ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

“Sexy Sow DV goes Hard Core with the Boar…”

Producer: ILZ
Models: DevoteHuendin with Chester
Running Time: 35 Minutes
Price: 100 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)


ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

If you feel, like I feel Baby – come on… come on…


You’ll remember Gang, it was not all that long ago, that we released the first commercial pig sex movie in about 50 years. And, arguably, the first GOOD / REAL commercial pig movie – with penetration, closeups etc – EVER. Of all time. Like Russel Cock says, ‘the things we do, echo in eternity’. Man I can’t wait to get to those Pearly Gates. That conversation is gonna be a keeper 😉


ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Devote lets us know the boar is sinking deep up inside her…


Since then, every man and his dog is rocking the piggystyle. There is no denying, a lot of you folks do love to see a Lady being bored by a boar. And those naughty Pet Ladies can’t seem to get enough of that ham sandwich. “What did you do yesterday?”… “Oh..nothing… just boared”. Uh – huh 😀


ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

All creatures great and small can agree – good pussy is good pussy!


The lovely and very naughty DevoteHuendin may well be Devoted to Hounds; but that does not stop the Lady dancing to a different tune once in a while. This time, the Lady gets amorous with young Chester. He is a young boar, but nobodys fool. He knows a hot chick when he sees one. And by ‘see’, I of course mean ‘smell’, since pigs largely see with their noses. The scent of a receptive Pet Girl got to be an amazing scent, I am quite envious of Chester. Seeing our Ladies in ways we never could. And, what comes next.


ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Rough and tough love, animal style…


This is quite a hardcore boar movie, we took some calculated risks. Chester is young, so not huge, yet. Due to his size, he is not quite large enough to use a pig interface rig. The options were – wait until he was big enough. Or, get it on raw Wild Style. Ms DV was quite insistent, that she was gonna do the pig. And do the pig, She did.


ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Linked up and pumping the Lady full of boar seed…


Without the cover, this was a rough ride. Pigs basically have talons – big clawing fuckers used for rooting things out of the ground. Vs the young Ladies tender flesh, ouch. Poor Devote was ravaged in the extreme, you’ll remember seeing some of those scratches in her first movie. Some tears were shed. Sounds awful I know. But do keep in mind, if a Lady desires it, we endeavour to provide. Every true Artists suffers for his or her art. In Dvs case, quite literally.

Since then, we have worked out a more appropriate, Batgirl style costume with adequate protection. But that’s tomorrow. This is today. Today, Devote is getting pigged the hard way. And, full respect to the Lady, because she took it like a pro Pet Girl. AND, came back for more! My goodness that Lady is insatiable 😉


ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Every young boar needs an experienced Lady to show him the ropes…


You’ve all seen a boar movie by now, so you know how it works. The Lady was bred with precision, thoroughly bred. That Devote Flower got the piggy juice and lots of it. He drills her, and drills her, and does her right. After this session, there is no denying that this vagina knows what it means to be fucked by a pig. And Chester knows what it feels like to sink into a soft, hot, wet Lady Flower. Knowing me, knowing you. Great.

Chester is a brute of a lover. He shoves DV down with his nose as if to say ‘get the fuck down there and lemme fuck you’. The charming Devil! The look of surprise on Devotes face as Chester drills her, is priceless – boar cum flying everywhere…


ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Checking to see how much juice Chester pumped into that sweet flower…


So Gang, you’ve been asking, and so here’s our first new boar movie on the new site. It will not be the last – Chester is growing, and so is our network. So you can expect more pigfun in the not too distant future. For now, I trust you will enjoy seeing that corkscrew cock wriggling it’s way into DV’s hot crotch. I know I did 😉


ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Chester simply can’t get enough of DVs love!




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  1. nadinek9 2 months ago

    ist nicht leicht ein film zu drehen ,muste schon nach hause fahren ohne ,zu drehn.die spierale muste ich miir raus machen lassen

  2. ThisIsChris 3 months ago

    Easily one of the very best boar fucks I have ever seen. Not only did my fellow German girl take that screwy young boar log into her pussy like a champ, but she also didn’t even flinch when he hit her in the ass. And her dirty talk and visible enjoyment made me dizzy. Finally we are getting dope boar content. I cannot wait what’s next in store for her.

  3. userx99 3 months ago

    @adam will we see sucking boar scene in the future? It would be fantastic 😉

  4. trade01 5 months ago

    a boar movie I consider to be the best in the world

  5. susie1977 6 months ago

    Fühlt es sich tatsächlich so mega intensiev und tief an.Und ist mancmal tage lang tief in einen

  6. FerrariGold 6 months ago

    i want to see more boar movies. please this year. also with stallion that can mount a wooden barrel with the lady inside , waiting for the stallion to PUMP her Hard. The ladies will need alot of practicing and the Price for that movie should be twice as much because of the rarity of the movie, nobody else has it ONLINE Anywhere. o hope the movies can last atleats 1 hour with extra picture footage made Just for the fans. Thanks

  7. Elcatto 6 months ago

    I’m very thankful for this movie. DevoteHuendin is a wonderful actress, I can see on her face that she is passionated and loves every minutes what she doing. The whole movie is great, a lots of close ups, very good filming and its feel very genuin, esp when she speaks and tell us how its feel and what’s happening. Thanks a lot, hope she will do more movies with boars. I would like to see her with a mini stallion also with real cum shot in her pussy.

  8. xjay01 7 months ago

    Wow, I can honestly say I haven’t seen that before! Again very happy I went out of my comfort zone, awesome and gorgeous video!

  9. 8 months ago

    Ohh yes, a new pig movie will be great to see

  10. lonewander 9 months ago

    great movie
    expecting next movie starring by DV,she is fantastic

  11. 9 months ago

    tôi có thể mua và trả tiền bằng cách nào????? tôi chỉ có thể nói tiếng việt

    • Author
      Adam 9 months ago

      Hãy nói chuyện với Hỗ trợ. Chúng tôi có người dịch 🙂

  12. kiolox 10 months ago

    will we have boar movies this year 2020? it would be great more videos of this kind

  13. Useruser69 10 months ago

    A great unique documentation of a wonderful and wildly sexy act we can only be thankful to witness! Many different camera angles sown in as well as map view from above! Devote really takes it hard as mr boar pumps her good and full of thick white pig love for a long time. It drips and burbles all over as he fucks her hard in search of her womb. She even vocalizes for us how it is when he accidentally fucks her ass, but she takes it like a champ. Cant wait to see more!

  14. nadinek9 10 months ago

    ich verstehe kein wort, wolltenur als model für tier pornos sein#

  15. Ben9292 10 months ago

    I cant wait to see more

  16. TTADP 10 months ago


  17. gangdetaureaux5 11 months ago

    Nothing better to see as a woman with a Bora. HOT Stuff

  18. Berrytfox 11 months ago

    I have already comment this and make flowers of it so my question is. Adam comes more boar? waiting.

  19. dirk38 11 months ago

    ich denke,das ist der beste eberfilm,der zur zeit auf dem markt ist!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hunabkux9 12 months ago

    I am an older wild male who loves boar semen and had my first taste with mature Yorkshire boar named Oscar. He was eventually sold to market by my friend who kept him and his dummy mount in his garage. I visited him often for the dogs and goats but Oscar was my favorite because of his semen. I’ve ingested stallion semen which is good but the amount, thickness and chewiness of Oscar’s gelatinous plug was the best I’ve ever tasted. It was salty and so copious I thought he would never stop ejaculating! Nice to know the women love boars too. My question is who is going to make a video with a beautiful wild woman giving Chester White a blow job?

  21. mojoterra99 12 months ago

    Incredible vid. The accidental anal was amazing. Some intentional anal would be great. Be cool if devotehuendin and lena would partner up for a scene!

  22. Bettoben 1 year ago


  23. malla906 1 year ago

    Probably one of the best boar videos I’ve seen, a real gem 🙂

  24. harryharry6969 1 year ago

    einfach nur geilllllllllllllllllllll

  25. schnulli124 1 year ago

    I bought this video as my first try here at ARTof Zoo and it is amazing! My expectation are fully satisfied! Really hot to see all the different camera angle and closeups. Devotehündin has a hot and beautiful pussy. Particular love shots of her face as she feels the raw power of being breed by the young strong boar!
    I was not able to watch the full movie in one go. Now that I am convinced about the quality offered here I will order a couple of thrilling clips I already add to my short list. I am happy to share my experiences.

  26. stevefontane2 1 year ago

    It was really good, I love the production and how I could see all the different angles. I just wished she’d drink the cum😍😈

  27. TTADP 1 year ago


  28. Dandawg 1 year ago

    Fantastic movie, action from start to finish. Hot horny woman, moaning and dirty talking, good closeups.
    And lots of piggy sperm, worth every penny !
    Hope theres more like this cumming. would have liked to see more of that jar but hey…
    Great stuff !

  29. genericc616 1 year ago

    Another Amazing video, that I can highly recommend.

    Pig vids are pretty rare and honestly not normally my thing, but the sight and sounds of DV getting porked (Sorry I couldn’t resist) are very hot.

    Honestly, I probably could enjoy this vid for the sounds of her sexy moans alone. DV is incredible and I hope to see more of her on this site.

  30. chenandong 1 year ago


  31. Myno 1 year ago

    I always fancied myself a dog person but getting drilled by that big-balled thing and filled up to the brink seems like a thrill. I’d love to see someone getting this anally!

  32. Alcapone79 1 year ago

    Great Clip. Best pig movie I have ever seen.

  33. Vincenzo54321 1 year ago

    Watching her work is something that any person who is into bestiality will want to see. The wanting lust that she shows Mr Pig is over the top. This film will have you cumming back again.

    • 1 year ago

      Hola cómo debo comprar esto ¿algunos ya hicieron el proceso?me explican

      • Author
        Adam 1 year ago

        Hola, comunícate con el servicio de asistencia para que te ayuden 🙂

  34. flowie12 1 year ago

    I´m very curious about to see a new movie like this. Hope it coming soon. I like to see the boar cock fucks between her nice pussy lips .

  35. hefei 1 year ago


  36. Berrytfox 1 year ago

    The best boar/pig I´ever seen, so much action with Houdin and pig (boar) newer seen before- He pumpin and pumping again and again into the pussy and milking, and milking gallons of sperm into her and the sperm dripping out her pussy and between her legs and she moaning when he cumming inside her. Worth every money……

  37. Qh1728400382 1 year ago

    我的天啊 猪猪太能射了 赞赞

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  39. kiolox 1 year ago

    excellent pig movie very good panoramic and angles hopefully continue creating many more of this style woman with pig thanks

  40. Gustinfx 1 year ago

    Muy buena pelicula, ¿quien sera la proxima amante de chester, dogwoman o quizas honey?. Morí de risa cuando chester le daba golpes en la cabeza a DevotoHuendin. 🙂

  41. cjt05732563859 1 year ago


  42. icewrz 1 year ago

    Nice Movie.
    Pls more from this stuff

  43. flowie12 1 year ago

    Wow, really hot to see this movie. Very good camera angle and closeups. Hopefully we can see some more stuff like this. Devotehündin has a hot and beautiful pussy. Like to see her smooth cuntlips. Boar movies are the new art of zoo. Guys, buy this movie and enjoy this hot powerful animal intercourse with hot girls.

  44. art30 1 year ago

    Oh my this is bay fahre the best boar on girl movie I have ever been vitnest superb camera work ilz and it’s absolutely stunning and priceless to see DVs eyes and face while Chester the boar drills inside that nice pussy of hears this was really a great walue for the money ?

  45. art30 1 year ago

    I am really looking forward to the final release now. just one more sale DV is looking so hot while the boar fucks here ? bring on more movies DV you rock

  46. snake88 1 year ago

    eager for release! should be soon now!

  47. WAR147258 1 year ago


  48. liuwei520 1 year ago


  49. Ghost41396 1 year ago

    Hi Adam, I would like to purchase this movie via bitcoin. Please can you contact me about how i go about this and how much it cost. Thanks

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Hi Ghost 🙂 Please see purchase instructions at the bottom of each movie page. Please contact Support for purchase assistance, many thanks.

  50. KiritoA 1 year ago


  51. flowie12 1 year ago

    Inside the movie, can we see the plug, before all the cum comes out of her pussy?

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Hi – yes, Chester is a young pig so not got the full works yet, but there is a plug moment in this movie yes. 🙂

  52. wu312900774 1 year ago


  53. jointolly 1 year ago


  54. w17609347507 1 year ago


  55. molitor 1 year ago

    Wow! Deine Filme sind echt toll-bitte mehr!
    Was würde ich dafür geben, endlich mal wieder eine boar-oralszene
    zu sehen. Ich glaube, bisher hat das nur Bodil gemacht?!
    Könntest du mal drüber nachdenken?
    Mg. molitor

  56. TTAHS 1 year ago


  57. qq2078635441 1 year ago

    我一直不明白 猪是怎么训练这么听话的 谁能解释一下 求指教

  58. sky10086 1 year ago


  59. doozie2000 1 year ago

    : DevoteHuendin with Chester mmmm can we please see devotehuendin do pure anal with boar?

  60. Gummifrei 1 year ago

    Die Dame (DH) ist zu beneiden!

  61. harryharry6969 1 year ago

    sexy geilll zum schlecken

  62. dudu515997 1 year ago


  63. art30 1 year ago

    That boar is so lucky to receive DV as a playmate she is a true beauty keep the movies coming up DV ?

  64. ZHONGZIBANYUNGONG 1 year ago

    怎么 观看?

  65. xu1771743727 1 year ago


  66. queyang 1 year ago


  67. Ofhorsesanddogs 1 year ago

    Pigs are the best!

    • 8 months ago

      yes they are i have tried it and its awesome

      • hunabkux 2 weeks ago

        I have tried a mature Yorkshire boar named Oscar and he put out so much spunk and plug gel I had to make a smoothie with it! His semen was copious and salty, as the thick plug gel was not salty. You know salt is the Sexual Element of the Nine Elements. Semen is a very powerful sex potion and turned me into a Shapeshifter. I became his sow in heat.

  68. catplay69 1 year ago

    im waiting impatient to buy and see this movie!

  69. w3369179 1 year ago


  70. mekuns 1 year ago

    Very nice, would like to see Kana and Chevvy with the pig next

  71. flesh 1 year ago

    Beautifull women and so hot

  72. ConradVeidt 1 year ago

    Great Movie with a new supermodel. Please more boaraction with more different Models. Devote Huendin is Great.

  73. zyw8261877 1 year ago

    adam,怎样买这个电影,你们的付费模式是怎样的,K9LADY的电影真是越来越贵了,还质量差。希望你们多出点年轻女模特和猪的视频,一定要拍的有特色,别像yasmin和Ariel的猪片一样又烂又贵,Calvins Girls这破电影还让费我65欧元,F.K.

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      我的朋友,我从老师那里学到了品质的价值。 所以不要担心 :) 请检查您的电子邮件

  74. hollisterwoodrow 1 year ago

    What a gift of a woman to share this experience with us! Amazing camera angles, love the shots of her face as she feels the raw power of being taken!

    Many thanks!

  75. dirk38 1 year ago


  76. sadosatan 1 year ago

    we just need such stars!

  77. gefallenerengel123 1 year ago

    so nen Eber möchte ich auch irgendwann mal in mir spüren… kuss Angela

  78. chenwenji900223 1 year ago

    怎么购买 价格多少?

  79. flowie12 1 year ago

    2 time i contacted the support, but i’ve got no answer/information to buy this movie ;-(

    • Author
      Adam 1 year ago

      Hi – Support gets very busy when new movies are released. Please be patient, they will contact you shortly, if they have not already. If you have not heard anything yet, please leave another comment and we will see what’s going on. Some mail providers block mails for no good reason, so we have to be careful. Sometimes it’s better to send a site message to Support, to avoid this issue. Thanks for your patience.

  80. wangjiai 1 year ago

    怎么联系你们 电子邮箱给我发的也是联系你们 完全没搞懂

  81. honey281121 1 year ago

    looks fantastic, look forward to get my paws on this 😀

  82. A2294 1 year ago


  83. art30 1 year ago

    Yess finaly ?

  84. bacozoo 1 year ago

    very beautiful and hot 🙂

  85. asderel 1 year ago

    ¡Muchas gracias, una maravilla! ya se habían tardado en sacar una joya de este estilo.

  86. greenice 1 year ago

    finally we get some boar

  87. Thewolfbrother 1 year ago

    Good damn that looks amazing. Great work all around!

  88. DoggiesLuv 1 year ago

    This was a big surprise right after dog woman we get to see a boar vid up man. Gonna love this as i remember vixen and yasmin doing pigs as well and they were amazing at it now DV is doing it sweet.

  89. 1 year ago

    That is fucking beautiful to see

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