschen
    ich glaube es gibt nichts was besser schmeckt

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