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Our ability, as a Group, to pool our resources and deal with challenges, is what keeps our network alive. Gaia is like a jigsaw puzzle, and we are eternally shuffling through the pieces – our Members – to see who fits where. Trying to find as elegant-as-possible solutions to all kinds of petlove problems. So we are quite pleased about this latest development. If it works, it deals with a whole bunch of challenges in a single stroke. So, fingers crossed 🙂

If you are not up to speed about Moguls, Workshops, Eden and stuff, you can catch up here. We will contact all Moguls already on the list, in the next few days.



We are combining Mogul stuff, Workshop stuff and custom movies, into 1 clear Mogul plan.

We have agreed the Terms with potential Moguls, and have launched our first Mogul project requiring funding. If you are interested and would like to help out and get more involved, you can find the Mogul details here. We are quite excited about this new development, and new possibilities.



So Gang, we’ve dealt with all kinds of obstacles over the years, and continue to do so, in our efforts to keep the pet show on the road. There are a handful of challenges that have been hanging around for way for too long, and needed resolving. These include:

  • Limited budget available for pet movies getting in the way of more ambitious projects
  • Nice potential Models being too far away from Owners / us, and travel not being economical
  • Members requesting different ideas and types of content – i.e. doing custom material in the right way
  • Members wanting to attend shoots
  • Members wanting to help out financially, but needing to find the right way to do it

The new Moguls plan starts to solve all these problems, and potentially opens a lot of new doors. If you would like to help out and become a Mogul, you can find out more here.

Eden was intended to be our international offline network – we will look at that again in the next version of the site, when we will add new features for this purpose.

Thanks to everyone for your continued help and support, and here’s looking forward to new and exciting things in the future 🙂



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  3. ridedat4677 5 months ago

    Looking for a Lady friend for me and my dog to get to know and have fun

  4. www7972 6 months ago


  5. thewolfbrother 7 months ago

    I’m out hunting the wilds of the internet looking for more like minded ladies.
    Everyone can help in one way or another 😀
    Be nice, be helpful, be wild!

  6. asderel 7 months ago

    ¡Muy interesante!

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